Oracle Retail LucasPOS User ManualRelease (2 9 Build 1423)Rev 2February 2016

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LUCASPOS User ManualLUCASPOS User ManualSoftware Development /Technical DocumentationFebruary 2016

Contents1Launching LUCAS POS . 52Signing On . 63User Interface . 73.1Touchscreen. 73.1.1Cleaning the Touchscreen Surface . 73.1.2Inaccuracies when using the Touchscreen. 83.2General Display and Control Elements. 93.2.1General Information on the Current Transaction . 103.2.2Buttons . 103.2.3Input Fields and Keypad . 153.2.4Output Fields. 163.2.5List Boxes . 163.2.6Check Boxes . 163.2.7Buttons for additional information . 163.2.8Information and Error Messages . 164The Transaction Window . 184.1Registering Items . 194.1.1Scanning a Barcode . 194.1.2Registering Items from the Quick pick menu . 204.1.3Enter Barcode/Item Number manually . 214.2List of positions registered. 224.3Line Cancellation (Cancelling a Previously Registered Item) . 224.4Duplicating Items on the Sales Receipt . 234.5Cancelling a Transaction . 234.6Postvoiding a Transaction . 244.7Sales Functions The [ Menu ] Button . 255Initiate Financing (The [ Total ] Button) . 276Financing a Transaction (The Financing Window). 286.1Financing a Transaction in Cash and Local Currency . 306.2List of Payment Methods (Tender) Used . 326.3Overview on Financing. 336.4Abort Financing . 336.5Cancel Partial Financing . 336.6Financing Functions The [ Menu ] Button . 347The Position Closed Window . 368Exiting the Till. 37

9Sales Functions . 389.1The Sale Menu . 419.1.1The Price Modification Submenu . 429.1.2The Return & Sale Submenu . 569.1.3The Transactions Submenu . 879.1.4Pre-Select Quantity . 889.1.5Post-Select Quantity . 909.1.6Salesperson . 919.1.7Remove Salesperson . 929.1.8Collect Miles . 939.1.9Book Miles . 949.1.10Send Sales . 959.1.11Clear . 979.1.12Order . 979.2The Control Menu . 999.2.1No Sale . 999.2.2Pause . 1009.2.3Sign Off . 1019.2.4Settlement. 1019.2.5Preliminary Settlement . 1039.2.6Reconciliation . 1059.2.7EFT Period Close. 1069.2.8Till State Report . 1069.3The Financial Accounting Menu . 1079.3.1Funds Receipt . 1079.3.2Cancel Funds Receipt . 1089.3.3Disbursement . 1099.3.4Cancel Disbursement . 1099.3.5Funds Receipt Position . 1109.3.6Disbursement Position . 1119.4The Tender Control Menu . 1139.4.1Till Loan . 1139.4.2Till Pickup . 1159.4.3Rebook Tender . 1159.5The Service Menu . 1179.5.1The Print Functions Submenu . 1189.5.2The Workforce Submenu . 1209.5.3Gift Receipt . 1219.5.4Delivery Receipt . 122

9.5.5Training . 1269.5.6Stop Training . 1269.5.7Turnover Report . 1279.5.8Exchange Rates. 1289.5.9Show M&M Promotions. 1289.5.10EFT Management . 1309.5.11Currency Converter . 1319.5.12Info Receipt. 1319.5.13E-Journal . 1329.5.14Remove POS . 1339.5.15Messages . 1349.5.16Password Change. 1349.5.17Article Info . 1359.6The Customer Menu . 1369.6.1Customer View. 1379.6.2New Customer . 1389.6.3Modify Customer . 1409.6.4Customer Purchase . 1439.6.5Deselect Customer . 1469.6.6Customer Gift Certificate . 1469.6.7Invoice Settlement . 1479.6.8Account Pay In . 1489.6.9Account Pay Out . 1499.7The VAT Menu . 1519.7.1The VAT Refund Submenu . 1519.7.2Tax Free Receipt . 1529.7.3Show VAT Receipt . 1539.7.4Global Blue TFS. 1549.7.5Void Global Blue Cheque . 1569.7.6Duty Free . 1579.8The Giftcard Menu . 1589.8.1Activate GC (Gift Card) . 1589.8.2Balance GC (Gift Card) . 1609.8.3Reload GC (Gift Card). 1619.8.4Cashout GC (Gift Card) . 1629.9The Stock Control Menu . 1639.9.1Transfer In . 1649.9.2Transfer Out . 1659.9.3Scheduled Transfer In . 167

9.9.4Scheduled Transfer Out . 1699.9.5(O) Stock Return . 1719.9.6(O) Withdrawal . 1729.9.7Reservation . 1739.9.8Prolong Reservation. 1749.9.9Terminate Reservation . 1749.9.10Reservation Number . 1759.9.11Collect missing Items . 1759.9.12Reverse missing Items . 1769.9.13Withdrawals . 1779.9.14Withdrawal Return . 1789.9.15Depot Return Item . 1789.9.16Cancel DC Return . 1799.10The Languages Menu . 18010Financing Functions . 18110.1The Local Currencies Menu . 18310.2The Foreign Currencies Menu . 18610.2.1Exchange Rates. 18810.2.2Currency Converter . 18810.3The Other Payment Menu . 19010.3.1Points . 19010.3.2Miles & More . 19010.3.3Coupon Payment . 19110.3.4Downpayment Redemption . 19310.3.5Gift Voucher Redemption . 19410.3.6Credit Notes . 19610.3.7Customer Gift Certificate . 19710.3.8Customer Card. 19810.3.9Merchandise Credits . 19910.3.10Gift Certificate fixed value . 20110.4The Cards Menu . 20210.4.1Card . 20210.5The Cheque Menu . 20410.5.1Travellers Cheque. 20410.5.2Cheque with number . 20610.5.3Cheque with magnetic ink . 20710.5.4Mail Cheque . 20810.6The Price Reduction Menu . 21010.6.1Receipt Discount . 210

10.6.2Receipt Reduction . 21110.6.3Customer Group Receipt Discount . 21210.6.4Germany rounds up . 21310.7The Giftcard Menu . 21410.7.1Redeem GC (Gift Card) . 21410.7.2Cashout GC (Gift Card). 21510.7.3Activate GC (Gift Card) . 21710.7.4Reload GC (Gift Card). 21810.8The Customer Menu .