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12/19/2017SSU Catalog 2004-06 :: Englishequivalents in English, please refer to the Admissions section of this catalog.The English Department also serves students in the applied arts minor, which may be of specialinterest to those seeking the Multiple Subject (elementary level) Teaching Credential and theUniversity's pre-law and pre-health professions programs.The English Department publishes the following professional and student publications: VirginiaWoolf Miscellany; Zaum; and Volt, A Magazine of the Arts. Students wishing to participate in theproduction of these publications should contact the English Department office.To be admitted to the English major, students must receive a grade of at least B- in ENGL 101 and214 or their equivalents. A student with a grade lower than B- in either ENGL 101 or 214 maypetition for a review by the department. The review will be based on the contents of an appealfolder, containing three essays from the class being reviewed, and a one-to-two-paragraphexplanation of the basis of appeal.Bachelor of Arts in EnglishDegree RequirementsGeneral educationMajor requirements, Core (20 units) and Concentration (20 units)General electivesTotal needed for graduationUnits514029120Major Core Requirements for All English Majors(Except secondary teaching concentration students; please see Secondary Teaching Preparation,below.)An Introductory CourseComplete the following course:ENGL 301 Literary Analysis: Seminar4A Survey CourseComplete one of the following courses: 4ENGL 237 Survey: Early American Literature (4)ENGL 238 Survey: Later American Literature (4)ENGL 239 Survey: Early British Literature (4)ENGL 240 Survey: Later British Literature (4)A Shakespeare CourseComplete one of the following courses: 4ENGL 339 Introduction to Shakespeare (4)ENGL 439 Studies in Shakespeare (4)A Theory CourseComplete one of the following courses: 4ENGL 401 Introduction to Modern Critical Theory (4)ENGL 487 Studies in Rhetoric (4)A Senior Level Literature CourseComplete one of the following courses: 4ENGL 436 Studies in Postcolonial Literature (4)ENGL 439 Studies in Shakespeare (4)ENGL 447 Studies in Comparative Literature /15

12/19/2017SSU Catalog 2004-06 :: EnglishENGL 448 Periods in British Literature (4)ENGL 450 Periods in American Literature (4)ENGL 451 Feminist Perspectives in Literature (4)ENGL 470 Studies in Poetry (4)ENGL 472 Studies in the Novel (4)ENGL 474 Studies in Drama (4)ENGL 480 Studies in California Literature (4)ENGL 481 Studies in British Literature (4)ENGL 482 Studies in American Literature (4)ENGL 483 Individual Authors: American (4)ENGL 484 Individual Authors: British (4)ENGL 485 California Authors (4)Total units in the major core: 20Note: English majors must choose one of three concentrations: literature, creative writing, orsecondary teaching.Literature ConcentrationThree general literature courses: 12Two of these courses (8 units) must be at the 400 level, and must be in literatures before 1914.Electives: 8 Total units in the literature concentration: 20Creative Writing ConcentrationFour courses in writing: 16Three of these courses (12 units) must be at the 300/400 levels, and course selections must includetwo different writing genres (poetry, fiction, scriptwriting, essay).Electives: 4Total units in the writing concentration: 20Secondary Teaching Preparation ConcentrationCore requirements: 45*Complete the following courses: 25ENGL 301 Literary Analysis: Seminar (4)ENGL 341 Explorations in Language or History of the English Language (4)ENGL 379 Pedagogical Grammar (4)ENGL 491 Advanced Composition Studies (4)ENGL 492 Responding to Literature (4)ENGL 495 Special Studies: Directed Reading (1)Senior Level Literature Course (4)Complete one of the following courses: 4ENGL 238 Survey: Later American Literature (4) orAny upper-division 20th Century American Literature course approved by the departmentSecondary Teaching coordinator (4)Complete one of the following courses: 4ENGL 237 Survey: Early American Literature (4)ENGL 239 Survey: Early British Literature (4)ENGL 240 Survey: Later British Literature (4)Complete one of the following courses: 4ENGL 339 Introduction to Shakespeare (4)ENGL 439 Studies in Shakespeare (4)Complete two electives (8)Total units in the secondary teaching concentration: 45*All single subject concentration courses must be passed with a grade of C or better in order toqualify as meeting the waiver requirements. In addition, students must achieve a minimum GPA 15

12/19/2017SSU Catalog 2004-06 :: English3.0 (in single subject program courses) to qualify for waiver approval.Sample Four-year Program for Bachelor of Arts in EnglishLiterature concentrationFreshman Year: 30 UnitsFall Semester (15 Units)GE Area A2: ENGL 101 (3)GE (3)GE Area B2: BIOL 115 (3)Electives (6)Spring Semester (15 Units)GE Area A3: PHIL 101 (3)GE Area B1 (3)GE Area D2 (3)GE Area C2: ENGL 214 (3)Electives (3)Sophomore Year: 30 UnitsFall Semester (15 Units)GE Area A1: ENGL 201 (3)GE Area B3 (3)ENGL 237 or 239 (4)Electives (5)Spring Semester (15 Units)GE Area C1 (3)ENGL 238 or 240 (4)GE Area D3 (3)Electives (5)Junior Year: 30 UnitsFall Semester (15 Units)GE Area C3 UD (3)ENGL 301 (4)UD Major Literature Course (4)Electives (4)Spring Semester (15 Units)ENGL 339 (4)GE Area C4 UD (3)Major Elective (4)GE Area D1 (3)Electives (1)Senior Year: 30 UnitsFall Semester (15 Units)ENGL 401 (4)400 Level Major Literature Course (4)GE Area E UD (3)Electives (4)Total semester unitsSpring Semester (15 Units)400 Level Major Lit. Course (4)400 Level Major Lit. Course (4)GE Area D5 (3)Electives (4)120Advising Clarifications1. Six units of English C.I.P. may be included among the electives with permission of advisor.2. Additional courses in upper-division writing (which may be repeated for credit), or additionalliterature courses may be taken as electives.3. No course should be listed above if it has already been used for GE requirements. (ENGL 214,215, 314, 315, 345 are exceptions.)Only one course may be double counted for both English and GE area C2. No courses from otherGE areas or from other universities may double count. However, if a course is counted toward areaC2 by an A & R evaluator, it may still count toward the major if the student elects to take anadditional English Department area C2 course in its stead.4. At least 24 units of the courses listed above must be upper-division.5. The 40 units listed above will be used in computing the major GPA In accordance withUniversity policy, no courses taken Cr/NC may be counted toward the major unless they are onlyoffered with that tml4/15

12/19/2017SSU Catalog 2004-06 :: English6. Additional units in English, beyond the 40 units listed above, will be counted as general collegeelectives and should not be listed on the Major/Minor Requirements form.In accordance with University policy, courses in Independent Study (495, 595) shall not duplicateregularly offered courses listed in our catalog.Minor in EnglishStudents majoring in other fields may develop, in consultation with an English Departmentadvisor, a 20-unit English minor.Required: Literary Analysis (ENGL 301), a survey course (to be selected from ENGL 237, 238,239, 240, or equivalent), and an upper-division writing course (to be selected from ENGL 307,318, 352, 375, 475, or other at the recommendation of your advisor). A minimum of one coursemust be taken at the 400 level. All courses must be taken for a grade to count towards the minor.Nine units must be taken in residence at SSU.Teaching Credential PreparationThe English Department offers a program of study that satisfies the subject matter preparationrequirement for entry into an English teaching credential program and exempts the student fromtaking the CSET (California Subject Examination for Teachers) in English. English majorsinterested in seeking a general elementary credential may demonstrate subject matter competenceby passing the CSET Multiple Subjects Assessment. For more information, contact the EnglishDepartment at (707) 664-2140.Master of Arts in EnglishThe graduate program in English at Sonoma State University consists of 34 units of graded work.Literature, creative writing, and rhetoric and the teaching of writing are emphases within thedegree available to the student.Admission to the ProgramThe English Department M.A. program accepts applicants only for the fall semester of each yearand requires at least a 3.00 GPA in the last 60 academic units taken. Program applicants must filethe University application form and have all their academic transcripts sent to the UniversityAdmissions and Records Office by the admission deadline set by the department for that year,typically January 31. Applicants must also send to the English Department Graduate Advisor asecond set of transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and an essay that discusses their interestin pursuing the degree. Inclusion of a scholarly undergraduate paper is strongly recommended.Those applying for the creative writing emphasis must include a sample of their creative work.Applicants should contact the English Department office and request a copy of the Guide to theEnglish M.A.The English Department Graduate Committee reviews all complete application files that meetcampus and departmental admission standards and admits the most qualified of these applicants tothe program. Applicants may enter the program with conditional or classified postbaccalaureatestatus. Classified status is usually granted to admitted applicants with undergraduate majors inEnglish; conditionally classified status, which requires the completion of 12 to 24 additional unitsin English, is usually granted to admitted applicants with an undergraduate major in another field.Please see the catalog section on Graduate Degrees for more information.Admission to CandidacyOnce accepted into the program and prior to completion of the degree, a student needs to beadmitted to candidacy. To do this, a student will need to have passed the CSU's Written EnglishProficiency Test (WEPT) or acceptable equivalent, and to have satisfied two English Departmentrequirements:1. A demonstration of competence in reading a foreign language, or a college transcript showingcompletion of the two years of a modern foreign language or one year of a classical .html5/15

12/19/2017SSU Catalog 2004-06 :: English2. A score on the GRE Advanced Literature Examination at or above the 65th percentile or a gradeof B- or better on the English Department's comprehensive examination. The EnglishDepartment's comprehensive examination is given at the end of each semester and may be takenno more than three times. Students who wish to prepare for this examination or for the GRE inliterature may take the review seminar, ENGL 494, offered in the fall semester.Emphasis within the English M.A.All students in the English M.A. program are required to have a substantial background inliterature, advanced writing skills, and a knowledge of research methods and literary theoryprovided in ENGL 500 and 501. Students further define their degrees by meeting with the graduateadvisor to plan course emphases in literature, creative writing, or rhetoric and the teaching ofwriting.Degree OptionsAll options require candidates to take ENGL 500, 501, and at least one 500-level literature course.At least 20 of the M.A. coursework units, exclusive of completion option units, must be taken atthe 500 level.To fulfill the requirements for the degree, the student must select one of the three followingoptions:1. Thesis Option: 28 units of coursework, plus 6 units of ENGL 599 for researching and writing athesis.2. Creative Writing Option: 28 units of coursework, plus 6 units of directed writing, ENGL 535,for writing a creative project prefaced with a critical introduction.3. Directed Reading Option: 34 units of coursework, plus preparation of a specialized reading area(3 units of ENGL 597 required) and passage, with a B- or better, of a written exam in this area.Note that this option requires 34 units of graded coursework plus three units of ENGL 597 whichis graded Cr/NC.Students choosing the thesis or directed reading option are required to take an oral examination.Those choosing the directed writing option are required to give a public presentation of their work.Requirements for All Degree EmphasesIn addition to degree completion option units, at least 20 of the total 34 units much be selectedfrom courses numbered in the 500 series.Required CoursesENGL 500 Research and Critical WritingENGL 501 Literary CriticismAny ENGL 500-level literature course:Total units in required courses44412Electives and completion options:1. Thesis option: 16 elective units, 6 units of ENGL 5992. Creative Project option: 16 elective units, 6 units of ENGL 5353. Directed Reading option: 22 elective units, 3 units of ENGL 597 (CR/NC)Total graded elective and final option units:Total graded units in the M.A. Program2234English Courses (ENGL)Classes are offered in the semesters indicated. Please see the Schedule of Classes for most currentinformation and faculty assignments.A. ENGL 101 and 214 or their equivalents are prerequisites for upper-division courses.B. These classes (or their equivalents), and ENGL 301, are prerequisites for English 400-leveland 500-level courses; or consent of instructor.C. Prerequisites apply to both major and ml6/15

12/19/2017SSU Catalog 2004-06 :: EnglishEnglish Placement Test: The university offers 30-level and 99-level courses in English forstudents who pass the written English Placement Test (EPT) at an appropriate level. Please see theAdmissions section for additional information.30 Writing Skills (3) Fall, SpringThe course will focus on developmental and learning skills in writing, including languagemechanics, sentence patterns, paragraph patterns, spelling, vocabulary, and developmental skills inreading, in preparation for ENGL 99. Students will receive guidance on the completion of writtenassignments that meet university-level standards. Placement in this course is based on the score onthe English Placement Test (EPT). Cr/NC only. Not applicable toward graduation.99 Basic Composition and Workshop (3) Fall, SpringStudy and review of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and other elements of standardwritten English and practice in the reading and analysis of essays. Students assigned to course onbasis of English Placement Test scores. Course includes workshop for individual and small grouptutoring. Cr/NC only. Not applicable toward graduation. Prerequisite: completion of the EnglishPlacement Test (EPT).99T Basic Composition - Tutoring (1-3) Fall, SpringIndividual and group tutoring in English composition. Tutoring units are assigned on basis ofEnglish Placement Test scores and are taken in conjunction with other writing courses. May berepeated. Cr/NC only. Not applicable toward graduation. Prerequisite: completion of the EnglishPlacement Test (EPT).101 Expository Writing and Analytical Reading (3) Fall, SpringStudy and practice in the expression of facts and ideas; principles of investigation, of organization,and of effective writing style, with emphasis upon expository writing and upon developinganalytical reading ability. Satisfies GE, category A2 (Fundamentals of Communication).Prerequisite: completion of the English Placement Test (EPT). CAN ENGL 2.199 Student-Instructed Course (1-3)A course taught by graduate students under the supervision of a department faculty member. Thecourse content will not be covered by the regular course offerings.200 California Cultural Analysis (3)Within the context of readings related to California history and culture and their role in shapingcontemporary California life, students practice the techniques of expository writing, oralexpression, and reading and thinking critically. Satisfies GE, category A1. Prerequisite: completionof GE categories A2 and A3.201 Written and Oral Discourse Studies (3) Fall, SpringA course in analysis and production of written and oral discourse appropriate to a variety ofdisciplines and rhetorical situations, with emphasis on methods of critiquing, argumentation andcross-disciplinary discourse problems and challenges. Prerequisites: completion of GE areas A2and A3. Satisfies GE, category A1.207 Introduction to Creative Writing (3) Fall, SpringAn introductio