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C ONTENTSSection 1: Where to get help (support, errors, training, pop-up blocker, process) . 4If you encounter an error when you receive an email notification for a candidate form approval . 4Supported Browsers for Manager Portal . 4Section 2: User types . 4Section 3: Navigation . 5Your Portal and Panels . 5Quick Search: . 5Various Icons and Links . 5Text Area Fields: . 6Section 4: Faculty and Staff Requisition Creation . 6Requisition Statuses . 6Creating a faculty or staff requisition (req) form . 7Requisition Team . 10Daily Notifications for New Applicants--AUTOFILER . 11How to Update your Req Team after Req Has Been Sent for Approval. 11Faculty Requisition-Specific Fields . 13Submitting your Requisition and requisition edits . 15Save as Draft . 15Submitting your requisition for approval. 15Viewing Your Requisition Approval Progress (for reqs where you are the hiring manager, creator or on the team.). 16Posting to the Talent Gateways . 17Locating a Requisition that you Need to Approve . 17Declining a Requisition. 17Save Req as New (copy requisition) . 17Incremental Requisitions . 17Faculty Requisition Subsidiary Forms . 18How to View Posting Dates and Posting Previews . 19ADVERTISING Standard Sites at NO Charge: . 19Section 5: Candidate Talent Gateways ( . 20Gateway Questions: . 20Staff External Talent Gateway-Search Fields . 20Faculty External Talent Gateway—Search Fields . 21Faculty/Staff internal Talent Gateway . 21Applicant Experience . 22Attachments: . 23Advertising Source . 23EEO Data . 23Uploading Attachments not Provided in the Initial Applicant Submission: . 24Section 6: Applicant Management. 24Reviewing and Screening your Candidates . 24HELPFUL TIP! Customizing your candidate results panel . 24Viewing Applicant Pool Diversity (EEO Data) . 26Viewing Individual Talent Records, EEO (Diversity ) Data, Resumes and Documents . 26HELPFUL TIP! Gateway Questionnaire Job Response Form—See entire applicant profile in one document . 28HELPFUL TIP! Viewing MULTIPLE Talent Records Using “Speed Browse” . 29eLinking Applicant Information. 29Full Career Zone Manager User GuideUpdated 2/27/2014 P a g e 2

Personal Email Lists and Elinking . 32Bulk Print Send ( New Functionality Still in Beta Stage for Testing). 34Updating HR (Applicant) Statuses – Also known as Applicant Dispositioning and Applicant Tracking. 36Who can update statuses? . 36When should statuses be updated? . 36Will the applicant know the specific reason they were no longer considered? . 36When do I need to complete the disposition form? . 36Updating Multiple Applicant Statuses at One Time . 37Updating Multiple Applicant Statuses at One Time - Example . 37UNDOING an Applicant Status . 38Adding or Re-accessing a Candidate Disposition Form through the Candidate results panel . 39Section 7: Hiring your STAFF Candidate. 40Salary Offer Guideline Considerations: . 40General Hire Process Steps: . 40Staff Status Changes and High Level Steps (see detailed steps below) . 40Staff Hire Applicant Status Changes Detailed Steps . 41Staff Pre-Offer Approval process . 41Staff Offer Process and Background Check Form . 42Processing the Staff New Hire Employee Action Form (EAF) . 44Section 8: Hiring your FACULTY Candidate . 46Faculty Pre-Offer Process . 47Faculty Offer and Hire (EAF) Process . 47Section 9: Closing out your Requisition/Job Opening . 50Section 9: Applicant Status Cross Reference and Glossary . 51Faculty Applicant Status Cross Reference Guide . 51Staff Applicant Status Cross Reference Guide . 51Glossary (Kenexa 2x BrassRing reference) . 52Section 10: Candidate Communications . 53Sending an E-mail Template . 53Other Tips about Communications . 55Section 11: Requisition Approvals in Career Zone . 55Steps to Initiate Requisition Approval . 55The Approval and Posting Process Summary:. 55If you are an Approver and Have Recommended Changes to a Req . 56Requisition Approval Screen Shots . 56Start Workflow Box . 56Inserting an Additional Approver—screen shot . 56Adding an FYI approver . 57Approval Email—Received from [email protected] . 58IMPORTANT: Salary and Budget Information in the Requisition . 58Viewing Reqs Pending Approval . 59Features on the Smart Approval Screen . 59How to Get Back to the Smart Approval Box . 61How to View Approval Workflows that you are part of. 61Changing your Own Approval Notification Settings. 62Vacation Rules for Requisitions (AKA How to set an "Alternate" for SmartApproval (similar to a Vacation Rule in Oracle) . 63How to Turn Off Your Alternate Approver For Smart Approval (similar to a Vacation Rule in Oracle) . 63Full Career Zone Manager User GuideUpdated 2/27/2014 P a g e 3

Turning on Smart Approval Notifications when you are designated as someone’s alternate. . 64Section 11: Candidate Form Approvals in Career Zone . 64Candidate EAF and Pre-Offer Forms with Approvals . 64View and Save Candidate Forms in PDF Format . 64Re-Sending an Approval Notification for a Candidate Form . 65Vacation Rules for Candidate FORMS (EAF and Pre-offer Approval) . 65S ECTION 1: W HEREPROCESS )TO GET HEL P( SUPPORT ,ERRORS , TRAINING , POP - UP BLOCKER ,IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THAT BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO CREATE YOUR REQUISITION OR DISPOSITION CANDIDATES, YOU TURNOFF YOUR POP-UP BLOCKER. In Internet Explorer, you can following these instructions for turning on and off your pop-upblocker: t/ Includes links to additional instructions and quick start user guides.Email [email protected] or contact your Human Resources recruiter or Lizanne Zamites-Office of Staff Recruitment 475-6261IFYOU ENCOUNTER AN ERROR WHEN YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL NOTIFICATION FOR ACANDIDATE FORM APPROVALIf you encounter an error which states: “You do not have privileges for viewing this form”, please email [email protected] Wemay have to temporarily add you to the req team or send you an electronic copy of the EAF to view so you can authorize aproxy approval. We are working to resolve the privileges issue that some users have encountered with the forms.S UPPORTED B ROWSERSFORM ANAGER P ORTALS ECTION 2: U SER TYPESFaculty and staff who will be using the system to create requisitions or review applicants will be assigned one of two levels ofaccess in the Career Zone Manager Portal. Email [email protected] if you need to have a different level of access than what youwere originally assigned. There is no longer control of view and update access by req. CZ Requisition and Applicant Management (assigned to all supervisors and individuals who need to create requisitions andupdate applicant statuses)Full Career Zone Manager User GuideUpdated 2/27/2