Full-Time MBA Orientation – Laptops, Email, & CalendarCarlson School of ManagementTable of ContentsInformation Technology Department . 1CSOM Labs . 1Printing . 1Laptop Care and Support . 2Stay Current . 2Laptop Best Practices . 2Avoiding Computer Viruses . 3Setting Symantec AntiVirus Options . 3Wireless Network Security. 3Battery Care [1-Year Warranty] . 4Supplemental Battery Information . 4Using the Function Keys . 5Power Conservation – Applications remain open . 5ThinkPad Light Features. 5Applying a presentation scheme . 5Enabling or disabling the wireless features . 5Laptop Service . 5Office 2007. 6NetFiles Network Storage – Computer Backup . 7Reading University Email . 8Introduction . 8Passwords. 9Creating Folders in Thunderbird . 9Customizing Your Thunderbird Account . 11Forwarding Options . 11Creating a Signature File . 12Creating a Plain Text Signature . 12Creating an HTML-formatted signature. 13Reading Email . 14Customizing the View . 15Tagging Messages . 15Searching for Messages. 15Writing/Sending Email . 16Addresses . 17Revised August, 2008

Full-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology ServicesDirectory Searches . 18Change Where Sent Addresses are Stored . 18Manually Adding Contacts . 19Creating a Group Mailing List . 20Adding Attachments . 21Message Filters . 22Using Web Mail . 23Out of Office Messages . 23UMCal . 23UMCal Training . 23

Carlson School Information Technology ServicesFull-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology DepartmentThe Carlson School Information Technology Department is dedicated to providingtechnology services to all students, faculty, and staff. Information is available from ourwebsite at: Student services are available LabsComputer labs are available for CSOM graduate and undergraduate students. The MBAlabs are L-112 and L-113. (Note: L-112 is shared with undergraduate students.) Forcurrent lab hours go to: scanner is located in the labs and can be used for free.No food or drink is allowed in the computer labs.The phone is for the lab consultant only; however, the lab consultant will be happy tocall U of M escort services for you.Lab consultants will be present in the lab. They will assist with specific problems youhave and offer software support as time and the needs of other students allow.PrintingYour laptop is set up for wireless printing.Printing is currently free. If you abuse this privilege, you will lose it.Limit your printing to 20 pages at a time.To save paper and toner when printing PowerPoint slides, DO NOT CLICKTHE PRINT BUTTON. Click File, Print, select Handouts and print 6 perpage. Use the Black and White or Grayscale option. Suggestion: Use PrintPreview to determine best options.If the printer runs out of paper, please ask the lab attendant to load the papertray for you.Transparency printing and color printing are available at Printing Services inL-129.Do not leave a print job unattended. If you are printing something you do notwant, ask the consultant to cancel the job rather than waste the paper.Carlson School of Management – IT Services1

Full-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology ServicesLaptop Care and SupportThe Carlson School IT Help Desk is closed and will re-open by September 1. Thelocation will be Room 1-148. The Hanson Hall Laptop Repair Center is located in L-103of Hanson Hall. Phone service from either location is available from 612-625-5550, [email protected]: and software supportA loaner will be provided if the laptop must be left for serviceInformation and feedback sessionsStay CurrentKeep current with Windows updates and patches as necessary. Your computeris configured to notify you if updates are available. Keep Symantec Antivirus upto date. See page 3.Laptop Best Practices2 Keep PC away from liquids, magnets, activated cellular phones, electricalappliances or speakers. Backup important files to a CD, flash drive, or to NetFiles (see page 7). Avoid extreme temperatures. (Below 41 or above 90 ) Do not place items (including paper) between the display and the keyboard. Avoid bumping, dropping, vibrating. Do not place heavy objects on your PC. When moving your laptop, place it in ―sleep‖ mode by pressing Fn F4 beforeclosing or moving your laptop to prevent damage to the hard drive and protectimportant files. When in sleep mode, a half-moon displays at the bottom of yourscreen. Pick up your computer by the bottom. Do not hold by the screen. Use a quality carrying case with adequate cushion and protection. Studentspurchasing a Carlson School / Lenovo laptop can visit the Carlson School HelpDesk in the beginning of fall semester to receive a protective laptop carrying case. To clean your computer, use a soft cloth moistened with non-alkaline detergentto wipe the exterior. Avoid spraying anything directly on the screen or keyboard.Gently wipe the display with a dry soft cloth. For other marks, use a soft lint-freecloth lightly moistened with water that does not contain impurities. Dry beforeclosing. To maximize battery life, click the battery icon to the right of the system tray andset the desired setting. Note: You battery has a one-year warranty.Carlson School of Management – IT Services

Information Technology ServicesFull-Time MBA Laptop OrientationAvoiding Computer VirusesTips for avoiding viruses:Do NOT open messages with attachments from people you do not know. Deletethem immediately.Do not open messages that contain attachments with no text content in the messagefield.If you receive a message from someone you do know that contains a suspiciouslooking attachment, delete it immediately, or contact them to verify that it is alegitimate attachment.If you do get a virus, scan your computer using Symantec AntiVirus.If you need assistance, contact the Help Desk. It is important to eliminate the virusas soon as possible to avoid infecting others.Setting Symantec AntiVirus OptionsTo modify Symantec AntiVirus settings, open the application to set options for maximumprotection.Click Configure to enable real-time protection of all files and real-time protection ofyour e-mail.Update Symantec weekly through Live Update to ensure that you have protection forthe latest viruses.Set a scheduled scan to regularly scan your computer for viruses.For University AntiVirus Information, go to: can download Symantec AntiVirus on one personal computer. This is alreadyinstalled on your laptop.Wireless Network SecurityVPN (Virtual Private Network) is installed on your laptop – Double-click the icon to setup. To use, go to Start, Programs, Cisco VPN Client. For more information, please visit: University recommends using VPN whenever using a wireless connection oncampus, particularly if you are transmitting secure information.Other Security considerations:Always check for https:// connection when transmitting privacy informationCheck for the ―lock‖ in the lower-right corner of your browser screenBe aware that a wireless network is less secure than the LANThe University is switching wireless security. More information is available .html .Carlson School of Management – IT Services3

Full-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology ServicesBattery Care [1-Year Warranty]Your lithium ion battery is a consumable and performance will decrease over time. Toimprove performance:Recondition your battery by letting it run to less than 3% at least once a month.Reconditioning can restore some battery capacity.Use only the AC adapter issued with the computer.Do not place your battery or ThinkPad in extreme temperatures.To modify settings, left-click the battery gauge (battery icon) just to the right of thesystem tray.For other settings, right-click the battery icon and select Adjust Power Properties.Supplemental Battery InformationYour laptop comes with a supplemental. Battery life is estimated at 6 hours. With thesupplemental battery installed in the CD bay on the right-side of your laptop you shouldhave approximately 8.7 hours total. To add the supplemental battery:1. Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon from the System tray.2. Slide the small latch to unlock the CD bay. A small handle pops out to pull to removethe CD drive.3. Pull the small handle slightly; then pull the CD drive to remove it.4. Insert the battery into the CD bay.Follow the same procedure to replace the CD drive in the CD bay.4Carlson School of Management – IT Services

Information Technology ServicesFull-Time MBA Laptop OrientationUsing the Function KeysThe following describes several useful function key shortcuts.Power Conservation – Applications remain openFn F3: Set Power Display options for battery life and performance.Fn F4: Put your computer in ―sleep‖ mode. This is recommended before closingyour laptop if you want to keep the laptop turned on and programs open. To returnto normal operation, press the Fn key only (for 1-2 seconds), without pressing afunction key.ThinkPad Light FeaturesFn PgUp: Turn the ThinkLight(TM) on. To turn it off, press Fn PgUp again. Thiswill require more battery power.Fn Home: The computer display becomes brighter.Fn End: The computer display becomes dimmer.Applying a presentation schemeFn F7: Apply a presentation scheme for using a projection device. A wizarddisplays with set-up options.Enabling or disabling the wireless featuresFn F5: Enable or disable the built-in wireless networking features. You can quicklychange the power state of each.Laptop ServiceStudents purchasing a laptop through Carlson School are required to accept a ServiceLevel Agreement. Services included are:1. End user troubleshooting and problem routing.2. Machine maintenance, repair, data backup, data recovery and troubleshootingNote: Save all files in folders UNDER My Documents, including music and photos.Help Desk will backup the My Documents folder during service.To view all policy information, please pxQuickStart Guide – The Help Desk has installed a QuickStart Guide in the MyDocuments Folder of your laptop to provide assistance with getting started using yourlaptop.Carlson School of Management – IT Services5

Full-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology ServicesOffice 2007Microsoft Office 2007 is installed on all Carlson School laptops. This new version has avery different interface. The default file format is an xml file. For instance, when yousave a Word file, it will save it as a .docx file by default. This may cause problems ifothers using an earlier version of Microsoft Office attempt to open your file. You cansave it down to the 97-2003 format. All faculty should have Office 2007 by the beginningof fall semester.Click the Microsoft icon in the upper-left corner of the application (Word, Excel, orPowerPoint) and click Save as to select an alternate file format.We have created a website with more information and links to tutorials at: more information on Office 2007, please visit the Microsoft tutorials available 101923361033.aspxThe University also has a brief Office 2007 tutorial tmlCarlson School IT computer software courses are available : The computer labs have both Office 2003 and Office 2007 installed.6Carlson School of Management – IT Services

Information Technology ServicesFull-Time MBA Laptop OrientationNetFiles Network Storage – Computer BackupYou should perform frequent backups of your computer. Carlson School IT stronglyrecommends using NetFiles for backing up important files from your laptop.NetFiles - The University has worked with Xythos to set up NetFiles for network filestorage and sharing. Each user has 5 GB of storage space. In addition to backing upfiles, you can also use NetFiles to share information with others. More information,including a tutorial (NetFiles Orientation), is available at: laptop has the NetFiles software installed. This will function very much the sameas any other drive on your computer. Your NetDrive is also available from the web bylogging in with your x.500 account at:! You must login once from to map the NetFilesdrive for your laptop.1. Double-click the NetFiles icon on your computer desktop to open it. Note: You musthave a network connection to access NetFiles.2. Click Work Online and login with your x.500 username and password.Your NetDrive will open in a newwindow. Copy files from yourlaptop to NetFiles.Carlson School of Management – IT Services7

Full-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology ServicesReading University EmailMozilla Thunderbird - Your laptop has been configured with Mozilla Thunderbird toaccess your U of M email. This is a simple email program and is recommended byUniversity Information Technology as the preferred email client.Web Email – From any computer with Internet access you can access your emailaccount from (There are also links from One Stop andMyUPortal.) Explore this site for userguides, if necessary.IntroductionThe following describes the main screen of Thunderbird.8Carlson School of Management – IT Services

Information Technology ServicesFull-Time MBA Laptop OrientationPasswordsWhen you log on Thunderbird, you will be asked for passwords. The Outgoing serverand Incoming server are different so you will be required to enter your password twice.The first time you read messages, you will be asked for your x.500 password.When you write a message and send it, you will be asked for your x.500 password.If you save your password, and then change your x.500 password, you should firstturn off the saved password under, Tools, Options, click the Privacy icon, then clickthe Passwords tab, Edit Saved Passwords.Creating Folders in ThunderbirdNote: A folder can contain other folders OR messages, but it cannot contain bothfolders and messages. This is not a feature of Thunderbird, but of UMN email. If youuse folders and subfolders, please see step 2 for an explanation.1. Right-click on your UMN account name at the top of the list (e.g.,[email protected]) and select New Folder.2. Enter the desired folder name. If you want a subfolder structure, first create a―Folders Only‖ folder. These folders display in italics in your folder list. You canthen create subfolders beneath that folder.Carlson School of Management – IT Services9

Full-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology ServicesNew “Folder Only”FolderTo create a subfolder, right-click the desired ―Folder only‖ folder; then select ―NewSubfolder‖ and enter the desired name.10Carlson School of Management – IT Services

Information Technology ServicesFull-Time MBA Laptop OrientationCustomizing Your Thunderbird AccountThere are some settings you may wish to modify in your Thunderbird account.Forwarding OptionsBy default, Thunderbird will send forwarded messages as an attachment. If you wish tochange this setting to display the message as Lotus Notes did, follow these steps.1. Click Tools/ Options.2. Select Composition.3. From the General tab, select Forward Messages Inline.Note: If desired, you can also change text behavior at this screen. You may want toexperiment with desired formats to use the setting you prefer.Carlson School of Management – IT Services11

Full-Time MBA Laptop OrientationInformation Technology ServicesCreating a Signature FileYou can create a signature to attach to all messages. This must be saved as a separatefile. You can create either a p