Carson High Schoolchallenges and supports our students toachieve their greatest potentialfor future successCARSON CITY BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES2020 - 2021Mike Walker, PresidentJoe Cacioppo, Vice PresidentRichard Varner, ClerkDonald Carine, MemberLaurel Crossman, MemberLupe Ramirez, MemberStacie Wilke-McCulloch, MemberDISTRICT ADMINISTRATIONRichard Stokes, SuperintendentJose Delfin, Associate Superintendent Human ResourcesTasha Fuson, Associate Superintendent Educational ServicesCARSON HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIONTBA, PrincipalRobert Chambers, Vice PrincipalAmy Freismidl, Vice PrincipalJon “Shelby” Tuttle, Dean of StudentsMaryAnne Weaver, Dean of StudentsShauna Wooldridge, Administrative InternProperty of:Address:Phone #:Email:In case of emergency, please notify:Name:Phone #:The information in this book was the best available at press time. Watch for additional information and changes.No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmittedin any form, without getting prior written permission of the publisher. 2020. SDI Innovations. All Rights Reserved.2880 U.S. Hwy. 231 S. Lafayette, IN 47909 765.471.8883 [email protected]

BELL SCHEDULE7:35 amFirst Bell7:40 – 9:15A1/B2 (blocks rotate)9:15 – 9:25Nutrition Break9:25 – 10:55A3/B4(blocks rotate)10:55 – 11:25Lunch11:25 – 11:30Passing11:30 – 1:00A5/B6 (blocks rotate)1:00 – 1:10Passing1:10 – 2:05AB55(daily class)CHS STUDENT HANDBOOK2020 - 2021www.carsonhigh.comThe Carson City School District does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color,national origin, sex, disability, age, or on any other basis protected by state or federal law, and itprovides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups. The followingperson has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the District’s non-discrimination policies:Title IX and 504 Coordinator, 1402 W. King Street, Carson City, NV 89703, (775) 283-2130. For furtherinformation on notice of non-discrimination, contact the United States Department of Education, Officeof Civil Rights, 1-800-421-3481.OFFICE HOURSThe school offices are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.Carson High SchoolAthletic OfficeAttendance Office/DeansGuidance OfficeLanguage ArtsLibraryMath/Science DepartmentNurseOccupational EducationPrincipal & Vice PrincipalsSecurityStudent FinanceStudent Support ServicesTech CenterSchool Resource 1614283-1935283-1800283-1621

Show you care. Use your voice.Safe Voice Nevada is a tip line to reportconcerns of school safety and student well-being:Call toll free: 1-833-216-7233 (SAFE),or visit – Click Make a Report/Haga Un ReporteBilingual options are available.To report criminal activity, please call Secret Witness -- CHS at 775-283-1799SCHOOL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES ARE SUBJECT TOCHANGE THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR; PLEASE REFERTO SCHOOL WEBSITE FOR MOST RECENT VERSION OF THESTUDENT HANDBOOK.www.carsonhigh.com3

BASIC RULESListed below are some basic rules to guide Carson High School students. Violations of any of the following school ruleswill result in appropriate disciplinary action as determined by the appropriate staff member.1. Students are expected to respect members of the school staff.2. Students must identify themselves to CHS staff when asked. Students must carry and provide proper identificationto school personnel upon request. CHS student body ID cards are free. CHS student body activity cards are 25.Replacement cards are 5.3. Carson High School student planners will be available in the student store or counseling office. Replacement plannersare 5.4. Visitors are not allowed to attend classes. Only staff, parents/guardians, and enrolled students attending scheduledclasses are allowed on school grounds. Students will not be allowed to loiter on the school grounds or in the schoolbuildings. A Trespass Warning will be issued to unauthorized individuals on a first offense; on a second offense individualswill be subject to arrest per NRS 207.200.5. Students must obtain administrative approval for any meeting or assembly held on school property and any printedmatter they wish to distribute or post on school property.6. No student may leave the campus for any reason during class without obtaining a pass from the Attendance Office.Permission from a teacher alone to leave is not sufficient.7. Students in the hall without a hall pass or who leave class without permission are subject to progressive disciplinaryaction.8. Eighteen-year-old students must conform to the same requirements as students who have not attained the age of eighteenif they are to attend the regular day classes. They may excuse their own absences with parental, written permission.9. The school cannot assume responsibility for lost, stolen, or confiscated items, which may include money, electronicequipment, school issued supplies, equipment, books, cell phones, and iPods, etc.10. Students representing the school in athletics, band, drill team, cheerleaders, and other school groups must conform tostandards established by the coaches or sponsors of the activity and by the Nevada Interscholastic Activity Association(NIAA). Students must have a current paid student body card in order to participate in any activity. All fines and feesMUST (No Exceptions) be paid in order to participate in any extra-curricular activity. Students involved in school-sponsoredactivities, either on or off campus, are subject to the Carson High School Discipline Code and the right to representagreement.11. The following items are prohibited on campus or at a school activity: vaping mods/pens, Juul vaporizers, e-cigarettes,cigarette lighters, firecrackers, laser lights, matches, pepper spray, snowballs, tobacco products, water guns, replicafirearms, water balloons, etc. Furthermore, dangerous weapons or any items (jewelry/apparel) capable of doing bodilyharm are prohibited at school or at school-sponsored events. Prohibited items will be confiscated and students will faceprogressive discipline.12. Cell phones or any other electronic devices must be turned off and remain out of sight during scheduled classtime. Personal speakers are not allowed to play at any point in time on school grounds.13. Skateboards, skate shoes, scooters, roller blades and any other similar forms of wheeled devices may not be riddenon school campus. Skateboards, skate shoes and roller blades must be put in the student’s locker or locked up on theskateboard rack. At no time are they to be used in the building or on the school grounds.14. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) -- In order to use any computer, students must have on file a parent/student AUP signedagreement. Violation of the AUP may result in students losing the technology privileges and may face progressivediscipline.15. Food and drink are not permitted in any of the school’s computer labs or in a classroom when the mobile labs are beingutilized.16. Lockers are considered to be school property and may be searched at any time. School officials may also searchstudents, their backpacks, purses, cell phones, and vehicles if there is reasonable suspicion that the student has violatedschool rules or civil law. A witness will be present at each search.17. Carson City School District prohibits behavior that is intimidating, harassing, threatening or disruptive and/or which isassociated with gang membership, including solicitations to join or become associated with a gang.18. Students involved in any type of harassing or bullying through any type of communication (texting, email, Facebook,etc.), on-campus or off campus may be subject to disciplinary action. (NRS 388)19. Hazing of students on school property, at school-sponsored activities, and/or on school district transportation is prohibited.Any student reported hazing another student will be subject to disciplinary action.20. Only Carson High School students are eligible to attend Carson High School dances, except the Senior Prom. For thisdance, up to 70 guests must be screened and approved by the administration. Guest identification must be presentedat the time of the ticket purchase. Guests must be currently enrolled in a high school in order to attend the Senior Prom.4

21. Students are to keep the campus clean.22. Students may be placed in alternative educational programs based on credits, age, behavior, attendance, and health.23. It is inappropriate for students to gather in such a manner that their presence obstructs the orderly movement of pupilsand staff.24. Variance requirements to attend Carson High School from outside the district: Students must complete a Carson City School District variance application. Variances will be granted only when appropriate space is available and the variance may be revoked at any timeas a result of discipline issues, attendance problems, grade point average, or classroom overcrowding. Students who receive a variance will be responsible to provide their own transportation to and from school. Variances are granted for one year only and must be renewed prior to the start of each school year. Students applying for an out of district variance must have at least a 2.00 GPA. Students must attach a copy of theirtranscripts with their variance application form. Students applying for an out of district variance must also provide Carson High School a copy of their disciplinerecord. The variance will not be granted if the student has had a history of attendance and/or disciplinary issues.25. Couples should show proper respect for each other by avoiding excessive displays of affection on school grounds.26. Student records are confidential information made available only to the parent/guardian and/or the student. Parents/guardians wishing access to their student’s records may do so by contacting the Principal’s Office and providing properidentification.27. Armed Forces: Access to student recruiting information- Notwithstanding section 444(a)(5)(B) of the General Education ProvisionsAct and except as provided in paragraph (2), each local educational agency receiving assistance under this Actshall provide, on a request made by military recruiters or an institution of higher education, access to secondaryschool student names, addresses, and telephone listings. Consent- A secondary school student or the parent of the student may request that the student’s name, address,and telephone listing described in paragraph (1) not be released without prior written parental consent. This formis available to parents in the guidance office.28. Random Preliminary Breath Tests may be given at school-sponsored activities. Furthermore, any student suspectedof being under the influence of alcohol at any school sponsored event is subject to a Preliminary Breath Test.29. If, at any time, a member of the Carson High School administration believes a student is possibly under the influence ofalcohol or a controlled substance, the parent or guardian may be asked to have the child given a full panel, multi-screendrug test and/or the 80-hour alcohol test the same day as the suspected offense. This must be done at an independent,licensed and qualified laboratory. A home test will not be considered as fulfillment. The fees will be reimbursed if thetest comes back negative.30. Students are not allowed to sell items for any reason without obtaining administrative approval.31. Students may not obtain any funds for use at any event associated with Carson High School without having in theirpossession an approved fundraising form approved by the Administration prior to the activity. An example of this wouldbe raising funds with any activity that is associated with the Senior Prom.32. Loitering in parking lot during school hours and during lunch is not permitted.33. Semester/final exams will only be administered on the dates designated for testing. Any student who is unable to attendschool on the assigned testing date(s) will be required to make up the exam(s) when s/he returns to school.34. Personal deliveries for students including flowers, balloons and fast food will not be accepted. Lunch and homeworkassignments will be permitted in the main office if they are brought in by the student’s parent and/or guardian.35. Students will not be released early during testing days and/or during assemblies without prior written permission froma parent/guardian. No call-ins will be permitted!5

CARSON HIGH SCHOOL QUESTIONING AND SEARCHESOF STUDENTS - ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURESThe purpose of this administrative rule is to provide guidelines for the conduct of student questioning and searches byauthorized school administrators. These are guidelines only and may be adjusted within reasonable and lawful limits ona case by case basis. School administrators have the discretion to request the assistance of law enforcement authoritiesas they deem necessary and in accordance with CCSD Board policy. Law enforcement authorities will not participate insearches except under exceptional circumstances.A. Questioning by School Administrators1. School administrators are under no obligation to notify a student’s parents/guardians prior to questioning a studentregarding alleged violations of CCSD Board policies, school rules, and/or federal/state laws.2. School administrators shall inform the student of reasons for the questioning and provide an opportunity for thestudent to respond to any allegations. School administrators shall make a reasonable effort to question the studentin a location out of the sight and hearing of other students.3. If a student fails to cooperate, lies, misleads, or threatens any person during questioning, he/she may be subjectto additional disciplinary action.B. Searches of Students, Personal Property in Students’ Immediate Possession1. Any item found during a search that is illegal, violates CCSD Board policies or school rules, or which in the reasonablejudgment of school administrators represents a threat to the safety and welfare of the school population shall beseized. Illegal items shall be turned over to law enforcement authorities. Other items shall be stored in a securelocation until a determination is made regarding appropriate disposition.2. School administrators are required to document all searches and items seized or impounded. Upon request, theSuperintendent and the parents or students involved shall be provided with a copy of such report.3. School administrators are authorized to search students and/or personal property (including cell phones and otherelectronic devices) in students’ immediate possession, when, in their judgment, there are reasonable groundsto suspect that a student has violated or is violating CCSD Board policies, school rules, federal/state laws, or isinterfering with the operations, discipline or general welfare of the school.4. All searches of students and/or their personal property shall be authorized and conducted by a school administratorin the presence of a witness, except where the circumstances render the presence of a witness impractical. Areasonable effort will be made to conduct searches out of the sight and hearing of other students.5. Searches should be reasonably related to the suspected violation and no more intrusive than necessary to discoverthe evidence for which the search was instigated. Searches may include pat downs and searches of the student’souter clothes (e.g., pockets, jacket, shoes, and hat) and personal belongings (e.g., purse, backpack, gym bag, lunchbag). The student may be given the opportunity to open any closed items or items that are not easily accessible tovisual search. If the student refuses, the administrator shall open and search the items. If the search produces areasonable suspicion of the presence of evidence, a broader search may be justified. If a strip search appears tobe necessary, law enforcement authorities shall be contacted and conduct the search.6. Searches which disclose evidence that a student has violated CCSD Board policies or school rules will be addressedthrough school disciplinary procedures. Evidence of violation of federal/state laws may result in school disciplinaryaction and/or be forwarded to law enforcement authorities for possible investigation/prosecution.C. Searches of Lockers, Desks, and Other School Storage Facilities1. Students have no expectation of privacy in school storage facilities or for any items placed in such storage facilities.School administrators have the authority to inspect and search storage facilities and their contents on a randombasis, with or without reasonable suspicion, and without notice or consent.2. Searches of individual student lockers, desks, or other storage facilities and their contents based upon reasonablesuspicion will be conducted in the presence of the student and a witness, if practical under the circumstances ofthe search. A reasonable effort will be made to conduct searches out of the sight and hearing of other students.The student may be given the opportunity to open any closed items or items that are not easily accessible to visualsearch. If the student refuses, the administrator shall open and search the items.3. Any search which discloses evidence that a student has violated CCSD Board policies or school rules will beaddressed through school disciplinary procedures. Evidence of violation of federal/state laws may result in schooldisciplinary action and/or be forwarded to law enforcement authorities for possible investigation/prosecution.6

D. Patrolling of Parking Lots and Searching Vehicles1. Students may drive vehicles to school and park in designated areas in accordance with school rules. Schooladministrators retain the authority to patrol parking lots.2. If school administrators have a reasonable suspicion that a vehicle which a student has parked at school containsevidence that the student has or is violating CCSD Board policies or school rules, or federal/state laws, and/or thereis a substantial threat to the welfare and safety of the schools, a school administrator will search the vehicle in thepresence of a witness, except where the circumstances make the presence of a witness impractical.3. If practical, the student should be present during the search. A reasonable effort will be made to conduct searchesout of the sight and hearing of other students. The student may be given the opportunity to open any closed itemsor items that are not easily accessible to visual search. If the student refuses, the administrator shall open andsearch the items.CLOSED CAMPUSCarson High School is a closed campus. Seniors with off-campus privileges will be allowed to leave at lunch. Seniorswho are credit-deficient and do NOT have at least 17.5 credits will NOT be permitted to leave campus at lunch.Seniors will need to carry their off-campus identification card at all times to leave campus.Any student who violates the closed campus policy will be subject to disciplinary action.STUDENT DRESS CODEThe purpose of the dress code is to promote a learning environment that is respectful and free from distractions. Clothingmust be MODEST and must not promote or glorify illegal, promiscuous, gang-related or racially-biased slogans or behaviors.In order to create a learning atmosphere that is respectful and free from distractions, the following must be adhered to: Any attire associated with gangs, profanity, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, violence or discrimination will not be acceptableon campus. Undergarments (bras, underwear, boxer shorts, etc.) should not be visible. Sheer and see through clothing is not allowed. Pajamas and slippers are not allowed. Blouses and shirts should not show cleavage and skin should not be visible at midriff. Halter-tops, backless shirts, sleeveless shirts and strapless garments are not