Oscar A. Carlson High SchoolHome of the Marauders2011 – 2012GIBRALTAR SCHOOL DISTRICT’S MISSION AND BELIEFSThe mission of the Gibraltar Schools, in partnership with students,parents and community, is to develop each student's skills,competencies and understandings necessary to think independently andmake sound decisions, to realize self-worth, to adapt to the challengesof the future, and to foster the process of lifelong learning. Eachstudent will develop and possess the skills necessary to be afunctioning and contributing member of our society.We in the Gibraltar School District believe that: All children can learn. Varied learning opportunities meet these needs. Students have different needs. All people have a need to feel important and appreciated.As prudent stewards of the District’s resources, the Gibraltar Board ofEducation has enacted for the 2011-2012 school year a onetime activityfee of 100.00 for all CHS students who participate in sports, clubs, orextra-curricular activities. Also, for those students who wish to drive toschool, assigned parking spaces may be obtained for a 50.00 yearlyfee or 20.00 per trimester.Student Name (print):1

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Principal LetterDear Marauder Family:Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year! Our vision of“Charting the Course for the Future” reaffirms our richhistory and tradition of excellence, and we are proud to befully accredited in all quality assurance standards by theNorth Central Association of Colleges andSchools/AdvancED.We pride ourselves in creating a safe, orderly learningenvironment based on collaboration, civility, and respect.Our common goal is continuous improvement in studentachievement, both in the classroom and in extracurricularactivities. Our mission statement “is to create anenvironment for all students in which they, with theguidance of staff and community, gain the life skills tocontribute to an ever-changing society.” We strive to be a“City Upon a Hill,” a model and a beacon for learning forthe entire school community.If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at734.379.7100. Together we can do great things!Again, welcome to Oscar A. Carlson High School. Getready to show your Marauder Pride!Very truly yours,Bill StevensonPrincipalRon J. JacobsAssistant Principal3Mike QuinnAthletic Director

GIBRALTAR SCHOOL DISTRICTSUPERINTENDENTMr. Bruce S. BurgerBOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERSMr. Elton L. Laura, Jr., PresidentMr. Edward L. Camilleri, Vice PresidentMr. James A. Crapko, TreasurerMrs. Marsha Kozmor, SecretaryMr. Tim O. Dean, TrusteeDr. W. Curt Boller, TrusteeMs. Lisa Darville, TrusteeGIBRALTAR SCHOOL DISTRICT19370 Vreeland RoadWoodhaven, MI 48183Phone: (734) 379 - 6350Fax: (734) 379 - 6353OSCAR A. CARLSON HIGH SCHOOL30550 West Jefferson Ave.Gibraltar, MI 48173Phone: (734) 379 -7100Fax: (734) 379 -5444*Attendance Call-in-line: (734) 379 l - Mr. William M. StevensonAssistant Principal - Mr. Ron J. JacobsAthletic Director - Mr. Mike QuinnPrincipal Secretary - Beth WilsonAttendance Secretary- Brook SpanoCounseling Secretary – Stephanie RygielAthletic Secretary - Brenda Greear4

OSCAR A. CARLSON HIGHSCHOOL STAFFDepartmentMs. [email protected] [email protected] ArtsMs. [email protected] ArtsMr. [email protected] [email protected] EducationMr. [email protected] StudiesMr. [email protected] [email protected] Dir./ ScienceMs. [email protected] /MathMs. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] EducationMs. [email protected] [email protected] EducationMs. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] StudiesMr. [email protected] [email protected] StudiesMs. [email protected] LanguageMr. [email protected] StudiesMs. [email protected] A. [email protected] R. [email protected] Ed.Ms. [email protected] LanguageMs. [email protected] [email protected] ArtsMs. Matesm[email protected] Ed.Ms. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Studies5

OSCAR A. CARLSON HIGHSCHOOL STAFFDepartmentMr. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] EducationMr. [email protected] SpecialistMs. [email protected] ArtsMr. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] / Lang. ArtsMr. [email protected] StudiesMs. [email protected] ArtsMr. [email protected] [email protected] StudiesMr. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] EducationMr. [email protected] [email protected] ArtsMr. [email protected] StudiesMs. [email protected] [email protected] ArtsMr. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ArtsMs. [email protected] [email protected] LanguageMs. [email protected] Language6

CARLSON HIGH’S BELL SCHEDULEFULL DAY SCHEDULE1st Hour7:40Tardy Bell8:50Dismissal Bell2nd Hour8:55Tardy Bell10:05 Dismissal Bell3rd Hour10:1010:2010:2510:5511:0011:3011:3512:05Tardy Bell (Announcements begin)Dismissal BellTardy Bell (1st Lunch Begins)Dismissal Bell (End of 1st Lunch)Tardy Bell (2nd Lunch Begins)Dismissal Bell (End of 2nd Lunch)Tardy Bell (3rd Lunch Begins)Dismissal Bell (End of 3rd Lunch)4th Hour12:10 Tardy Bell1:18Dismissal Bell5th Hour1:23Tardy Bell2:30Dismissal BellEXAM SCHEDULEDAY 17:408:009:301st Hour Exam Review1st Hour Exam (90 min.)Dismissal BellDAY 27:409:10Break9:2010:502nd Hour Exam (90 min.)Dismissal Bell- 10 minutes3rd Hour Exam (90 min.)Dismissal BellDAY 37:409:10Break9:2010:504th Hour Exam (90 min.)Dismissal Bell- 10 minutes5th Hour Exam (90 min.)Dismissal Bell7

ASSEMBLY BELL SCHEDULE1st Hour (60 min.)7:40Tardy Bell8:40Dismissal Bell2nd Hour (60 min.)8:45Tardy Bell9:45Dismissal Bell3rd Hour (65 min. plus announcements)9:50Tardy Bell (Announcements begin)10:00 Dismissal Bell10:05 Tardy Bell (1st Lunch Begins)10:35 Dismissal Bell (End of 1st Lunch)10:40 Tardy Bell (2nd Lunch Begins)11:10 Dismissal Bell (End of 2nd Lunch)11:15 Tardy Bell (3rd Lunch Begins)11:45 Dismissal Bell (End of 3rd Lunch)4th Hour (50 min.)11:50 Tardy Bell12:40 Dismissal Bell5th Hour (50 min.)12:45 Tardy Bell1:35Dismissal BellAssembly (50 min.)1:40Tardy Bell2:30Dismissal BellCARLSON HIGH SCHOOL’S FUN FACTSSchool Rock - Spirit RockSchool Colors – Blue and WhiteSchool Mascot - Monty MarauderSchool Fight Song – Go Go MaraudersGo Go MaraudersWe’re Behind You all the Way!Go Go to VictoryRun up the Score Board all the Way!Go! Go! Go!Let’s take the Big One!Keep the Banners Flying High!We’re gonna Fight! Fight! Fight!We’re gonna Win! Win! Win!Let’s Go Marauders Go!8

NORTH CENTRAL ASSOCIATIONACCREDITATIONIn the Spring of 2010, Carlson High School was visited by a Quality AssuranceReview team as part of the North Central Assocation Commission onAccreditation and School Improvement process. (NCA/AdvancED). CHS wasgiven the status of “fully accredited” as operational in all educational standardsset by NCA/AdvancED.Founded in 1895, NCA approves and monitors schools in the United States andinternationally. NCA members, including Carlson High School, are committedto improving the quality of education.This means Carlson High School: Has met or exceeded the high standards set by NCA. Is made up of staff and administrators committed to promotingcontinuous improvement.This also means students have many benefits: Students are assured that teachers are certified in the areas in whichthey are teaching. Teachers are challenged to continuously re-evaluate their teachingtechniques. Often, there are scholarship advantages for graduates of accreditedschools. Many colleges and universities consider accreditation an importantfactor in the admission process.Further information is available from NCA’S Michigan Office:North Central Association of Colleges and SchoolsCommission on Accreditation and School ImprovementMichigan CommitteeThe University of Michigan950 Victors Way, Suite 50Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108-2736(734) 998-9300http://www.nca.umich.edu9

GENERAL GUIDELINES ANDPROCEDURESACCIDENTSEvery accident in the school building, on the school grounds, at practicesessions, at any athletic event, or field trip sponsored by the school must bereported immediately to the principal, assistant principal, or athletic director incharge, and to the school office.ASSEMBLIESAttendance is mandatory at assemblies when it is part of the scheduled schoolday. Failure to attend is considered skipping. Students are allowed to sign outif they have been pre-approved by the principal or assistant principal andparent(s) have notified the school at least two hours in advance of the assembly.ATHLETICS*See Athletic Handbook. You can obtain a copy of the Athletic Handbook atthe CHS Athletic Office.ATTENDANCE POLICYThe primary purpose of our attendance policy is to encourage students to bephysically present in their classes in order to attain the maximum from theclassroom activities, demonstrations, discussions, etc. Furthermore, accordingto the laws set forth by the State of Michigan, the Gibraltar School District isbound to educate all students up to the age of sixteen (16). Since education is atotal process based on continual communication and shared responsibilitiesamong the students, parents, teachers, and the school, the Gibraltar SchoolDistrict believes:1. Parents have a responsibility to ensure their son(s) and/or daughter(s) attendsschool on a daily basis.2. Students have a responsibility to explain all absences to each of their teachersupon request.The Gibraltar Board of Education and the administration of Carlson HighSchool strongly feel that if students are to receive the very best educationpossible they must be in attendance daily. In order for this to occur thefollowing attendance rules are in effect:1. Students are required to attend all of their scheduled classes.2. Students will be allowed seven (7) absences in each class period during atrimester term.3. For excused absences, parents or guardians must call the CHS attendanceautomated hotline 734. 379. 7107 the day before or by noon, the day of theabsence. This must be done in order to have the absence(s) considered to beexcused. Failure to excuse an absence within 30 hours could result indisciplinary action. Parental excuse notes are not acceptable.10

4. Official documentation of doctor’s appointments, court dates, funerals, orother absences must be turned in to the attendance office within five schooldays of the absences.5. Students must initially present their medical excuses to the AttendanceOffice on the day of their return to school. Students will be excused for thelength of time specifically indicated on the medical note by the doctor. It isthe student’s responsibility to present the medical note to the attendanceoffice upon return.6. An unexcused absence may result from a one (1) day In-School Suspensionto a ten (10) day Out-of-School Suspension.7. Unexcused absences will be considered as truancy. Students will be expectedto make up any work done in the affected classes.8. Students should ask their teachers about their attendance status or check theirStudent-Connect account if they are concerned.9. A student-parent-administrator conference may be requested in cases ofexcessive student absences and/or tardiness.10. Absences resulting from long-term illness will be evaluated on anindividual basis.11. The school will contact the Truant Officer for those students who areyounger than 16 and have attendance problems.12. If parents/guardians choose to take their student out of scheduled schoolprograms, they need to realize that they are placing the student at anacademic disadvantage. These absences will count towards absence totals.13. If at any time during the day, a student finds it is necessary to leave thebuilding, the student must obtain permission from the Attendance Officepersonnel and a parent or guardian and enter his or her name anddestination on a sign-out sheet. Leaving school property withoutauthorization will result in disciplinary action.14. A student is still required to attend all classes including those in whichfailure is imminent. A student is subject to suspension for failure to attendall classes.15. A student is subject to suspension for the trimester when attendance in fourclasses renders the student unable to pass the classes.Students who exceed seven (7) absences (absolute maximum of excused ora combination of excused/unexcused) may lose credit for those classes.Students will not be withdrawn from those classes unless there areresultant behavior problems. Absences not calculated in the seven (7)absence procedure include: School-related absences.Absences due to a death in the immediate family.Court/other legal procedures.Medically unable to attend school per doctor’s order.11

Absences: Make-up work1. Students with absences that are not school-related or pre-approved have one(1) day for every day absent in which to turn in the work that was missed.2. Work missed for school-related and pre-approved absences will becompleted and turned in prior to the absence or immediately uponreturn to class. It will be the student’s responsibility to seek clarificationfrom each affected teacher before the school-related or pre-approvedabsence occurs.3. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the teacherfor make-up work.Absences: Pre-arranged medicalUpon receipt of a written statement from a physician stating that the studentwill be out of school for two or more weeks due to medical reasons, a visitingteacher will be assigned. A medical excuse must be provided within two weeksof the medical absence.Absences: School-relatedSchool-related absences are defined as field trips, student council meetings,counseling office appointments, class meetings, National Honor Societymeetings, religious holidays, college visitations (max. 2), athletic events, andother school functions. If there is a class or student council meeting, theadvisors will have the students sign in, and a list will be sent to the attendanceoffice the next day requesting that the absences be school-related.Absences: Tardy policyA Little Late Is Too Late: All students have five minutes passing time to reachtheir next class. There will be a one (1) minute warning bell to help studentsget to class on time. Each student is expected to be in his/her seat ready forclass when the bell rings. Any student tardy more than five (5) minutes isconsidered absent. The tardy discipline policy is stated as follows: 1st and 2nd – Tardies serve as warnings3rd tardy – One (1) hour Detention4th tardy – One (1) day In-School Suspension5th tardy – One (1) day Out-of-School Suspension6th tardy – Out-of-School Suspension pending parent meeting withstudent, and Attendance Officer.7th tardy – Three (3) days Out-of-School SuspensionAbsences: Thirteen ruleTruant/excessive absences are defined as thirteen (13) absent days pertrimester. A JCO1 Complaint Petition will be filed with the Wayne CountyProbate Court/Juvenile Division for students who are found to be in violation ofthis rule and under the age of 16 years old.12

CLOSED CAMPUSCarlson High School is a closed campus. Students must stay on the schoolgrounds from the time they arrive, even if the first period has not yet started,until dismissal or until the bus picks them up. Students may not leave theschool premises for any reason without Attendance Office approval during theschool day.COLLECTION OF DEBTSAny debt owed to the school by a student will be recorded as soon as the debt isincurred. Parents will be notified of debts by mail or phone. The records of astudent will be held if the student has a debt to the school for lost or damagedtextbooks, instructional materials or equipment; lost or damaged librarymaterials; lost or damaged athletic equipment; club or organization materials orfund-raising merchandise or money not turned in; damages to school propertyor buildings; or any other debt deemed to be legitimate by the Principal.CORPORAL PUNISHMENTCorporal punishment is not allowed under Michigan Law. A staff member may,however, use physical restraint against a pupil without advance notice to thePrincipal when it is essential for self-defense, for the preservation of order, orfor the protection of other persons or property.COUNSELING CENTER PROCEDURESCounselors are primarily concerned with helping students help themselves.Students and parents are encouraged to contact a school counselor whenproblems arise which may affect school performance.Furthermore, various guidance services are offered to students through thecounselors. Each student is assigned a specific counselor for the purpose ofcurriculum and class scheduling. Counselors will see every student eitherindividually or in groups as many times as possible to discuss academicprogress, future plans, and develop their career pathways. Informationconcerning colleges, education, vocational opportunities, other advancedtraining schools, scholarships, loans, and interpretation of test results isavailable for both students and parents in the Counseling Center. For students,appointments are made before or after school, or between classes by theCounseling Center. The office will give the student an appointment slipshowing the appointment time and date. Appointments are kept by showing theslip to the teacher and then giving it to the counseling secretary when thestudent arrives. Parents wishing an opportunity to meet with members of thecounseling staff may call the secretary (734.379.7111) to set up a time.DANCE REGULATIONSAttending Carlson High School dances is a privilege not a right. CHS studentsmay attend regular dances unless they have been excluded because of aviolation of the Student Code of Conduct. Identification must be supplied by all13

students upon arrival at the dance. Guest passes can be obtained ten (10) schooldays in advance from the dance sponsor and must be submitted for approvaltwo (2) full days before the scheduled dance. Guests twenty-one (21) years orolder will not be allowed into a dance. Also, students are not allowed to leave adance and return unless the student has spe