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1.0 FreeWay Error CodesWhen coding an application, your logic should always be based off the FreeWay Decision Field, not theError Code.The list of Error Codes provided below is given to provide additional information about Declined, Failed,or Errored d101GeneralOne or more required fields missingfrom the request102GeneralOne or more fields in the requestcontain invalid e occurred processing request;unknown error150GeneralIssue occurred processing request;application neralRecommendedActionOther NotesConsult themissingFieldsentry in the replyConsult theinvalidFields entryin the replyAn invalid combination of serviceswas requestedDuplicate transactionOne or more fields contains invaliddataOne or more required fields missingInternal communication failureAn internal timeout occurred whileprocessing the requestAn internal error occurred whilecommunicating with the cardprocessorUnable to communicate with cardprocessorInvalid card processor configurationContactFreedomPayimmediatelyA fatal erroroccurred whileprocessing therequest. Do notretry thetransaction;contactFreedomPayimmediately.Try againTry againContactFreedomPayimmediatelyTry againContactFreedomPayimmediately3

Invalid Business Date / BusinessDate earlier than the most recentdateBusiness Date is earlier than themost recent dateCall issuing bank for authorizationExpired card (or mismatched expirydate provided)Declined by issuing bank –unspecified ayment204PaymentInsufficient funds205PaymentLost or stolen card206Payment207Payment208PaymentStolen cardIssuing bank unavailable toauthorize requestThe card is not active or not eligiblefor this type of transaction209PaymentIncorrect PIN210Payment211Payment212PaymentCard over limitIncorrect card verification number(CVC/CVV2/CID)Invalid PIN Data213PaymentCard not valid at this location214PaymentInvalid Track Data215PaymentInvalid amount (gift cards only)216PaymentRevert to contact220PaymentIssuing bank rejected the transactiondue to generic account problemObtain anupdated cardSome issuersreturn this for overlimit credit cardsSome issuersreturn this if thenumber of failedPIN attempts isexceededFor cashout, mayindicate that thebalance is too highto be cashed out.For othertransactions, mayindicate that therequested amountis not allowed.Issuer requeststhat the customerinsert their card(and not tap)4

221PaymentSuspected fraud222PaymentAccount is frozen229PaymentMerchant Configuration error231PaymentInvalid account number232PaymentCard Type not enabled for merchant233PaymentProcessor rejected the transactiondue to an issue with the tInvalid merchant credentials235PaymentReturn amount exceeds the amountof original authorization236PaymentProcessor reported an error whileattempting to process the requestTry again237PaymentProcessor reported an error whileattempting to process the requestContactFreedomPayimmediately238PaymentThe authorization has already nt245Payment246Payment247Payment248PaymentThe capture amount was for morethan the authorization amountCurrently applicableto stored valuecards onlyCapture amount Authorizationamount is notnecessarily anerror. This isreturned when it is.Invalid Request IDNo un-captured authorization recordwas foundThe transaction is already settledThe transaction contains both carddata and an orderRequestID, but thecard data does not match that fromthe original transactionThe transaction cannot be voidedThe transaction has already beenvoidedThe authorization for this transactionis no longer valid5

254Payment261eMSRHardwareTrack Data decryption error262eMSRHardwareDevice Not Supported263eMSRHardwareEncryption Mode Not Supported264eMSRHardwareKey set not registered265eMSRHardware266eMSRHardwareP2PE encryption required271MicroFrameInvalid or inactive moniker281PaymentPrivate Label account bankrupt282PaymentPrivate Label account closed284PaymentPrivate Label card is mo /TermsPromo /TermsPrivate Label card is charged offUnbalanced tax details (private labelonly)AVS/CVN Validation code notwhitelistedRejected due to fraud checkingAn error occurred in communicatingwith the Promotion EngineThe submitted transaction containsmore than one promotion, but the300301Unable to reverse off authorizationA timeout occurred while waiting fora response from the processorProcessor or issuing bank does notsupport this transactionThe processor is not availableMerchant is not allowed to performthis transactionProcess rejected transaction, invaliddataInternal error while decryptingNo actionRequiredThe transaction hasbeen removed fromthe batch (so itwon’t settle)Try againTry ctFreedomPayimmediatelyTry again6

remote system supports only onepromotion code per transaction302Promo /TermsThe invoice would have zero value310Promo /TermsRequested promotion(s) failedvalidation.311Promo /TermsThe available window for thispromotion has expired312Promo /TermsThis card is not eligible for thispromotion313Promo /TermsThis merchant is not eligible for thispromotion314Promo /TermsThe promotion is not valid at thistime315Promo /TermsThe scenario code specified for thispromotion was not valid316Promo /TermsThe merchant has not opted-in forthe promotion317Promo /Terms320Promo /Terms322323324330Promo /TermsPromo /TermsPromo /TermsPromo /Terms335Promo /Terms336Promo /Terms337Promo /TermsThe promotion engine founddifferent available promotions thanthe one specifiedThe merchant is not correctlyconfigured for discounts (Programnot found)This card is not eligible for any termspromotionsThis merchant is not registered forthis programThe entered promotion was notfoundThe invoice did not satisfy the rulesof the promotion requestedThe qualifying subtotal is not withinthe purchase amount bounds of thispromotionThe qualifying quantity is not withinthe amount bounds of thispromotionThe eligible subtotal is not within thepurchase amount bounds of thispromotionCheckrequirements forthe promotionCheckrequirements forthe promotionCheckrequirements forthe promotionCheckrequirements forthe promotionCheckrequirements forthe promotionCheckrequirements forthe promotionReturned only forlookupsIndicates aconfiguration errorin Freeway(Validates only)7

345Promo e qualifying subtotal is not withinthe percentage purchase amountbounds of this promotionThe invoice amount is not within thepurchase amount bounds of thispromotionNo products on the invoice qualifyfor the promotion requestedThe product does not qualify for thepromotion requestedThe product does not qualify for thepromotion requestedThe product does not qualify for thepromotion requestedThe sale code did not apply for thepromotion requestedThe unit price submitted was eithertoo high or too low for thepromotion requestedThe quantity submitted was eithertoo high or too low for thepromotion requestedThe subtotal submitted was eithertoo high or too low for thepromotion requestedThe non-qualifying items exceededthe threshold amount allowed by thispromotionError retrieving payment informationfrom Token serviceExpired token (mobile only)408TokensDisabled token (mobile only)410TokensToken over limit (mobile only)431TokensInvalid token451Tokens491TokensUnsupported requestType of card backed by token doesnot701DCCSuccessful retrieval of DCCInformation Card is eligible702DCCCard is not eligible for DCC703DCCInvalid DCC Credentials338Promo /Terms339Promo /Terms340341342343344Promo /TermsPromo /TermsPromo /TermsPromo /TermsPromo /TermsTry again laterAlso used formobile paymentsAsk if customerwants to use DCCratesContactFreedomPayimmediately8

2.0 Freeway Commence Connect (FCC) Error CodesThese are error messages that are specific to the FCC and will generally be displayed in the event thatthe FCC is unable to communicate with FreeWay or if there is an issue between the FCC Server Serviceand the FCC Client Service. In some cases, the error may be displayed if the transaction fails or iscancelled.CodeMessageDescription3000Timeout ReversalIndicates that a request was made to Freeway whichtimed out. A Timeout reversal request was sent toFreeway which voided the transaction. Not entered inthe System Event Log.3001Freeway Connection Error(Timeout Reversal Failure)Indicates that a request was made to Freeway whichtimed out. A Timeout Reversal Request was then sentto Freeway which also timed out. The most likelyexplanation for this error is some sort of networkfailure. It is likely, but not certain, that the originalrequest never got to Freeway. Entered on the SystemEvent Log.3002No Workstation ID SpecifiedFCC Server received a request from POS whichrequires a card-present transaction but there was noworkstation id. Almost certainly due to amisconfiguration of the POS sytem. Entered on theSystem Event Log.3003Workstation ID UnknownFCC Server received a request to be sent to aWorkstation that which it does not know about. Thisimplies that the POS system can communicate withthe workstation but FCC Server cannot. It mightpossibly indicate an error in FCC Client. Its status andits logs should be examined. Entered on the SystemEvent Log.9

300430053006Unsupported Opera MessageOpera-specific. FCC Server received an OperaMessage (or message mode) that it does not support.FCC Server does not support most Opera Messagesand some modes of those it does support. This eithermeans that Opera has been misconfigured or that wehave encountered a use case which was notanticipated. Entered on the System Event Log.MerchantReferenceCode,The MerchantReferenceCode, TransactionID orTransaction or Request ID Not RequestID specified by the POS system was not foundFoundin the FCC Server database. This IDs are used totrack follow on operations such as incrementalauthorizations and settlements. Failure to find theentry in the database might be due to a failedDatabase rollover or a misconfiguration of the POSsytem. More detailed information about the error canbe found in the log. Entered on the System EventLog.Database Access FailureFCC Server attempted to access its database andfailed to do so. More detailed information about theerror can be found in the log. This is likely a networkor configuration error. It indicates a serious error ifrunning in stand-alone mode.Entered on the System Event Log.3007Authorization Not AllowedAn Incremental Authorization was attempted on acard type which does not support it such as Debit.3008Internal ErrorFCC Server encountered a state which wasunexpected. It may indicate a bug in the operation ofone of the system components (FCC Server, FCCClient or the POS System). More detailed informationabout the error can be found in the log. Entered onthe System Event Log.3009FCC Client Comm ErrorApplicable to Client/Server configurations of the FCC.Communication with the FCC Client was10

lost, probably caused by a timeout but maybesomething more severe. If a timeout happens duringa request, the connection is closed automatically. Ifeverything is actually in order, FCC Client will reestablish communication within ten seconds andeverything will continue normally. More detailedinformation about the error can be found in the log.Entered on the System Event Log.3010Invalid POS RequestThe POS system sent a request containing invaliddata. Not entered on the System Event Log.3011POS Connection LostAn attempt to send a POS Response failed becausethe connection was closed before FCC Server couldrespond, possibly due to network issues. Moredetailed information about the error can be found inthe log. Entered on the System Event Log.3012Generic Error3015Multiple FCC Client RequestsA second request was made to invoke FCC Clientbefore a previous one was complete. This is definitelydue to a configuration error, possibly because morethan one workstation has the same ID. Entered onthe System Event Log.3018Cancel FailureAn attempt to service a Cancel request failed. Enteredon the System Event Log.3019Request ID Not FoundThe specified request ID was not found. Entered onthe System Event log.3020Badly Formatted RequestThe request is not valid. The error message givesmore information about the problem.3021Offline AcceptA request was accepted offline.3022Offline DeclineA request was declined offline, likely because theamount specified is over the floor limit.3024Forced OfflineA request was processed as an offline transaction.This will usually be overwritted with a 3021 or 3022.If seen, a unhandled path has been triggered.11

3026Offline Processing ErrorThis error is return when the offline daemon refusedto process a request because a previous request inthe same transaction failed.3027Request Not Allowed OfflineThis error is returned if the system is offline and thePOS request cannot be performed in this mode.3028Signature RequestThis error code is returned for a signature onlyrequest.3029Closed Client ConnectionThe client lost connectivity in the middle of atransactions. Can be caused by an abort request onanother lane, or a restart of the client midtransaction.3030Lane TimoutIf the MSR device does not respond with cardinformation within the timeout.3102MsrLib No ResponseThe device library did not return a valid response.3120No DeviceNo device attached.3121Device ErrorThe device encountered an error.3122Network ErrorThe library cannot connect to an IP device.3123Token ErrorEncountered an error while attempting tokenize.3124EMV Application BlockedThe application selected on a chip card is notaccepted by this merchant.3125Card BlockedThis card type is not supported by the merchant.3126Chip DeclineThe host approved the transaction but the chipdeclined it.3127Bad CardAn issue with the card was encountered.3128Device TimeoutThe device did not respond.3129Bad RequestBad request sent to device.3130Driver ErrorA problem was encountered from the driver.3131OfflineOperation not allowed in offline mode.12

3132Invalid PINThe PIN entered is invalid.3133User CancelA user clicked the cancel button.3134Card Removed PrematurelyThe user removed a chip card before the transactionwas complete.3135Unknown ErrorAn unknown error occurred.3136Internal ErrorAn internal erorr occurred.3137AbortedResult of an abort command. Graceful shutdown ofclient.3138DeclinedA request was declined.3139Voice AuthVoice Auth Required3140Not SupportedAn invalid request: Token type not specified, DebitRFID, Device does not support sigcap3141Device BusyDevice is already processing a request.3150Command Not ValidThe command is not valid at this time3151Signature Not AcceptedThe signature was not accepted3152Transaction Implicitly startedA transaction was implicitly started (note that this isadvisory, not an error3153Payment Template was invalidPayment Template was invalid3154Incompatible commandsThe /poi/beginPaymenttransModewas incompatiblewith the /poi/beginReadtransType13

3.0 Hosted Payment Page (HPP) Error CodesThe HPP does not use standard error messages in the same way as either FreeWay or the FCC, it hasits own simple set of Error Codes.Error CodeDescriptionAAcceptedBB1 - B6 are BreadCrumbCCancelledDDuplicateEError OccurredRCard Rejected14