GE Telligence System OverviewTelligence , the 1st and only nurse call platform designed and delivered in the 21st centuryand the first to incorporate Voice-over-IP (VoIP), represents the latest in healthcarecommunication technology.Unveiled by GE in February 2006 at the annual HIMSS Conference, Telligence incorporatesgroundbreaking capabilities never before seen in traditional nurse call systems. Some of theunique features that differentiate Telligence from other nurse call systems include:!CAT 5/5e/6 Cable Plan – Other systems claim CAT5, but Telligence delivers. All componentsin this advanced system use CAT5/6 cable with convenient RJ45 connectors. This standardcable plan can be easily installed by the EC or the low-voltage contractor at the facility’sdiscretion, offering potential cost savings.!Configurable Station Buttons – Unlike other systems, Telligence lets facilities decide howpatient stations and peripheral call stations should be configured, i.e. what calls should beavailable from selected areas. Choice Programmable Technology offers unrivaledflexibility as your different care areas are configured. Telligence allows each to meet itsown unique needs. The images below demonstrate the exclusive button labeling solutionoffered by Telligence on both patient stations and remote stations. This also reduces theparts inventory required since the electronics in the devices are virtually identical – only thelabels need to be changed when a station is swapped out. Facilities can even make theirown custom labels.Sample Button Labeling StripsSingle Patient Station without37-pin BedConnect 3-Button PeripheralStation with Pullcord

!Patient Station Receptacles – In addition to GE’s reliable DuraPin pillow speakerconnector, Telligence stations offer receptacles for call cords, patient monitor equipmentand 37-pin bed cables (optional) – all on the same station. This will help to lowerconstruction costs through reduced backbox and conduit requirements, and also add anew level of convenience knowing that all connections are made at the same devicelocation. The two ¼” phono jacks are configurable by the user to be for either call cords(latching) or equipment alarms (non-latching) calls. These inputs can also be used forspecialized call cords such as “sip and puff”, oxygen call cords, etc.Dual Patient Station with 2 DuraPin Pillow Speakerreceptacles, 2 configurable aux/call cord jacks, and2 37-pin BedConnect receptacles (optional)!Product Life Cycle – As highlighted in the first paragraph of this document, Telligenceis the first and only nurse call system – from any manufacturer – designed anddelivered in the 21st century! As a result, Telligence is in the early stages of its life cycleand offers an excellent platform for long-term implementation. Until Telligence, no U.S.companies had introduced new systems in many years and their legacy systems arecertainly in their “mature” stages – it is doubtful that much new development will bedone to enhance these older platforms.If your facility is making a nurse call system decision in the near future, it is a decisionthat will affect your staff and patients for a minimum of 10 years, and likely muchlonger. Consequently, selecting a system like Telligence that is early in its life cyclewith growth and enhancement potential, not a downward slope like most of itscompetitors, is critically important.!Backbox Requirements – Telligence uses standard 2 ½” deep backboxes rather than 3 ½”masonry backboxes. The 2 ½” backboxes are readily available and less expensive than the3 ½” boxes, again with the idea of reducing installation costs.2

!Configurable LED Dome Lights – Other systems may have LED dome lights, but Telligenceadds an exclusive level of flexibility in its new Infinity Dome/Zone Light. Each and everysection of the Infinity lights can display any of 7 colors. The photos below show somecommon uses. For example, a normal bed call might be annunciated through a singlesection white light, red could be for emergency, green for staff assist, and a single blue formonitor alarm. However, Code Blue and other sentinel events could be clearly and visiblydisplayed by flashing all of the section in the same color. In addition to colors, the lights canbe configured to flash in various patterns. The obvious benefit of this capability is that youcan decide how calls are displayed – whatever makes sense! You can even have the Infinitylights match your existing system(s), whether they’re Dukane or some other brand. This candramatically reduce time and expense when training staff on the new system!!Software Applications – GE is extremely customer-focused and uses technology migrationto protect customers’ previous investment in our systems. Telligence continues this designphilosophy by providing software that maintains compatibility with your legacy DukaneProCare systems as well as your new Telligence platform. All of the applications can sharedata through a common database and interface “engine”. This software interfaceapplication has the ability to turn your facility into one large integrated communicationplatform for interfacing with wireless devices, generating management reports, and otherefficiency and quality tools.GE’s nurse call software interface “engine”, PC Connect, offers customers a flexible suite ofapplications providing the following:oManagement Reports – PC Reporting (ARMSip), GE’s latest management reportingapplication, provides browser access from any hospital PC. Unlike previous ARMS softwarewhere everything was done from a central computer, ARMSip uses your network to turn everyworkstation into a reporting station. Now managers can log in from their own offices, accessthe software and run comprehensive reports by simply following a step-by-step wizard.ARMSip can also be configured to run reports automatically and deliver them to “subscribers”via email. This robust SQL database is designed to reliably store and archive data for years,and is compatible with both ProCare 6000 and Telligence. It even allows you to implement onereporting system to manage all Dukane/GE nurse call systems in your facility.3

oMobility Suite – supports interface connectivity to wireless systems like pocket pagers,wireless telephones (e.g. SpectraLink, Ascom, Cisco), and Vocera so patient calls can beimmediately delivered to one or more assigned caregiver, or even teams like Code Blue.Whenever a button is pushed, staff can be immediately notified – wherever they are!oPC Assignments – this client application turns any hospital workstation into a nurse callmanagement station, allowing staff to establish assignments so patient calls will be deliveredto the correct caregiver(s) – immediately and automatically!oPC Messaging – a browser-based messaging screen that allows any PC on the network tosend messages to wireless devices like pagers, phones, etc. This can be an extremely valuabletool as staff communicate with each other. It also assists with noise reduction since overheadpaging can be virtually eliminated.oNetBoard - an electronic whiteboard that can replace your existing manual greaseboards,NetBoard gathers and displays real-time room status information, staff assignments,attending MD, etc. This client can be installed on one or more PC per nursing unit.oMapView and ListView Call Answering Clients – Users have different preferences, soTelligence now offers staff the option of viewing call activity on a floorplan or in a list,whichever is easier for the particular user to navigate. Telligence leaves the choice up to thestaff.!Reduced Central Equipment – Telligence has taken a new and innovative approach tocentral equipment. Instead of using significant wall space in your communication closetslike other nurse call system (including ProCare 6000!), Telligence central equipment is fullyrack-mountable. Components taking up only 3 Rack Mount Units (RMUs) can support up to32 rooms or 80 Telligence devices – and this includes power supplies!!Voice-over-IP Core with Full-Duplex Audio and HearingAid Enhancements –Telligence has taken nurse call audio communication technology to new heights,incorporating innovative intercom circuitry and controls to provide the clearest possibleconversations between patients and staff.oVoice-over-IP – The emergence of VoIP technology arrived at the time whenTelligence was in its early design stage, and GE engineers realized the potentialit offered. It has been incorporated at the Staff Console, ColorTouch Annunciator, and other key components of the system, providing a platform thatcan grow and evolve as a facility’s needs change. VoIP is the latest in digitalvoice technology, and Telligence is the first to put it to practical use in nurse call.4

!oFull-Duplex Intercom – Unlike many other nurse call systems, Telligence offersfull duplex, meaning it responds much more like a telephone and will not cut offthe first or last words of conversations. With Telligence, both participants of aconversation can speak and be heard at the same time, providing the enhancedlevel of communication that caregivers require.oHearingAid Audio Controls – GE engineers have incorporated all of thelatest in intercom technology and added intuitive user interfaces to make it allwork seamlessly together. For example, knowing that patients have differentabilities to speak up and be heard, Telligence allows staff to adjust talk and listenvolume levels for each patient room conversation so both parties can hear eachother clearly. In addition to manual volume controls, Telligence has automaticcapabilities built in as well. Similar to noise-canceling headphones commonlyworn by frequent travelers on airplanes or trains, Telligence incorporatesautomatic noise and echo cancellation technology. This unique feature “cancels”non-essential noise from the rooms and nurse station to provide crystal clearvoice communication with as little background noise as possible.Telligence Availability – The delivery and reliability of Telligence has the full support of GE,a technology leader in all of the diverse markets that it serves. Telligence installations arescheduled to begin in Q3 2006The software being used on Telligence is an enhancement to applications that are alreadyin common use in other facilities associated with ProCare 6000. This compatibility will allowfacilities to take advantage of Dukane legacy systems and create an integrated nurse callnetwork.We hope the information presented above helps you appreciate Telligence as a groundbreakingnext-generation communication platform, while also offering compatibility with legacy DukaneProCare systems that might be installed in your facility – protecting your previous investment.GE looks forward to the opportunity to implement the facility benefits of Telligence at your facility.Contact your GE Security, Sound & Communications Strategic Partner for more information.5