GARBERVILLE SANITARY DISTRICTBOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGAGENDAThere will be a regular meeting held by the Garberville Sanitary District Board of Directors at theGSD District Office919 Redwood Dr. Garberville, CAJune 28, 20165:00 p.m. – Open Public SessionAny writings or documents that are public records and are provided to a majority of the governing board regarding an open session item on thisagenda will be made available for public inspection in the District Office located at 919 Redwood Dr. during normal business hours.I.REGULAR MEETING CALLED TO ORDERII.ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUMRio Anderson , Linda Brodersen , Doug Bryan , Richard Thompson , Gary WellbornIII.APPROVAL OF AGENDA - Action to add or delete items from any portion of the agenda or to discuss any consent agendaitems must be taken prior to adoption of the agenda.IV.OPEN SESSIONV.COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS FROM THE AUDIENCEUp to fifteen minutes of this portion of the meeting are reserved for members of the public to address the Board on items not listed on theagenda and within the jurisdiction of the GSD Board. Speakers are limited to 3 minutes. The GSD Board is prohibited by law fromtaking action on matters discussed that are not on the Agenda, and no adverse conclusions should be drawn if the GSD Board does notrespond to public comment at this time.General Public / Community GroupsVI.ANNOUNCEMENTS AND COMMUNICATIONSREPORTS AND PRESENTATIONS – Routine report of activities, operations, meetings / conferences held and/orattended by Board members, Staff, and General ManagerOperations-Office StaffBoard MembersGeneral Manager—Ralph Emerson pg 3VII.REGULAR AGENDA ITEMSA.CONSENT AGENDANotice to the PublicAll matters listed under Consent Agenda are considered to be routine and all will be enacted by one motion and voice vote.There will be no separate discussion of these items unless the Board of Directors requests items to be removed from theConsent Agenda for separate action. Any items will be considered after the motion to approve the Consent Agenda.A.1A.2A.3A.3Approve May 2016 Financials - pg 4Approve 5/24/16 Regular Meeting Minutes - Available at meetingApprove 6/21/16 Special Meeting Minutes pg 24Operations Safety Report- Available at meetingMotion:Second:Vote:Government Code Section 54954.3 provides that the public will have an opportunity to address the Board on any item described on a regular orspecial meeting either before or during the consideration of that item. The Board reserves the right to limit the time of presentation by individualsand groups1

VIII.GENERAL BUSINESS – Action itemNotice to the PublicThe Board of Directors will allow public comment on agenda items although any person who wishes to speak on anAgenda item must submit a request prior to the meeting being called to order. You will be given 5 minutes on eachAgenda item that you wish to comment and then the Board of Directors will discuss the item amongst themselveswith no other public comment.B.1Vote:B.2Rate Study to include a 3rd tier for excessive water use pg(Direction requested)Motion:Second:Vote:B.3Joint Board meeting with Redway CSD(Discussion possible action)Motion:Second:B.4IX.2016—2017 Budget Approval pg 27(Approval requested)Motion:Second:36Information at MeetingVote:Board Training Interest and Courses Information at Meeting(Direction requested)Motion:Second:Vote:POLICY REVISION / ADOPTIONC.C.1Water Ordinance, Article 12: Public Fire Protection 12.2 Moving fire hydrants pg 38(Second reading) Resolution #16-007pg. 39Motion:Second:Vote:C.2Board Policy, 7.0 Remuneration and Reimbursement, 7.1 Director Fee pg 41(First reading)Motion:Second:Vote:X.ITEMS FOR NEXT BOARD MEETING1. Status of new utility truck2. Board Policy , 7.1 Reimbursement, Directors fee3.Wallen Road repairs update4.XI.ADJOURNMENTPosting of Notice at the District Office no later than June 24, 2016: Agenda is emailed to the local newspapers and those who have requested anagenda in writing or e-mail.In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need a special accommodation to participate, please contact the GarbervilleSanitary District Office at (707)923-9566 at least 48 hours in advance.2

Garberville Sanitary DistrictPO Box 211Garberville, CA. 95542(707)923-9566GENERAL MANAGER REPORTDate: June 28, 2016I appreciate the process in which members of the public and the Board participated in the SpecialMeeting for commenting on the Community Parks request for changing their land usedesignation and what we felt were necessary requirements of such a change.The meeting was respectful even though passionate people had input and differing points ofview, thus showing that respectful disagreements and participation in the process is the best wayto make a difference.We had Garret Walker do backflow device testing and only 1 device failed so we are gatheringparts to make the repairs on that device. We have certificates of his inspection and will providethem to the State as required.I attended the California Special Districts General Manager conference and Board study sessionwhere we discussed upcoming legislation that affect Districts such as ours. We also discussedmarijuana and millennials in the workplace. It was very rewarding and educational with some ofthe most enlightening moments coming from the key note speakers, one of which is a philosophyprofessor at Notre Dame and the other is a photographer from National Geographic. I will beusing and sharing what I learned and thank you for supporting myself and staff with ongoingeducation.Richard, Gary and myself met to discuss having a 3rd tier rate for abusive water users and it wasdecided that rather than have a 3rd tier for times of drought, there should be an additional rateyear round because during 2015 there were a few people that used between 2,500-4,000 gallonsper day which is excessive and with no regard for the drought conditions of last year. Directionwas given to have a rate study done so as to comply with prop 218 requirements.We need to plan another Board-Staff study session and included are some dates which hopefullywill work for you. Tuesday July 19th, Wednesday July 20th, Thursday July 21st, Tuesday August2nd, Wednesday August 3rd or Thursday August 4th.Respectfully Submitted:Ralph Emerson3

2:54 PM06/23/16Accrual BasisGarberville Sanitary DistrictRegister QuickReportMay 2016Date1NumMemoAmount101 Netlink205/05/20163Total 101 Netlink4Amazon.com5Total Amazon.com7Blue Star nter at 6/20168177office-22.2310 Total Blue Star Gas-38.0911 C & K Market Inc.1205/18/20165/18-9368Staf meeting13 Total C & K Market Inc.-12.74-12.7414 Cadillac Wok1505/25/20165/23-9368Ralph - Meeting with Jennie16 Total Cadillac Wok-48.60-48.6017 Capital Bank & 1,022.882105/20/20163471902515814822 Total Capital Bank & Trust-584.75-2,968.0623 CITRIX2405/05/20165/16gotomtgGo To Meeting25 Total CITRIX-78.00-78.0026 Crystal Springs Bottled Water2705/05/20168144Epuipment rental28 Total Crystal Springs Bottled Water-10.00-10.0029 CSDA3005/02/20165/2-5297Board Secretary Conference3105/02/20165/3-5298Records Act Compliance Manual32 Total CSDA-525.00-13.00-538.0033 CUMMINS PACIFIC LLC.3405/17/20168162Generator Maintenance35 Total CUMMINS PACIFIC LLC.-1,855.99-1,855.9936 CWEA3705/17/201681638/1/16-7/31/2017 Membership ID: 000282499138 Total CWEA-164.00-164.0039 Dazey's Building dup - SWTP42 Total Dazey's Building Center-338.41-11.87-350.2843 Deluxe For Business4405/05/20165/5-5297Checks45 Total Deluxe For Business-221.06-221.0646 420.7450 Total EDD-887.9351 Eel River Disposal & Resource Recovery5205/05/201653 Total Eel River Disposal & Resource Recovery81463/25/16 dump run-16.29-16.294

2:54 PM06/23/16Accrual BasisGarberville Sanitary DistrictRegister QuickReportMay 2016DateNumMemoAmount54 Emerald Technologies5505/17/20168165repair GIS computer5605/26/20168178Computer for Operations57 Total Emerald Technologies-381.24-1,365.88-1,747.1258 Fluentstream Tech5905/02/20165/2debitphone60 Total Fluentstream Tech-114.51-114.5161 Frontier Communications6205/05/20168147Land Lines - April-408.756305/26/20168179Land Lines-414.5264 Total Frontier Communications-823.2765 1631436368-0296323-2,408.9668 Total IRS-5,038.8869 Jamie Corsetti, CPA7005/17/20168166Monthly Accting and State Controller Report71 Total Jamie Corsetti, CPA-442.50-442.5072 Jennie Short7305/17/20168167Services for May74 Total Jennie Short-3,972.02-3,972.0275 Just Rent It, LLC7605/26/20168180Impact Wrench for Hydrant77 Total Just Rent It, LLC-10.80-10.8078 Kevin Tupes Welding7905/17/20168168Oak St Pump Station and Miller St well80 Total Kevin Tupes Welding-3,000.00-3,000.0081 MILT'S SAW SHOP8205/26/20168181trimmer string83 Total MILT'S SAW SHOP-15.07-15.0784 2solenoid X2-123.0987 Total NAPA-371.0488 North Coast Laboratories toring91 Total North Coast Laboratories Ltd.-155.00-575.00-730.0092 PG&E9305/05/20168150-3,729.9294 Total PG&E-3,729.9295 Pitney Bowes Purchase Power9605/27/20165/27achPostage97 Total Pitney Bowes Purchase Power-452.75-452.7598 Ralph 45/16 phone-50.00101 Total Ralph Emerson-100.00102 Recology Humboldt County10305/17/20168169trash pickup104 Total Recology Humboldt County-17.38-17.38105 Redway True Value10605/05/20168152Primer for Hurlbutt Tank-10.795

2:54 PM06/23/16Accrual BasisGarberville Sanitary DistrictRegister QuickReportMay 2016DateNumMemo107 Total Redway True ValueAmount-10.79108 Redwood Merchant Services10905/02/20165-2ach4/16 crcdfee-34.7411005/31/20165/16crcdfee5/16 card processing fees-59.81111 Total Redwood Merchant Services-94.55112 RENNER11305/10/20165/10achFuel114 Total RENNER-932.36-932.36115 Rogers Machinery11605/05/20168153pump parts-689.9411705/26/20168185Shaft Sleevs-330.98118 Total Rogers Machinery-1,020.92119 Rural Community Assistance Program12005/02/20165/2achLn 6200-GSD-02 ALPN RD Tank121 Total Rural Community Assistance Program-4,717.81-4,717.81122 SDRMA12305/05/20168154vision and dental12405/17/20168170medical insurance125 Total SDRMA-458.49-3,705.66-4,164.15126 Sentry III Center12705/05/20168155rent128 Total Sentry III Center-835.00-835.00129 Staples Credit Plan13005/05/20168156office supplies131 Total Staples Credit Plan-60.22-60.22132 The Car Doctor13305/03/20165-3-16-93681/2 of Brakes for Ralph's Truck134 Total The Car Doctor-319.59-319.59135 Tina Stillwell13605/05/20168157batteries137 Total Tina Stillwell-7.01-7.01138 Umpqua Bank13905/20/20165/20ach4/16 bank fees140 Total Umpqua Bank-112.65-112.65141 US Cellular14205/05/20168158cell phones143 Total US Cellular-344.73-344.73144 USABLUEBOOK14505/05/20168159flange kit for 3" meter146 Total USABLUEBOOK-148.37-148.37147 Wells Fargo14805/17/20168171copier149 Total Wells Fargo-90.72-90.72150 WYCKOFF'S15105/05/20168160152 Total WYCKOFF'SSupplies-65.45-65.45153 Arreguin, Daniel .71156 Total Arreguin, Daniel J-2,790.86157 Copenhafer, 1,224.666

2:54 PM06/23/16Accrual BasisGarberville Sanitary DistrictRegister QuickReportMay 2016DateNum160 Total Copenhafer, RonaldMemoAmount-2,489.69161 Emerson, Ralph .52164 Total Emerson, Ralph K-4,201.03165 Miller, Brian .71168 Total Miller, Brian A-2,408.93169 Ruiz, Ricardo17005/05/20168141171 Total Ruiz, Ricardo-301.79-301.79172 Stillwell, Christina17305/05/2016814217405/19/20168176175 Total Stillwell, Christina176 TOTAL-988.65-780.30-1,768.95-55,036.567

3:18 PM06/23/16Accrual BasisGarberville Sanitary DistrictBalance Sheet Prev Year ComparisonAs of May 31, 2016May 31, SCurrent AssetsChecking/Savings1005 · Umpqua Checking- Operating103,408.211006 · Umpqua System Reserve - Water72,571.781007 · Umpqua System Reserve - Sewer75,131.631011 · Water Enterprise Fund46,179.531030 · County Treasury - Sewer Reserve331,427.221031 · County Treasury - Water Reserve235,631.251040 · Petty Cash49.511050 · Cash Drawer186.56Total Checking/Savings864,585.69Accounts Receivable11000 · Accounts Receivable - Other415.00Total Accounts Receivable415.00Other Current Assets1100 · Accounts Receivable84,212.991110 · Accts Receivable Over Payments(1,263.46)1315 · Water Grant Receivable0.001500 · Prepaid Insurance5,191.671501 · Prepaid Workers Comp2,288.701502 · Prepaid Expenses284.001510 · Prepaid Licenses and Permits1,628.081550 · Allowance for Doubtful Accounts(5,000.00)Total Other Current Assets87,341.98Total Current Assets952,342.67Fixed AssetsCIP - Alderpoint Tank (Water)0.00DWTP (Water) 20154,968,104.88Tobin Well Project 201440,189.31Alderpoint Tank Project (Water)671,516.84Collection FacilitiesCost - Coll Fac44,170.59Cost - IP 20002,029,949.22Cost - Lines2,080,180.29Total Collection Facilities4,154,300.10Melville Project Lines 201559,612.79Land - Sewer129,810.68Land - Water88,698.62Office Equipment32,004.40Equipment158,306.60Sewer Project - 20112,792,451.91Sewer Treatment FacilitiesCost - Equipment8,069.38Cost -Sewer Plant488,193.00Sewer Treatment Facilities - Other4,500.00Total Sewer Treatment Facilities500,762.38Vehicles48,023.52Water Easements & Intangibles177,397.11MSR/SOI and Annexation Project157,283.08Water System133,382.22Jun 30, 15 01,831.12(20,023.00)8

3:18 PM06/23/16Accrual BasisGarberville Sanitary DistrictBalance Sheet Prev Year ComparisonAs of May 31, 7576777879808182838485May 31, 12,819,176.75SWTP OfficeAccumulated Depreciation-WaterAccumulated Depreciation-SewerTotal Fixed AssetsTOTAL ASSETSLIABILITIES & EQUITYLiabilitiesCurrent LiabilitiesAccounts Payable2000 · Accounts Payable12,137.90Total Accounts Payable12,137.90Other Current Liabilities*Accounts Payable2,970.002205 · Accrued Simple78.432230 · Accrued Vacation19,345.132250 · Loans Payable - Current Portio78,918.27Total Other Current Liabilities101,311.83Total Current Liabilities113,449.73Long Term Liabilities2500 · N/P - SWRCB191,123.202605 · RCAC Loan #6200-GSD-02223,943.092655 · Lease Payable - Copier3,511.682700 · SRF Loan - Water1,379,471.002800 · Municipal Fin.Corp. WWTP CCOs0.002900 · Less Current Portion(78,918.27)Total Long Term Liabilities1,719,130.70Total Liabilities1,832,580.43Equity3000 · Contributed Capital6,129,491.753100 · Retained Earnings5,105,728.463200 · Prior Period Adjustment2,960.00Net Revenue(251,583.89)Total Equity10,986,596.32TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY12,819,176.75Jun 30, 2,174.86 623.89)(312,998.11)9

Garberville Sanitary DistrictStatement of Revenue and ExpenseFor the One and Eleventh Months Ended May 31, 2016May 161234567Total WaterJul '15 - May 16May 16Total SewerJul '15 - May 16Ordinary Revenue/ExpenseRevenueWater Charges4100 · Residential4110 · CommercialTotal Water Charges4200 · Sewer 00.00334,108.9484300 · Connection Fees94650 · Late Charges104700 · Other Operating Revenue11 Total 043.642,384.843,796.21494.581,039.9859,485.1612 Gross Revenue13 Expense14Administrative and General155005 · Bad Debts165010 · Bank Charges175012 · Merchant Account Fees185010 · Bank Charges - Other19Total 5010 · Bank Charges205020 · Directors Fees215030 · Dues and Memberships225035 · Education and Training23Insurance245040 · Liability255050 · Workers' Comp265055 · Health275055.1 · Employee Portion285055 · Health - Other29Total 5055 · Health30Total Insurance315060 · Licenses, Permits, and Fees325065 · Auto335080 · Office Expense345085 · Outside Services355090 · Payroll Taxes365100 · Postage375110 · Professional Fees385120 · Property Taxes395125 · Repairs and Maintenance405130 · Rents415135 · Retirement425137 · Supplies435140 · Telephone445145 · Tools455150 · Travel and Meetings465155 · Utilities475160 · Wages48Total Administrative and General495051Sewage Collection6010 · Fuel6030 · Repairs and 851,855.992,472.606,202.2910

Garberville Sanitary DistrictStatement of Revenue and ExpenseFor the One and Eleventh Months Ended May 31, 20165253545556576040 · Supplies6050 · Utilities6060 · Wages6065 · Wages - Overtime Sewer Co6060 · Wages - OtherTotal 6060 · WagesTotal WaterMay 16Jul '15 - May SewerMay 16Jul '15 - May 0.000.004,097.9631,083.1958Total Sewage Collection59606162636465666768Sewage Treatment6075 · Fuel6080 · Monitoring6100 · Repairs and Maintenance6110 · Supplies6120 · Utilities6130 · Wages6135 · Wages - Overtime Sewer Tr6130 · Wages - OtherTotal 6130 · 6.002,976.00726.0031,482.0032,208.0069Total Sewage 78Water Trans and Distribution7075 · Fuel7090 · Repairs and Maintenance7100 · Supplies7110 · Utilities7120 · Wages7125 · Wages - Overtime Water Tr7120 · Wages - OtherTotal 7120 · 641.002,641.003,562.503