Build Your Income AndLeave A Legacy With TheIncomeSustainer PlusIssued by Great American Life Insurance Company

IncomeSustainer PlusAn optional rider from Great American Life Insurance CompanyWhen you purchase a fixed-indexed annuity from Great American LifeInsurance Company , you can add the IncomeSustainer Plus rider foran additional charge. It provides guaranteed growth for your retirementincome and can help you leave an enhanced legacy for your loved ones.This also protects the money you’ve already accumulated, so you canspend less time worrying and more time enjoying your retirement.How the IncomeSustainer Plus worksAdding the IncomeSustainer Plus to your annuity contract createsa new value referred to as the benefit base. The benefit base is theamount we use to calculate your rider income payments and enhanceddeath benefit. It starts with your initial purchase payment and increasesby rollup credits and additional purchase payments.Uncomplicate Retirement.Great American. It pays to keep things simple.SMGreat American isproud to help Vickifrom California liveher life GREAT.

Grow Your Retirement IncomeThe IncomeSustainer Plus provides guaranteed growth of your benefit base. There are twoways for your benefit base to grow – rollup credits and resets.Rollup creditsAt the end of each year during the rollup period, your benefit base will increase by 6% of allof the purchase payments that we receive from you in the first contract year. The amountadded to your benefit base is referred to as a rollup credit. The maximum rollup period is 12years. Rollup credits are subject to limitations set out in the rider.ResetsBefore you begin taking income payments, if your annuity’s account value exceeds yourbenefit base, you can choose to reset your benefit base to the account value. You may dothis on any contract anniversary. If you choose to reset these amounts, a new rollup periodwill begin and the rider charge may increase.How rollup credits and resets increase your benefit base: 220,000 198,447 180,000 172,000 140,000 100,0002468101214161820end of contract yearExample assumes no withdrawals are taken and 6% simple interest rollup credit. Account values do not reflect actual market performance. I n years 1-12, the graph shows how the benefit base increases due to rollup credits. Noresets are available during this period because the account value is less than the benefitbase. I n years 13-15, the graph shows no increase in the benefit base because the rollupperiod has ended and the account value is less than the benefit base. I n year 16, the graph shows how the benefit base increases due to a reset. A new rollupperiod begins. In years 17-20, the graph shows how the benefit base increases due to rollup credits.

Receive Lifetime IncomeWhen you’re ready to start receivingincome, you can select from two differentincome options. Both options providea guaranteed stream of income for life.Income payments may begin one yearafter you add the rider to your contract,as long as you meet the age requirements.Single lifetime incomeThis option guarantees income paymentsfor your lifetime. You must be at least age55 when income payments begin.Joint lifetime incomeIncome payments are guaranteed for thejoint lifetimes of you and your spouse,or legally recognized domestic partner.You both must be at least age 55 on theincome start date, and the youngerage will be used to determine theincome percentage.Calculating your income paymentTo determine the maximum amountof your annual income payments, wemultiply your benefit base by your incomepercentage. The income percentage isbased on age and the income option thatyou select. The income percentage islocked in once payments begin.Your income percentage increases 0.10%each year you wait to start payments untilit reaches 7.5% for single lifetime incomeand 6.5% for joint lifetime income.Maximum income percentage tableAge at incomestart dateSinglelifetime incomeJointlifetime income55606566676869707172737475808590 4.7%4.8%4.9%5.0%5.5%6.0%6.5%If joint lifetime, use the age of the younger spouse (or domestic partner).

Leave Your LegacyThe IncomeSustainer Plus can help you leave an enhanced legacy for your loved ones.After your fifth contract anniversary, your contract’s death benefit is replaced with therider’s enhanced death benefit. The rider death benefit will never be less than the deathbenefit otherwise payable under your contract.Your beneficiaries have the flexibility to receive the benefit amount as a one-time paymentor a series of payments. Additionally, you have the option to restrict the type of paymentyour beneficiaries receive.One-time paymentYour beneficiaries may choose to receive the benefit amount as a lump sum. The benefitamount for this option is the average of the account value and benefit base reduced byincome payments and withdrawals.For example, let’s say your account value is 150,000 and your benefit base (reducedby income payments and withdrawals) is 200,000. Then the lump sum payment to yourbeneficiaries would be 175,000 ( 350,000 2).Series of paymentsYour beneficiaries may choose to spread the benefit amount into a series of payments.They can receive payments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The benefit amountmust be taken in at least five equal annual payments.The benefit amount for this option is equal to the benefit base reduced by incomepayments and withdrawals. In the above example, the benefit amount under this paymentoption would be 200,000 plus interest.

Learn From SusanTo understand how the IncomeSustainer Plus rider can provide guaranteed income and buildyour legacy, consider Susan in the hypothetical example below.About Susan: S he is 55 years old and plans to retire in 12 years. S he wants to supplement her Social Security income to maintain her current lifestyle. H er biggest fear is outliving her money, and she wants to leave a legacy for her family.Finding an income solutionAfter researching income options with her financial professional, Susan decides to purchase afixed-indexed annuity with a 100,000 purchase payment and adds the IncomeSustainer Plusrider. Here’s how Susan receives income for life and leaves a legacy with this rider:Step 1: Susan’s benefit base growsRollup credits are applied to the benefit base during the 12-year rollup period. At the endof this period, Susan’s benefit base has grown to 172,000 because she did not take anywithdrawals or income payments.Step 2: Susan decides to takeincome paymentsAt age 67 (at the end of contract year12), Susan chooses to start takingincome payments on an annual basis.Step 3: Susan’s incomepercentage is determinedHer income percentage is set at 5.2%based on her age (67) and selectedincome option (single lifetime income).Step 4: Susan receives incomefor lifeBased on her benefit base ( 172,000)and income percentage (5.2%), Susanwill receive 8,944 ( 172,000 x 5.2%)each year for the rest of her life even ifher account value is depleted. 180,000Benefit baseAccount valueDeath benefit amount 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 80,000123 4 5 6 7end of contract year89 10 11 12 13 14 15The death benefit amount in the graph above shows amounts on which thedeath benefit will be based. For contract years one through five, the exampleshows the contract death benefit amount, which is based on the accountvalue. For subsequent years, it shows the rider death benefit amount thatis used to calculate the death benefit if the beneficiary chooses a seriesof payments. The death benefit amount will be smaller if the beneficiarychooses a lump sum payment. Account values in the graph do not reflectactual market performance.Step 5: Susan leaves a legacy for her familyWhen Susan purchased the rider, she designated her two children, Jane and John, as thebeneficiaries. After receiving income payments for a number of years, Susan dies. Theenhanced death benefit under the rider is then paid to her children. Jane chooses to receivethe death benefit as a lump sum, while John decides to spread his payments over a periodof five years.

Additional Things To Know About The IncomeSustainer PlusIssue agesAnnuity commencement dateYou may purchase the rider with your Great AmericanLife fixed‐indexed annuity contract if you are between theages of 50‐85.If you reach the annuity commencement date of yourcontract, the benefit base will stop accumulatingrollup credits.One year after the rider issue date, you may take incomepayments at any time (if age 55 or older). You may forgoan income payment in any year, but that income paymentmay not be carried over to the next year. The total incomeamount that can be taken in a year will never be less thanany applicable required minimum distribution.Your contract’s annuity commencement date is generallyno later than the contract anniversary after you or a jointowner reach age 95. This means, if the maximum rollupperiod is 12 years and you purchase your contract whenyou are age 84 or older, we may require you to annuitizeyour contract or begin taking income payments under therider by the annuity commencement date. In this case, youwill not receive 12 years of rollup credits.Impact of withdrawalsRider charge and cancellationYour benefit base will accumulate rollup credits as longas your withdrawal(s) does not exceed the free withdrawalallowance or required minimum distribution. Your benefitbase will be reduced for withdrawals taken before incomepayments begin. After income payments have begun, yourbenefit base will also be reduced for any withdrawals thatare greater than the income amount.An annual rider charge of 1.35% will be taken at theend of each contract year. The charge is based on yourbenefit base and is deducted from your account value. Itwill be waived once your account value reaches zerodue to income payments and rider charges. If yousurrender the contract or terminate the rider, a proratedrider charge will apply at that time.This rider uses a proportionality concept. If you take awithdrawal (other than to pay rider charges or to useas your income payment amount), the benefit base willbe reduced by the same percentage that you withdrawfrom your annuity’s account value. Rollup credits stop ifyou take a withdrawal that exceeds the free withdrawalallowance.The rider charge may increase upon a reset, a withdrawalthat is more than your annuity’s free withdrawal allowanceor a required minimum distribution, or a permitted transferof your contract before income payments begin.Flexibility of income paymentsYou may cancel the rider at any time.If you take a withdrawal that does not exceed the freewithdrawal allowance, your rollup credit will be reduceddollar for dollar for that year. Rollup credits will continue toaccumulate thereafter until the end of the rollup period.What happens at deathBefore income payments beginDuring first fivecontract yearsAfter first fivecontract yearsIf yourcontract hasa successorownerThe rider continues and the successorowner becomes the “Insured” for purposesof both income payments and the enhanceddeath benefit.If nosuccessorownerThe contract’s deathbenefit is payable.The rider’senhanced deathbenefit is payable.After income payments beginDuring firstfive contract yearsAfter firstfive contract yearsIf single lifetime income option is in effect, the riderterminates.If the joint lifetime incomeoption is in effect, riderincome payments continue,but the enhanced deathbenefit will not be paidon later death of thesuccessor owner.If the joint lifetime incomeoption is in effect,rider income paymentscontinue, and theenhanced death benefitwill be paid on later deathof the successor owner.The contract’s death benefitis payable.The rider’senhanced deathbenefit is payable.A successor owner must be a spouse or civil union or domestic partner. They must be the sole beneficiary. They do not have to be a joint owner.

Great American Life Insurance Company is not an investment adviserand the information provided in this document is not investment advice.You should consult your investment professional for advice based on yourpersonal circumstances and financial situation.This information is not intended or written to be used as legal or taxadvice. It was written solely to support the sale of annuity products.You should seek advice on legal or tax questions based on yourparticular circumstances from an independent attorney or tax advisor.This brochure is a general description of the product. Please read yourrider for definitions and complete terms, conditions and limitations, asthis is a summary of the rider’s features. The IncomeSustainer Plus riderissued by Great American Life Insurance Company (R6032810NW) is anoptional rider for which there is an annual charge. Contract and rider formnumbers may vary by state. Products and features may vary by state, andmay not be available in all states. Taxable amounts withdrawn prior to age59½ may be subject to a penalty tax in addition to ordinary income tax.All guarantees based on the claims-paying ability of Great AmericanLife.Products issued by Great American Life Insurance Company,member of Great American Insurance Group, Cincinnati, Ohio. Copyright 2017 by Great American Life Insurance Company. All rights reserved.Not FDIC or NCUSIF InsuredNo Bank or Credit Union GuaranteeNot Insured by any Federal Government AgencyB1118717NWMay Lose ValueGAIG.comNot a Deposit5/17