FEATURESJUDITH12Cover ArtHead of the Lake victory 2020Image courtesy of The CourierInside Cover Photo3012A celebration of outgoing Principal,Ms Judith Potter’s almost 15 years ofdedicated service to Loreto College and42 years in education.Judith Potter in the Loreto Chapel Cloister- by Eric SebastianVCAL18Editorial TeamAn insight into Loreto College’s innovativeShona Hendley, Judy-Ann Quilliam,VCAL Program which delivers a hands-onJayde Harrington, Sophea Manzl,learning approach, offering real skills,Linda Kinnersly & Judith Potterlearning and dignity in education choice.PhotographyThe Ballarat Courier, Tegan O’Dowd,Her Golden Point, MSP Photography,Loreto College Staff, H Studios,18Liz Crothers and Eric Sebastian50 YEARS A LORETO SISTER24Much treasured Loreto Sister,Photos supplied by:Sr Trish Franklin, this year celebrated herThe Courier, Janelle Ryan,Golden Jubillee in the Loreto Chapel.Loreto College ArchivesProvince Archivist, Ms Robin Scott shareswith us some of Sr Trish’s remarkableDesignShona Hendley and Liz SkrokovPrintRevolution Printjourney.24JANELLE’S #METOO MOMENT302020 International Women’s Day BreakfastGuest Speaker, past pupil, Janelle Ryan(Class of 2002) shares a #metoo momentthat changed her life forever.Contributions to Verity can be sent to:Loreto CollegeThe Marketing & Development Office1600 Sturt Street Ballarat VIC 3350 [email protected] LORETO WOMEN22Keep in contact and connect with theLoreto community through a wide range ofplatforms - see how inside.3

From the Editor,Verity – “This is verity – to do what we have to do well.” – Mary WardFor Mary Ward, verity embodies integrity and truth, particularly the profound truth of who we are andwhat gives meaning to our lives, a truth that centres fundamentally on the mystery of God. It challengesus to invest our everyday living with value. (Loreto Ministries)It is undeniable that the current climate around Australia and the world, with the impact of the COVID-19pandemic has created immense change. The situation is unique, challenging and has caused muchdisruption to the normalcy of life, and the routines we have established which effects every singleone of us.It has also caused many of us to reflect on what truly does give meaning to our lives – our own sense ofverity; which is also true of the Loreto College community.For the first time since 1956 when Loreto College Ballarat closed its doors for a period, for the Asian Flu,our foundation Loreto school, Loreto College Ballarat, has again closed its gates for the majority of staffand students, as we prepare and do our utmost to prevent the rise of Coronavirus.With it, our Loreto community – Loreto girls, their parents and families, our staff – leadership, teachingand support staff, have all come together with a spirit, tenacity and sense of creativity and innovation tokeep the most important thing happening, a Loreto education for all of our girls.Although the physical gates may be shut for most, the Loreto community remains very much open,offering a reprieve from the uncertainty, a solid foundation of support for its members far and wide, andan unwavering sense of felicitous spirit for them all.Shona Hendley and the Marketing & Development Team4

Messages from LoretoFrom the BoardAs the students walked through the gates of Loreto Ballarat onIn addition, former Board Chair, Shane Carey attended his finalthe first day of Term 1, some for the first time, and most withmeeting as a member of the Property Committee.a spring in their step and full of joy at reconnecting with theirschool friends, many would have seen the uplifting messages ofOn behalf the entire school community, I take this opportunity tocommunity, written in chalk by the student leaders.thank Geraldine, Maria, Jan and Shane for their outstanding serviceand leadership, and for the example they have set to the femaleWhat may sometimes escape notice is the pristine gardens,leaders of tomorrow.refreshed and renovated spaces, and the fact that the Collegesmoothly starts another school year.The Board has welcomed new members Nick Grylewicz (currentparent) and Dannielle James (past pupil) and looks forward to theThis is due to the many hours, days and weeks of planningexpertise and experience they bring.and preparation undertaken by all staff, in all roles, and at alllevels, much of which occurs after the students leave for end ofFinally, I would like to thank the entire school community for theterm holidays.well wishes and support for Judith Potter during her sick leave,Sandra Diafas for stepping in, at extremely short notice, as anSo as another school year sets off, I thank all staff for their hardenergetic and joyful Interim Principal, and the entire leadershipwork in making this appear so effortless.and staff body for their swift adaption to some necessaryadjustments at the start of the year.The Board too, has been busy over the last few months.I also thank all staff for their extraordinary ongoing efforts toAt the end of 2019, our Board Chair Geraldine Frantz stepped downcontinue Loreto education online for our students in the periodfrom the Board after more than 10 years of service. During that time,of Coronavirus pandemic that commenced at the time of thisGeraldine has served as a Property Committee Member, Chair ofpublication production.that Committee from 2009 – 2017, Deputy Chair of the Board andthen Chair of the Board in 2018 and 2019.Loreto College Ballarat stands on the cusp of some very excitingtimes. The Board looks forward to engaging with the entire schoolLong standing member, Maria Myers AC, also concluded her finalcommunity as we further develop the strategic plan and master planterm as a Board Member, and stepped down from the Marketing &for the College over the course of 2020, and beyond.Development Committee, along with Jan Stephen. These womentoo have given a lifetime of support and service to Loreto College.By Board Chair - Mr Luke Dunne5


College Board:Mr Luke Dunne (Chair), Mr Matt McCabe (Deputy Chair),Sr Denise Desmarchelier ibvm, Dr Liam Davison, Mr Nick Grylewicz,Mrs Dannielle James, Mrs Nicole Loader, Mr Matt McCabe,Mr Richard Robinson, Mrs Erin Taylor. Ex-Officio: Ms Judith Potter, Mr Jeff Primmer.Finance & Risk Committee:Mr Richard Robinson (Chair), Mr Luke Dunne, Mrs Nicole Loader,Mrs Cathy Oakley, Mr Matt McCabe. Ex-Officio: Ms Judith Potter, Mr Jeff Primmer.Property Committee:Mrs Erin Taylor (Chair), Mr Luke Dunne, Mrs Carmel Flynn, Mr Nick Grylewicz,Mrs Min Myers, Mrs Marnie Papst. Ex-Officio: Ms Judith Potter, Mr Jeff Primmer, Mr Pat O’Shea.Marketing & Development Committee:Mrs Dannielle James (Chair), Miss Meg Barry, Sr Denise Desmarchelier ibvm,Mrs Leah Ferguson-Grieve, Mrs Trudi Kannourakis,Ex-Officio: Ms Judith Potter, Mrs Judy-Ann Quilliam, Ms Linda McDonald.7

From the Interim PrincipalIn Matthew’s Gospel Jesus asks his disciplessustained us in our past, and that will do sotwo important questions: “Who do peopleinto our uncertain future. They will anchorsay that I am?”, and, “Who do you say thatus and bring us all safely together to betterI am?” In our year of Verity these questionstimes and new possibilities. If we rememberhave great significance for us too. Each ofthose who came before us, and theus is being called this year to think deeplytradition that they have bequeathed to us,about who we are to ourselves and thethen are confident of the hope that alwaysworld; to seek our true selves, and to bringaccompanies us, and the strength that wethat precious gift to the world. We arealso aware that our shared Loreto traditionrequires each of us to not only know ourtruth, but to enact and share it with others.Yes, we must be witnesses to what is true,but we must also ensure that we pursue andenact the truth in all ways and at all times.can draw from each other as we bring intobeing a world crafted by shared purposeand belonging. Our faith calls us to liveI can’t changethe world. WhatI can change isthe size of thesilence.”truly the values of the Gospel, to place ourtrust in our God and in each other, and indoing so to bring blessing to our troubledworld. As we remember the lives and worksOur individual and communal destiny, asof the Sisters, let us also be mindful of theirwomen and men of Loreto is to be beaconsdeep faith in times of fear and mistrust: Forof what is true, what is right in our world,surely I know the plans I have for you, saysand to actively agitate and advocatethe Lord, plans for your welfare and notwhen we encounter people, places andfor harm, to give you a future with hope.conditions where the truth is hidden,(Jeremiah 29:11)something immense together, throughour subtle small transformations, throughthe building up of small gestures andstatements and the embracing of newvisions of what can and should be. Let’sleave behind old ideas and actions thatimprison us and others, and instead seekout new horizons and possibilities. Let’sabove all be motivated by truth, by what ismissing or misused.In our year of Verity let’s be a communitypure and enlivening, by lifting up ourselvesIn these particular times, it is critical thatwho uses our words and actions toand others, by sharing the joy of our faith,we hold fast to those values that havetransform, to remake our world, to createby living the love of the gospel, and byspeaking powerfully to what is untrue,limiting and diminishing.In doing so let us be mindful of the wordsof Lucia Osborne-Crowley:“I can’t change the world. What I canchange is the size of the silence.”Let’s truly be women and men of Loreto.By - Interim Principal (Term 1) -Ms Sandra DiafasNote: Ms Sandra Diafas was Interim Principal forTerm 1, 2020 at Loreto College whilst our Principal,Ms Judith Potter was on extended sick leave at thetime of Verity production.8

From the College Co-CaptainsAs we reflect on the school year so far, weworld to grow to accept everyone’s truths.have had to adapt to a new learning style.can’t help but congratulate all studentsWe hosted a breakfast to celebrate all theThe challenge for us as leaders was to stayon the way that they have dealt with theinspiring things that our girls have done. Weconnected with the entire school communityunprecedented times we are faced withpresented awards to those who exemplifywithout being able to communicate face-to-and we commend them on their positivethe Loreto values both in and outside offace. To achieve this, we have had to thinkattitude and involvement in all that Loretoschool life. At recess, we asked the Year 7screatively and utilise technology. We havehad to offer during Term write messages to each other and theused Netflix Party, Kahoot and our socialIn this year’s, year of Verity, we recogniseschool, recognising what it means to be amedia to interact with the girls and keep thethat truth needs a spark of courage to setgirl. Our focus was to support each otherLoreto Spirit alight. The value of Verity helps us toas women, helping to lift each other up,We are hopeful for a positive end to therealise that we must respect the truths ofinstead of tearing each other down.year, at Loreto.those around us and challenges us to liveThe next chapter of this year presented aBy College Co-Captains -new challenge for everyone. All studentsSophie Grylewicz & Kate Robinsonauthentically. The value of Verity has neverbeen more relevant with people searchingfor light and truth in these uncertain times.We began this year with a range of differentinitiatives. The first day back, we welcomedthe girls at the gate, helping the newYear 7s find their way to their lockers andnew classrooms. We were introduced tothese girls again at Year 7 Camp, wherewe taught them the War Cry and ran a funtrivia session for them to complete. Wewere really excited to see the Year 7s beginto embrace the Loreto Spirit and LoretoCollege life.We think every student would agreethat the Swimming Carnival was a day toremember. It was exciting to see all yearlevels come together to support theirHouse, chanting on the sides of the pool.This day was where we saw the LC Spirittruly come to life.This then led us into Head of the Lake,where our Year 12s formed our Spit Crewto support our rowers and celebrate alltheir hard work. This event, along with theSwimming Carnival, galvanised our cohort,preparing us to support each other throughthese isolating times.We celebrated International Women’s Dayin March, which was a day to celebrateour truth as women and encourage the9

Around LoretoGraduation MassInternational Women’s DayThe Graduation Mass was a fitting final farewell to our 2019,We celebrated International Women’s Day with our traditional IWDYear 12 students. Celebrated by Fr Justin Driscoll at St Patrick’sBreakfast for our senior students and Loreto community. Our guestCathedral, together we joined in prayer, reflection and celebration.speaker, Janelle Ryan (Class of 2002) inspired the room with herWhilst there is a sadness in farewelling the Class of 2019, this wasbalanced with an excitement and joy in the anticipation of all thatis possible for each in the years ahead.The Graduation Mass Choir enhanced our prayer and reflection,bringing joy to all present.message to all women to take up space, everywhere. Within theIWD2020 theme #EachforEqual.Our congratulations to the recipients of the student and alumniawards: Loreto College Alumni – Loreto Spirit Award: GraceBeechey (Class of 2018) – for her work organising donations anddistribution for Fire Relief this summer; and Stefanie Seeary(Class of 2011) - for her work and long term commitment to theLoreto Ballarat Rowing Club. The Loreto Community AchieverAward: Maddison Fogarty (Year 12), and The Loreto Woman of theDay Award: Stella Watson (Year 12).Swimming CarnivalThe annual swimming carnival saw a large number of studentsswimming for their House, they were urged on enthusiasticallythroughout the day by the House cheer squads. The program ransmoothly and after a worrying bout of thunder, the pool officialsdeclared it all safe and the Year 12 students were able to completethe synchronised swimming challenge.Congratulations to Mornane who took out the Swimming Carnivaloverall as well as Barry who won the Syncronised SwimmingCompetition and the Spirit Stick.10

Virtual ANZAC DayOn Friday 24 April we gathered virtually, as aschool community, for our Anzac Day service.A video was shared to the entire schoolcommunity and together we learnt about theLucas Girls, a group of remarkable women whoshone a spotlight on the terrible toll World WarI took on Ballarat by creating the remarkableAvenue of Honour.The video service was supported throughoutby a beautiful musical cover of the Green Fieldsof France by one of our talented CollegeCo-Captains, Kate Robinson (Year 12).We concluded the service with the Last Post,a minute silence and the Rouche.Walkathon2008 offered Loreto students a unique opportunity to walk acrossa dry Lake Wendouree. 2020 offered another unique opportunity –a virtual walk!The JPIC Virtual Walkathon commenced with a home pyjama fitnesscircuit followed by a Senate led video and a virtual fashion paradefrom each year level. This year the theme was Coping with COVIDand all entries reflected how our students were creatively doing this.A virtual stream of hilarious entries entertained as a Loreto dress-upday always does! Of course, the girls were also encouraged to getoutside and walk for the afternoon.11


Thank You Ms PotterWords by Ms Judith Potter & Mrs Judy-Ann QuilliamOur retiring Principal, Ms Judith Potter, wasadvancement of young women that she hasI loved theraised in a large happy Catholic family withshared with the school.Mission“if God has given you a gift or talent youTrue to her nature, Judith is quick to notedo not receive praise but give thanks. Youthat nothing that has happened at Loreto inStatement whenare praised for what you do with the gift orher time has been just through her work.talent.”“It’s actually been a collective approach,I joined theher parents teaching, from a young age thatI think that’s what’s really important, asFamily values (including the Loreto values)you achieve much with everyone workingschool. It has thehave had a profound influence on Judith’stogether,” she says.most beautifulthe humble and gracious leadership sheFor Ms Potter it has always been, and shehas shared with the College for almost 15thinks always should be “about what willunderpinningyears. The end of Term 2, 2020 will heraldenable girls to thrive and flourish to be theirthe end of Ms Potter’s term as the Principalauthentic selves.” Her personal alignmentvalues from theof Loreto College Ballarat, 42 remarkablewith the Loreto mission and valuesyears in education and the start of a well-flourished from her first day as PrincipalGospel andearned retirement.of Loreto College in 2006, when a Year 9the five Loretovalues fromMary Ward.”life and offer an insight into the nature ofstudent said to her, “Ms Potter, you will loveAs noted by the College Board, thereit here!” Judith reflects on her time here athave been many significant milestonethe College she says, “she could not haveachievements and physical reminders ofbeen more spot on.”Judith’s leadership throughout her time asPrincipal. Including the consolidation of the“I loved the Mission Statement when ICollege from two campuses to one, majorjoined the school. It has the most beautifulbuilding projects including the planningunderpinning values from the Gospel andand construction of the Mary’s Mountthe five Loreto values from Mary Ward.”Performing Arts Centre, the opening of theProvince Archives Centre, the completionIn Judith’s heart, the (Loreto) Values areof the Mulhall Centre, upgrades to theintertwined, “with Freedom you are openGonzaga Barry Centre, refurbishment ofand honest and using Mary Ward’s words inthe Canteen, Food Technology, Art anda very direct way, if your words and actionsAdministration facilities, heating of thematch your heart and what it is authenticChapel and upgrade of the school oval.for you, then you have Freedom; and thatrequires honesty, which is your Verity andHowever, the greatest testament toSincerity.”Judith’s educational vision and impactLeft: Judith Potter inside her officeon the College is in the volume of less“Justice is at the core of every aspect. Ivisible accomplishments extending fromthink sometimes we use the word justice,her extraordinary gift of love, knowledgebut it is actually addressing injustice thatand expertise in the education andwe action. It’s being the voice of those who13

Above: Judith Potter on Footy Colours Day in 2009haven’t got a voice. It’s being the hands andin the direction of helping students see thatOne of the biggest impacts on educationthe feet for those who haven’t got them, andeducation is about growth in learning, thatthat Judith has witnessed was not theI’ve personally experienced that particularthey all start in a different place and it’s aboutintroduction of computers and technology,support when I was so unwell in Term much they can grow as individuals.To me, where the magic comes into it (the“I think this current pandemic with all theValues) is the intertwining with Felicity.challenges that it brings is also going to haveSeeing the joy in each day, being gratefulgreat contributions from education come outsay there are some very strong advantagesfor the blessings upon you, focusing on allof it; particularly with all that has been triedwith social media and that focus should notthat is good is so important to live a healthywith remote learning that could potentiallybe whether it’s good or bad, but how welife and maintain a flourishing mind, and sobe intertwined,” said Judith.manage it.others is the value of Felicity. You can’t have“I have a sense that although we been“Good wellbeing is important for goodFelicity without the others but it’s the onethrough so much change, I think fromlearni