AAPFA- Australian Au Pair Families AssociationCode of ConductThe AAPFA is an independent advocate to represent the Au Pair industry in Australia. Our service isfree to all Au Pairs staying with Host Families who have adopted the national standards as definedbelow any time during hosting.It is our aim that both Au Pairs and Host Families have a unique, safe and enjoyable culturalexperience. AAPFA has adopted high quality national homestay and international Au Pair guidelinesas standards for the Au Pair industry in Australia. Au Pairs are advised to ask for confirmation thattheir potential host family follows the AAPFA code of conduct. Families shall state this whenadvertising their position.AAPFA can be contacted by both Host Families and Au Pairs in relation to: Cultural awareness and integrationVisa and migration referralFair work conditionsAccommodation standardsSafety and Security Health and liability insuranceTravel arrangementsCounselling referralCritical IncidentsEnglish language coursesAAPFA –Australian Au Pair Families Association – Standards & Code of ConductPage 1

STANDARDSThe following standards should be adopted as the bench mark for care and welfare of all young adultsfrom overseas being hosted as a live-in Au-Pair.Pre-Acceptance Information Au PairsA Host Family cannot accept an Au Pair who has not given proof of the following documents: Visa confirmation1Adequate overseas health cover, which could be a reciprocal agreement between Australia andthe home country of the Au Pair. Overseas health cover with ‘no excess’ is recommended.(AAPFA recommends optional liability insurance in connection with overseas health cover)A valid driver’s licence if needed for the Au Pair position, which should be either in English oraccompanied by a current international driver’s licence2Emergency contact details of the Au Pair (address, email phone numbers of parents/closerelatives and/or friends in their home country).Police check from the home country, including a working with children check if available.3Confirmed flight details to arrange pick-up at the airport4Pre-Acceptance Information Host FamiliesThe Host Family will submit the following to the Au Pair for acceptance of the offer: Full contact details of the Host Family (full name(s), street address, email and phone numbers)for the Au Pairs to inform their parents/emergency contacts back home.A written outline of the agreement which should includeo A copy of the Host Family’s online profile.o A sample work schedule of a typical week, indicating where flexibility is needed, a list ofAu Pair tasks, times the Au Pair is not required to work.o Agreed remuneration/pocket money and when and how this will be paid including anyother benefits agreed upon.5o A brief introduction, can be a handbook/manual containing Location of the Host Family’s home, proximity to public transport, city etc. General house and family rules in brief6 General expectations of the Au Pair Background and interests of the Host Family members, incl. pets How to deal with grievances Notice period for change of circumstances, early termination (instant dismissalmaybe justified)1With the confirmation of the subclass 417 or 462 visas the Au Pair has confirmed with immigration that theyhave access to an amount of AU 5000 and have as well covered a return airfare.2Note: An international driver’s licence can only be issued in the home country.3A working with children check is available for all EU citizens from the age they turned 14.4Au Pairs already in the country can make other arrangements with the Host Family.5Benefits are those who form part of the agreement, eg. provision of a mobile phone, phone credit, wifi access.The exceptions are privileges, eg. personal use of car, which do not form part of the agreement.6It is not necessary to include operation of appliances. Manuals or brief introduction will suffice. With experiencethe Host Family will get a feeling what to add to the manual in the future.AAPFA –Australian Au Pair Families Association – Standards & Code of ConductPage 2

Information upon arrival of the Au Pairthe following needs to be added to the Au Pair information: Emergency contacts: General, incl. GP, nearest Hospital, Poison numberHost Family Emergency Details, eg. next of kin, neighboursAAPFA contact detailso [email protected] useful contact details, eg schools, kindergarten etc.Standards of the Host Family’s home: All of the Host Family’s home has to be of an appropriate standard, both for the Au Pair and thechildren in care.The Au Pair room should be of reasonable size,being adequately furnished with a bed and a wardrobe being the minimum,has both a functional window and functional door.Depending on location, adequate heating and/or cooling needs to be provided.All electrical equipment shall be explained to the Au Pair before first use.A Registered Au Pair Host Family will further comply with the following: Ensure appropriate support for the Au Pair to experience the culture of the local region andencourage the sharing of the Au Pair’s own culture with their Host Family. Provide a structure for orientation, community interaction and network for the Au Pair. Host liability insurance7. Householders insurance covering au pair’s personal effects while residing at the premises8. Attendance of an online training for Host Families with certificate.9 A documented agreement to be signed by both parties outlining appropriate policies and thehost obligations. Statement of criminal records for every adult member of the Host Family household. Referral to English education providers (non-commercial acceptable, e.g. libraries, churches) Registered Host Families may display the AAPFA logo together with their unique approvalnumber wherever they advertise the position. Non-registered Host Families may refer to theAAPFA and display the AAPFA logo with the wording “We adopt the standards of the AAPFA –we are a NON-registered Host Family”.Reasonable Pocket MoneyAu Pairs are living in a private arrangement with their Host Family, Au Pairs are not employed as such.AAPFA has adopted in cooperation with the AHN a reasonable approach to identify the value of cost ofliving in the family home,10 embedded in the context of National Minimum wages11, considering anaward less industry and that Au Pairs generally have no recognised qualification in Australia.7Insurance recommendations provided by AAPFA, WorkCover for domestic workers is essential.Host Families may ask the au pair to bring own liability insurance for accidental damage within the host’s homeand a contents and personal effects minimum of not less than 10,000.9The Host Family has been assessed about reasonability of work load and tasks of the Au Pair and being directedhow to deal with grievances to prevent the Au Pair from burn out, physical and emotional awards/award/ma000104/default.htm8AAPFA –Australian Au Pair Families Association – Standards & Code of ConductPage 3

CODES OF CONDUCTFOR AU PAIRS AND HOST FAMILIESThe success of au pair programmes worldwide depends on the serious commitment ofthe participants themselves. For this reason, the AAPFA – Australian Au Pair FamiliesAssociation has adopted the codes of conduct for au pairs and host familiesdeveloped by the IAPA with consideration of local customs.It is recommended that the following agreements be signed by, respectively, au pairsand host families before entering into an agreement.I/we confirm that we have answered all questions honestly and that all information inmy/our profile (including description of au pair duties / experience with children) is trueand complete, with no important fact being omitted for the Au Pair and/or Host Familyto make an informed decision.Please find on the following pages: Au Pair AgreementHost Family AgreementAAPFA –Australian Au Pair Families Association – Standards & Code of ConductPage 4

Au Pair Agreement1. I, , confirm that I haveread all written materials provided by the host family in Australia and that I fulfil allcriteria. I understand that this is a cultural exchange and not a contract of work. I amaware that being an au pair requires a high degree of both responsibility and flexibilityand that I must take my duties seriously.Approved by AAPFA – Australian Au Pair Families Association2. I understand that as an au pair I shall behave in a mature and responsible manner andrespect cultural differences.3. I confirm that I have answered all questions honestly and that all information provided inapplication forms, other correspondence and verbal interviews is true and complete.4. After accepting the au pair position, I shall stay in touch with my host family and shallinform them of my travel arrangements.5. I shall familiarise myself with all (if any) visa requirements on the official and ask my host family for assistance where needed. I shall obtainnecessary documents (e.g. a valid passport, international drivers licence, police check,health cover) prior to departure and shall not enter my host country without a propervisa (if required).6. I am familiar with and agree to abide by all AAPFA guidelines and conditions, inparticular those regarding:a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.the number of working hours,au pair duties,pocket money,free time,holidays (if any),language courses,transportation costs,insurance andthe termination of an au pair arrangement.7. I shall discuss in detail with my host family the daily or weekly routine and my and theirexpectations of the au pair agreement.8. I understand that my childcare duties are of prime importance and I shall carry them outresponsibly in a caring and considerate manner.9. I understand that I shall be asked to undertake light household duties and to make a faircontribution to the cleanliness of the ‘common’ areas of my host family’s home and Iagree to keep my own room(s) clean and tidy.

10. I shall seek the advice of the host family before administering any form of discipline onthe children. Under no circumstances shall I physically, emotionally or verbally abuse thechildren or leave them unattended.11. I agree to abide by all house rules set by the host family (e.g. use of telephone andfacilities within the home, daytime and overnight visitors, curfew, smoking, etc.). Duringmy stay I shall behave in a manner which does not reflect badly upon my host family orsets a bad example for the children.Approved by AAPFA – Australian Au Pair Families Association12. I shall discuss and agree my free time arrangements with my host family well in advance.13. I shall make a concerted effort to experience the culture of Australia and to learnEnglish. I shall respect cultural differences and display tolerance towards others.14. I shall make every effort to resolve any differences with my host family. If I have anyproblems or questions which cannot be discussed and resolved with the host family, Ishall contact AAPFA for advice, support and/or mediation.15. If no solution can be reached and I have to leave the host family, I understand that anotice period must be respected and observed in accordance with AAPFA guidelines.During this time period, I shall perform my normal duties and I shall continue to receiveroom, board and pocket money.16. If I change a host family I will provide my new host family with the contact details of myprevious host family or an AAPFA consultant for a reference.17. I understand that I shall be expelled from the family without compensation ifa. I considerably or continually fail to abide by this agreement or AAPFA guidelines.b. I falsify any information in my application (e.g. regarding smoking, child careexperience, health, etc.), including omitting important facts.c. I begin my au pair stay without the appropriate visa.d. I administer corporal punishment to a child, verbally abuse or neglect a child. Thisapplies to children in my care but also other minors whilst being an au pair.e. I am responsible for repeated problems with several host families.f. I disobey the laws of Australia.18. I agree to leave Australia before my visa or residency permit expires (if applicable).19. I shall not undertake any other paid employment without prior permission of my hostfamily in writing and will always set my host family as a first priority.20. I shall notify the host family immediately if there are any changes to the informationincluded in my application.Date Signature

Host Family Agreement1. We, , confirm thatwe have read all written materials provided by AAPFA and that we fulfil all criteria tohost an au pair. We understand that hosting an au pair is a cultural exchange and shalltreat our au pair as a member of the family and not hired help.Approved by AAPFA – Australian Au Pair Families Association2. We confirm that we have answered all questions honestly and that all information in ourprofile (including description of au pair duties) is true and complete for the au pair tomake an informed decision.3. We shall not encourage our au pair to travel to our family before our au pair hasobtained the appropriate visa (if required) and (overseas) health cover. After acceptanceof our offer, we shall stay in touch with our au pair for pick‐up arrangements at thenearest airport or train/bus station on her/his arrival in Australia.4. We agree to provide room, board and pocket money as specified in the AAPFAguidelines.5. We are familiar with and agree to abide by AAPFA guidelines regarding:a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.j.k.l.accommodation requirementsboard requirementinsurance,au pair duties,the number of working hours,pocket money,free time,holidays,language courses,transportation costs,termination of the au pair arrangement andany other related conditions.6. We shall discuss with our au pair in detail our and her expectations of the au pairarrangement, including a written or verbal explanation of the weekly or daily routine,her precise duties, time off and advice on handling the children. We are aware that ourau pair will need time to adjust to the new surroundings and responsibilities and shall,accordingly, provide our au pair with a familiarisation period.7. We understand that we are inviting the au pair in our home primarily to take care of ourchildren. We understand that we can ask the au pair to undertake all child related lighthousehold duties and make a fair contribution to the cleanliness of the “common” areasof our home in addition to keeping her own room(s) clean and tidy.8. We shall give our au pair regular reports on her progress and performance throughoutthe stay.

9. We shall set house rules (e.g. use of telephone, internet and facilities within the home,daytime and overnight visitors, curfew, smoking, etc.) for our au pair.10. We shall discuss and agree the free time arrangements with our au pair well in advance.11. We shall introduce our au pair to the culture of Australia and will assist in the learning ofthe English language. We understand that as participants of a cultural exchange we shallbehave in a responsible manner and shall respect cultural differences and displaytolerance towards our au pair.Approved by AAPFA – Australian Au Pair Families Association12. We agree to ensure that our au pair is treated with respect and courtesy at all times.13. We realise that the success of the au pair agreement depends largely on our owninitiative. We shall try to integrate our au pair into our family life and encourage our aupair to openly communicate with us, should any problems arise, and actively seek asolution. We will provide our au pair with the AAPFA contact details for independentadvice.14. We shall make every effort to resolve any differences with the au pair. If we have anyproblems or questions which cannot be discussed and resolved with the au pair, we orthe au pair shall contact AAPFA for a mediator to assist in accordance with theprocedures advised by them.15. If no solution can be reached and the au pair agreement needs to be terminated, weunderstand that a notice period must be respected in accordance with AAPFA guidelines.During this notice period, the au pair shall perform normal duties and we shall continueto supply the au pair with room, board and pocket money16. We understand that the au pair has a right of instant termination and reporting us toAAPFA if:a. AAPFA confirms that we fail to abide by this agreement and AAPFA guidelines.b. We have falsified or failed to disclose any material information in our informationto the au pair.c. We accept the au pair in our home without an appropriate visa.d. We are responsible for repeated problems with au pairs.17. We shall notify the AAPFA immediately if there are any material changes to theinformation included in our AAPFA membership.18. Should we decide to stop hosting au pairs, we shall inform the AAPFA.DateSignature of Host MotherSignature of Host Father