DATA SHEETDELL EMC ISILON SCALE-OUT NASPRODUCT FAMILYUnstructured data storage made simpleESSENTIALS Simple storage and datamanagement designed for easeof use Massive scalability of capacityand performance Unmatched storage efficiency,deduplication and compressionto reduce costs Choice of All-Flash, Hybrid orArchive nodes Automated tiered storage tooptimize resources Seamless cloud integration tolower costs Multiprotocol support foroperational flexibility Resilient data protection for ahighly available environment Robust security and complianceoptions Unlock your data capital with inplace data analyticsIT’S NOT JUST DATA, IT’S YOUR BUSINESSDell EMC Isilon scale-out storage solutions are designed for enterprises that want tomanage their data, not their storage. Our storage systems are powerful yet simple to install,manage, and scale to virtually any size. Isilon storage includes a choice of all-flash, hybrid orarchive nodes to meet the most demanding business needs. And, unlike traditionalenterprise storage, Isilon solutions stay simple no matter how much storage capacity isadded, how much performance is required, or how business needs change in the future.We’re challenging enterprises to think differently about their storage, because when they do,they’ll recognize there’s a better, simpler way—with Isilon.STORE IT.SIMPLYWith Isilon scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), you can eliminate storage silos,consolidate all your unstructured data and store petabytes of file data in a single data lake.EXPAND IT.SIMPLYWith Isilon, you can have massive room for growth with a choice of all-flash, hybrid, orarchive storage. Go ahead. Take on more projects, perform more in-depth research, andserve up more data. You can scale both capacity and performance in about a minute to meetyour specific business needs—all without any additional IT burden. An Isilon cluster canscale up to 252 nodesACCELERATE IT.SIMPLYIsilon storage provides you with the tools to dramatically increase workflow productivity andaccelerate your enterprise file applications—allowing you to accelerate your businessthrough faster time to money and new revenue opportunities.ANALYZE IT.SIMPLYWith native HDFS support and seamless integration with leading Hadoop vendors, Isilonprovides a scalable and powerful platform to unlock your data capital, extract business valueand gain a competitive edge.PROTECT IT.SIMPLYYou don’t entrust your most valuable assets to just anyone. Isilon storage solutions provide the highest levels of reliability, availability,and serviceability in the industry. For fast and efficient data backup and recovery, you can schedule snapshots as frequently asneeded to meet your specific recovery-point objectives. For reliable disaster recovery protection, our storage solutions provideextremely fast data replication, along with push-button simple failover and failback to further increase the availability of your data formission-critical applications.1 Dell EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Product Family 2019 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

SECURE IT.SIMPLYMeeting compliance and governance requirements is essential for most organizations today. To address these needs, Isilon providesrobust security options, including file system auditing and Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) with self-encrypting drives (SEDs). We offerwrite once, read many (WORM) data protection to prevent accidental or malicious alteration or deletion and help you meet regulatoryrequirements—including the stringent SEC 17a-4 rule. With Isilon, you can also leverage role-based access control (RBAC) optionsand, if needed, create isolated storage pools for specific departments within your organization. Isilon also offers SMB3 encryption,HDFS Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Security and Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) hardening, CAC/PIV Smartcardauthentication, multi-factor authentication and FIPS OpenSSL support for Federal government agencies and financial servicesbusinesses.Isilon OneFS Operating System Powers Scale-Out Storage SolutionsThe Isilon OneFS operating system provides the intelligence behind all Isilon scale-out storage solutions. Through the fusion ofOneFS, state-of-the-art engineering, and industry-standard enterprise hardware, Isilon provides a highly scalable, high–performancemodular storage architecture that can grow with your business. OneFS can help you accelerate processes and workflows, whilescaling easily to handle massive growth and providing the highest levels of data protection available. This is all provided in a storagesolution designed for unmatched ease of use.Isilon scale-out storage solutions, powered by the OneFS operating system, provide users with a broad range of options to meet theirspecific storage needs.SCALE-OUT DATA LAKEAs the volume and sources of data have expanded dramatically, traditional techniques to store and analyze information are tooexpensive and too slow to handle the massive data volumes modern enterprises produce and manage. With Isilon, you can gain ahighly flexible and efficient storage infrastructure that expands your data lake from the edge to the core to the cloud. You canconsolidate data, simplify management and eliminate inefficient storage silos while supporting a wide range of traditional and nextgeneration workloads and applications that previously used a number of different types of storage.Unmatched Agility and PerformanceChange is inevitable. That’s why every Isilon system is built to rapidly and simply adapt. OneFS allows a storage system to growsymmetrically or independently as more space or processing power is required. This allows you to scale your storage easily up to 252nodes as your business needs dictate. With Isilon, you can scale performance from 250,000 file operations per second (IOPS) with asingle chassis up to 15.8 million IOPS with a single cluster. You can also scale throughput from 15 gigabytes per second (GB/s) with asingle chassis up to 945 GB/s of aggregate read throughput in a single Isilon cluster.2 Dell EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Product Family 2019 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Efficiency and Cost SavingsOrchestrated by OneFS, all components in an Isilon cluster work in concert to create a unified pool of highly efficient storage—with astorage utilization rate of up to 80 percent. With Isilon SmartDedupe data deduplication, you can further reduce your data storagerequirements by up to 35 percent in environments with redundant data across multiple sources. The Isilon F810 all-flash platform alsodelivers up to 3:1 data compression to dramatically increase the effective storage capacity and density of your Isilon solution. Theunmatched efficiency of Isilon storage systems means that less physical storage and space are required to house the same amount ofdata—reducing both initial capital outlay and ongoing costs. And, with the Isilon AutoBalance function, you can quickly and easily addnodes without downtime, manual data migration, or application logic reconfiguration, saving precious IT resources. And because Isilonstorage is so easy to manage, it requires fewer IT resources for storage administration than traditional storage systems, which furtherreduces overall operating costs. Using CloudPools software you can lower costs by tiering cold or frozen data to a choice of public orprivate cloud options.Simple InteroperabilityWith Isilon, you can streamline your storage infrastructure by consolidating large-scale unstructured data assets thus eliminating silosof storage. Isilon includes integrated support for a wide range of industry-standard protocols, including Internet Protocols IPv4, andIPv6, NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP and HDFS. As a result, you can simplify workflows, accelerate business analytics projects, support cloudinfrastructure initiatives, unlock data capital and get more value from your enterprise applications and data.Enterprise Data Protection and Management SoftwareMassive stores of data present unique management challenges including disaster recovery, quota management and offsite replication.Isilon data protection and management software provides you with powerful tools that help you protect your data assets, control costsand optimize the storage resources and system performance of your big data environment.SOFTWAREFEATUREDESCRIPTIONPerformance managementOptimize your Isilon solution with innovative performancemonitoring and reportingResource managementImplement a highly efficient, automated tiered storagestrategy to optimize storage performance and efficiencyDELL EMC CLARITYNOWData managementLocate, access and manage data in seconds, no matterwhere it resides – across file and object storage, on-premor in the cloud. Gain a holistic view acrossheterogeneous storage systems with a single pane ofglass, effectively breaking down data trapped in siloesDELL EMC ISILON SMARTQUOTASData managementAssign and manage quotas that seamlessly partition andthin provision storage into easily managed segments atthe cluster, directory, subdirectory, user, and group levelsData accessEnable client connection load balancing and the dynamicNFS failover and failback of client connections acrossstorage nodes to optimize the use of cluster resourcesDELL EMC ISILON SNAPSHOTIQData protectionProtect data efficiently and reliably with secure, nearinstantaneous snapshots, while incurring little to noperformance overhead, and speed the recovery of criticaldata with near-immediate on-demand snapshot restoresDELL EMC ISILON CLOUDPOOLSResource managementSeamless tiering of cold or frozen data to public or privatecloud providersDELL EMC ISILON INSIGHTIQDELL EMC ISILON SMARTPOOLSDELL EMC ISILON SMARTCONNECT3 Dell EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Product Family 2019 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

DELL EMC ISILON SMARTDEDUPEData managementIncrease efficiency and reduce storage capacityrequirements by up to 35 percent with deduplication ofredundant data across multiple sourcesData replicationReplicate and distribute large mission-critical data sets tomultiple shared storage systems in multiple sites forreliable disaster recovery capability, and use push-buttonfailover and failback simplicity to increase data availabilityData retentionProtect your critical data against accidental, premature,or malicious alteration or deletion with our softwarebased approach to WORM, and meet compliance andgovernance needs, such as SEC 17a-4 requirementsContent deliveryBenefit from high-performance wide area file and contentdeliveryDELL EMC ISILON SYNCIQDELL EMC ISILON SMARTLOCKASPERA FOR ISILONHardware Platforms: Flexible Product LinesIsilon offers highly flexible scale-out storage solutions with precisely the right storage on a “grow-as-you-go” basis, eliminating the needfor overprovisioning. Isilon hardware platforms are built on the innovative Isilon scale-out storage architecture—designed for simplicity,value, outstanding performance, and reliability.Isilon hardware platforms allow you to consolidate and support a wide range of file workloads. With an ultra-dense, modulararchitecture that provides four Isilon nodes within a single 4U chassis, Isilon systems enables organizations to reduce data centerspace requirements and related costs by up to 75%. The Isilon platforms seamlessly integrate with existing Isilon clusters or can bedeployed in new clusters.Dell EMC Isilon F800Dell EMC Isilon F810DELL EMC Isilon All-Flash PlatformsThis Isilon all-flash storage systems combine extreme performance and scalability with massive efficiency and enterprise gradecapabilities. Available in several configurations, Isilon F800 and F810 platforms deliver up to 250,000 IOPS and 15 GB/s bandwidth perchassis. The Isilon F810 also provides high-speed in-line data compression that delivers up to 3:1 efficiency, depending on yourspecific dataset and workload.PRODUCTSF800, F810CAPACITYF800: 96 TB to 924 TB per chassisF810: 230 TB to 924 TB per chassis (raw) with up to 3:1 datacompression to expand effective storage capacity (Actual results vary bydataset)STORAGE MEDIAF800: 60 SSDs per chassis with choice of 1.6 TB, 3.2 TB, 3.84 TB, 7.68TB or 15.36 TB SSD capacitiesF810: 60 SSDs per chassis with choice of 3.84 TB, 7.68 TB or 15.36 TBSSD capacitiesUse case examples4 Dell EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Product Family 2019 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Digital media: 4K, broadcast, real-time streaming, and post-production Electronic Design Automation: Design, simulation, verification, and analysis of electronic and mechanical systems design formanufacturability Life Sciences: Genomics DNA and RNA sequencingDell EMC Isilon H600Dell EMC Isilon H5600Dell EMC Isilon H500Dell EMC Isilon H400DELL EMC Isilon Hybrid PlatformsIsilon hybrid platforms include Isilon H600 and H5600 for high performance, Isilon H5600 and H500 for a versatile balance ofperformance and capacity, and Isilon H400 to support a wide range of enterprise file workloads. With SSD technology for caching,Isilon hybrid systems offer additional performance gains for metadata-intensive operations. A mix of SAS and SATA drives providesoptimum cost benefits while meeting performance and capacity needs.PRODUCTSH600, H5600, H500, H400CAPACITYH600: 72 TB to 144 TB per chassisH5600: 800 TB per chassisH400 and H500: 120 TB to 480 TB per chassisSTORAGE MEDIAH600: 120 SAS drives (600 GB, 1.2 TB) per chassisH5600: 80 SATA drives (10 TB) per chassisH400, H500: 60 SATA drives (2 TB, 4 TB, or 8 TB) per chassisUse case examples Digital media: broadcast, real-time streaming, rendering, and post-production Enterprise File Services: Home directories, File shares, group and project data Life Sciences: DNA and RNA sequencing and large-scale microscopy Analytics: Big data analytics, Hadoop and Splunk log analyticsDell EMC Isilon A200Dell EMC Isilon A2000DELL EMC Isilon Archive PlatformsIsilon archive platforms are designed to provide highly efficient and resilient archive storage. Isilon A200 is an ideal active archivestorage solution that combines near-primary accessibility, ease of use, and capacity. Isilon A2000 is designed for high density, deeparchive storage.PRODUCTS5 Dell EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Product Family 2019 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.A200, A2000

CAPACITYA200: 120 TB to 480 TB per chassisA2000: 800 TB per chassisSTORAGE MEDIAA200: 60 SATA drives (2 TB, 4 TB, or 8 TB) per chassisA2000: 80 SATA drives (10 TB) per chassis (A2000)Use case examples Deep archives: for large-scale, archiving data storage that offers unmatched efficiency to lower costs Disaster recovery: disaster recovery target for organizations requiring an economical, large-capacity storage solution File archives: for economical storage and disk-based access to reference data to meet business, regulatory and legalrequirementsWorld-Class Support Services Maximize the Value of Your InvestmentFeel confident. We know that outstanding support is essential to the continued success of your business. That’s why investment in anIsilon scale-out storage solution is backed by a global team of support experts who are ready to respond to any disruption to yourstorage environment.We understand that responding to problems after they occur is no longer enough. Potential issues must be anticipated and preventedto ensure the highest possible performance, data availability, and operational efficiency. That’s the role of Dell EMC Support Services.We’re here for you even before you need us.Comprehensive Breakthrough Storage SolutionsThrough the winning combination of the groundbreaking Isilon OneFS operating system, high-performance industry-standardhardware, and powerful data and storage management software, Isilon provides a complete portfolio of innovative storage solutionsthat drive business value for customers by optimizing mission-critical applications, workflows, and processes. Isilon storage enablesenterprises and research organizations worldwide to manage large and rapidly growing amounts of data in a highly scalable, easy-tomanage, and cost-effective way.Our innovative scale-out storage solutions—built for agility, simplicity, and value—provide both a tiered storage approach forspecialized needs and the ability to unify digital workflows into a single high-performance, and highly scalable shared pool of storage.Every easy-to-manage Isilon solution is designed to accelerate workflow productivity and reduce capital and operational expenditures,while seamlessly scaling storage in lockstep with the growth of mission-critical data.TAKE THE NEXT STEPContact your Dell EMC sales representative or authorized reseller to learn more about how Isilon scale-out NAS storage solutions canbenefit your organization.Shop Dell EMC Isilon to compare features and get more information.Learn more about DellEMC Isilon solutionsContact a Dell EMC Expert6 Dell EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Product FamilyView more resources 2019Dell Inc.or itsInc.subsidiaries.All Rights Reserved. Dell, EMC and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Inc. or 2019Dellor its subsidiaries.its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners. Reference Number: H10541.20Join the conversationwith #DellEMCStorage