2014/03/28 00:08DuVoiceshoretel-sip-3rdpartyvm-inShoreTel SIP 3rd Party VMThe DV2000 hospitality solution consists of guest messaging software, wakeup call software, PMSinterface software and optional call accounting software on a 2U rack mount Windows 7 PC.A TCPIP or serial link between the PMS server and the DuVoice hospitality server provides a variety ofautomated functions and features.The ShoreTel “Hospitality Service” allows the DuVoice to change class of service on guest roomextensions and add the guest name into the ShoreTel based on information received from the PMSupon check in and check out.DuVoice also offers web server software that provides staff with access to guest administrationfeatures through “InnDesk” which is a web console.Hospitality call accounting (Metropolis) can also be hosted on the same server with the

Last update: 2013/12/26 21:24Feat u r e sGuest MessagingThe DV2000 system provides guest mailboxes which are easy for any guest to use. Extended stayfeatures can also be implemented where guests can record personal greetings and set a mailboxpassword. Mailboxes will be reset automatically upon check out – archiving messages, removing wakeup calls, turning off message lights and routing callers to the operator from a checked out room.Staff MessagingDuVoice recommends using the ShoreTel voice messaging for staff but the DuVoice server can beused for staff messaging as well. Messaging features for staff include enterprise class staff messagingthat provides voicemail messages to a staff member’s email.Guest Wake-up CallsGuests can schedule their own wake up calls from their telephone via touch-tones, or they canrequest staff to schedule the call for them. With the easy to use InnDesk Web console, staff can setPrinted on 2014/03/28 00:08

2014/03/28 00:08DuVoiceshoretel-sip-3rdpartyvm-inthe wakeup call using any PC on the hotel network through the web console. Staff can also use aspecial staff Touch-tone User Interface (TUI) to set wake up calls from any telephone. The system canbe configured to retry wake up calls for a preset number of attempts. In the event that all calls gounanswered, the system can generate a notification call to staff to alert them of the failed wake upcall. A detailed report of wakeup call activity is available to staff. The guest is presented a friendlywake up call announcement and even has the ability to snooze the wakeup call for 10 minutes. Theannouncement can be recorded by hotel staff or professional studio talent.Integration with any PMSDuVoice supports integration with any Property Management System. There are many differentvendors and protocols that support various features. While DuVoice has relationships with many PMScompanies, DuVoice can appear to the PMS software as a popular hospitality PBX. This allowscompatibility with any PMS vendor. Basic features such as check in, check out and room clean/dirtyare supported by most PMS companies. More advanced features such as setting wake up callsthrough the PMS are also available on some PMS integrations.Track HousekeepingFrom a room, housekeeping staff can enter a special code using the guest room telephone to indicatethat they are working in that room. Upon completion of room cleaning, staff can enter a code toindicate that the room is clean, still dirty or in need of maintenance. DuVoice can send that updateinformation to the PMS depending on the system in use.Re qu i r e m e nt s DuVoice 5.20 or above.ShoreTel 14.2 or above.ShoreTel Hospitality Service on the ShoreWare Director server. SKU 18047 “Professional ServicesCustom Software”ShoreTel 3rd party voice messaging license. SKU 30080 “SIP-based third pary messaging integrationLicense”.Serial or IP connection to PMS.Optional Call Accounting Software.Lim i t at i o ns Using ShoreTel analog gateways for guest rooms will require analog telephones with FSK messagewaiting lights or IP telephones. Telematrix hospitality telephones have the FSK message waitinglights as an option. Standard hotel telephone NEON or LED message waiting lamps are notsupported by ShoreGear analog extensions but are supported by TTP approved Audiocodesgateways.PB X C on f i g ur a t i o nThe configuration information below shows examples for configuring ShoreTel, and DuVoice for

Last update: 2013/12/26 21:24External Voice Mail System via SIP. Even though configuration requirements can vary from setup tosetup, the information provided in these steps, along with the ShoreTel Planning and InstallationGuide and documentation provided by DuVoice should prove to be sufficient. However, every designcan vary and some may require more planning than others.Set up the DuVoice system as an External Voice Mail System. The DuVoice Server needs to beconfigured as a third-party messaging system on the ShoreTel system as a SIP Unified MessagingServer. Install the ShoreTel Hospitality Service on the ShoreWare Director server to allow DuVoicesystems to change the guest name and User Group on their ShoreTel system.Create two user groups for the hotel room phones, In Service and Out of Service, and set therestrictions accordingly. Use the settings outlined in the screen shots below.Shor e T e l H o s p i t a l i t y Serv i ceAn available ShoreTel designed service installed on the ShoreWare Director server which enables theDuVoice system to change the name and User Group associated with a guest room phone whenguests check in/out. Changing the name insures hotel staff phones display the guest’s name on the phone’s display.Changing the User Group enables control of the calling permissions for each room (e.g. reducing callpermissions for unoccupied rooms, increasing them at check in).The ShoreTel Hospitality Service enables these functions but requires a compatible DuVoice system toinitiate the changes.ShoreTel Professional Services has created the Hospitality Service solution to allow external propertymanagement systems to initiate user name and User Group changes on their ShoreTel system. Thiscan ensure, for example, when a hotel guest checks into a room, the guest’s name will appear ontheir ShoreTel room phone and the User Group of the phone will be changed to allow the desiredcalling access (i.e. to make external long distance calls). When a guest checks out, the name on thephone can be reset to a generic name (e.g. “Room 234”) and the User Group can be reset to “housephone” access.The Hospitality Service is a Windows install package consisting of STHospitalitySetup.exe andSTHospitalitySetup.msi files. Copy both these files to a permanent location anywhere on theShoreWare Director server and execute STHospitalitySetup.exe, accepting all defaults.The default install location is “C:\Program Files\ShoreTel\Hospitality Service”. The service itself willappear in the Windows Services Control Panel under the name “STPS Hospitality Service”. This servicemust be running for the Hospitality Service to perform its function. It should begin runningautomatically upon install and upon server startup (e.g. after a reboot).The Hospitality Service can function only when installed on the ShoreWare Director server. Requeststo change the name and/or User Group of a ShoreTel user must be initiated by an external automatedsystem such as a property management system. The ShoreTel Hospitality Service will not take anyaction without such external stimulus.Printed on 2014/03/28 00:08

2014/03/28 00:08DuVoiceshoretel-sip-3rdpartyvm-inShor e T e l S ys t e m S e t ti ng s - Genera lThe first settings to address within the ShoreTel system are the general system settings. Theseconfigurations include the Call Control, SIP Servers, the Switch Settings and the Site Settings.Call Control SettingsThe first settings to configure within ShoreWare Director are the Call Control Options. To configurethese settings for the ShoreTel system, log into ShoreWare Director and select “Administration” then“Call Control” followed by “Options” Enter a RealmThis is used for SIP endpoint authentication.Always Use Port 5004 for RTPThis must be unchecked for implementing SIP on the ShoreTel system. For SIP configurations,

Last update: 2013/12/26 21:24Dynamic User Datagram Protocol (UDP) must be used for RTP Traffic. If the parameter is disabled,Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) will no longer use UDP port 5004; MGCP and SIP traffic willuse dynamic UDP ports. Once this parameter is disabled (unchecked), make sure that “everything”(IP Phones, ShoreGear Switches, ShoreWare Server, Distributed Voice Mail Servers / RemoteServers, Conference Bridges and Contact Centers) is “fully” rebooted – this is a “one time only” item.By not performing a full system reboot, one-way audio will probably occur during initial testing.NOTE: As of ShoreTel Release 8, the parameter “Always Use Port 5004” is disabled (unchecked) onnew installations. The parameter “Always Use Port 5004” will appear if an upgrade to ShoreTelRelease 8 (and above) from a previous release lower than ShoreTel Release 8 was performed.SIP ProfilesWithin ShoreWare Director are the SIP Profiles. To configure these settings for the ShoreTel system,log into ShoreWare Director and select “Administration” then “SIP Servers ” followed by “SIPProfiles”. Select the “New ” button to create a new SIP Profile. NameEnter a name for this profile.User AgentEnter .*. You may also set this to DuVoice for added security.PriorityThe default is 100 and there is no need to modify this parameter.EnabledCheck this box to enable the profile.Custom ParametersEnter the following parameters (these are case sensitive).AddrSupport diversionacceptMWI notify Note: Do not disable any of the default SIP Profiles. In case there are issues with the custom profiledefined, disabling the system profiles may cause DuVoice to not be added to the ShoreTel system.Refer to the ShoreTel Administration Guide for more information.Printed on 2014/03/28 00:08

2014/03/28 00:08DuVoiceshoretel-sip-3rdpartyvm-inSIP ServersWithin ShoreWare Director are the SIP Servers. To configure these settings for the ShoreTel system,log into ShoreWare Director and select “Administration” then “SIP Servers ” followed by “SIPServers”. Select the “New ” button to create a new SIP Server. NameEnter an appropriate descriptive server name.SiteSelect the appropriate site location.ProtocolSelect UDP.HostEnter the IP address of the DuVoice server.Override Default PortLeave blank.Allow External Voice Mail for Extension-Only UserCheck this parameter.Allow Fax Redirect to This ServerLeave blank.ExtensionThe system will automatically assign the next available extension, however you can define adifferent unused extension.Assigned User GroupAssign an appropriate user group that has access to the necessary trunks, in this example weselected the Executives group.SIP ProfileEnter the SIP profile created in the previous step.Digest AuthenticationLeave this as None .User

Last update: 2013/12/26 21:24 Leave this blank.PasswordLeave this blank.Note: Checking the Allow External Voice Mail for Extension-Only User option will require theShoreWare External Unified Messaging SIP Link license from ShoreTel.Switch Settings - Allocating SIP Proxy PortsWhen allocating SIP Proxy Ports, the changes are modified by selecting Platform Hardware VoiceSwitches / Service Appliances in ShoreWare Director.List of Primary SwitchesThis action brings up the “Primary Switches” screen. From the “Switches” screen, simply select thename of the switch to configure. The “Edit ShoreGear Switch” screen will be displayed (see Figure11). Within the “Edit ShoreGear Switch” screen, define one of the “Port Type” settings from theavailable ports to “100 SIP Proxy” , then save the change.If the ShoreGear switch that you have selected has “built-in” capacity (i.e., ShoreGear 50/90/220T1/E1,etc.) for IP phones and SIP trunks, you can also remove 5 ports from the total number available toprovide the “100 SIP Proxy” configuration necessary.Note: Every 5 ports you remove from the total available will result in “100 SIP Proxy” ports beingmade available. One dedicated ShoreGear 120 switch can act as a proxy for the entire site andsupport up to 2400 SIP phones.Printed on 2014/03/28 00:08

2014/03/28 00:08DuVoiceshoretel-sip-3rdpartyvm-inSite SettingsSelect Sites from ShoreWare Director. This selection brings up the “Sites” screen. Within the “Sites”screen, select the name of the site to configure. The “Edit Site” screen will then appear. Scroll downto the “SIP Proxy”Two ShoreGear switches can be configured as SIP proxy servers for redundancy and reliabilitypurposes. The “Virtual IP Address” parameter is a new configuration parameter beginning withShoreTel 8. This “Virtual IP Address” is an IP address that can be moved to a different switch during afailure. For each site that supports SIP extensions, one “Virtual IP Address” is defined that will act asthe SIP Proxy for the site. This IP address must be unique and static.The ShoreTel server will assign this “Virtual IP Address” to the ShoreGear that is configured as SIPproxy for the site. Two ShoreGear switches can be configured as SIP proxy servers for redundancy andreliability purposes. If the primary proxy server goes down, the other proxy switch will take over the“Virtual IP Address.” Due to this “Virtual IP Address” mechanism, SIP phones will not know if the proxyswitch goes off-line.Note: If you choose not to define a “Virtual IP Address,” you can only define one proxy switch, andthere will be no redundancy or failover capabilities. The switches available in the “Proxy Switch 1 / 2”will only be shown if proxy resources have been enabled on the

Last update: 2013/12/26 21:24User GroupsConfigure voice mail settings for users. Select Administration User Groups and choose Add new.Set Voice Mail Interface Mode to External Voice Mail, SIP.Set the User Group to the group created in the previous step. Set Extneral Mailbox throughServer to DuVoice as configured previously.Note: If you configured the “License Type” for “Extension-Only,” you cannot select “Any IP Phone”Printed on 2014/03/28 00:08

2014/03/28 00:08DuVoiceshoretel-sip-3rdpartyvm-inbut instead must set the “Home Port” for the “SoftSwitch” selection. Save your changesD u Voi c e C o nfi g ur a t i o nBecause the DuVoice connects to the ShoreTel using the third party voicemail feature all lines shouldbe configured as the same extension. Each line should also be configured not to register with theShoreTel.Line Configuration Server addressThis is the IP Address of the ShoreGear not of the SoftSwitch.Register expire timeThe default is 3600, change this value only if necessary.Hospitality ConfigurationSet the Phone Control under hospitality configuration to ShoreTel.C o nne c

Last update: 2013/12/26 21:24DV2000/DV4 connects to the ShoreTel switch using a TCP/IP network connection. There are tworequired configuration settings: the server name or IP address for the ShoreTel PBX system and theport number to used when establishing the connection. Enter each setting in the appropriate box, asshown in the figure below. Name or IP addressEnter the IP address of the SoftSwitch.EnabledCheck this box.Printed on 2014/03/28 00:08