Appendix 1 – Arboretum Ward – PrioritiesNeighbourhood NottinghamPriorityImprove the visual appearance of the Ward. Deep Cleans ( Minimum 1 per month)Reduce fly tipping/litterReduce dog foulingReduce bins on StreetAttain a 4* rating by NCH tenant inspectors(The rating now includes opportunities forinvolvement, partnership working alongsidethe cleanliness of the estate above the cityCleansing score of 86)Progress since last area committeeJanuary – March; Palin Street many fly tip removed from thejunction of Palin, Birkin, Hawksley car parkand Skate Park deep cleaning continues. Partnership working with CommunityProtection (CP). They have been out withthe Arboretum Mobile Street Operativescleaning teams twice in this period. 2 x bins re fixed on Radford after road trafficaccident. Remark car park builders waste removedtwice. Alleyway adjacent to the Radford Footballground is still a major hot spot. Thiscontinues to suffer from fly tipping andhuman fouling; staff are cleaning this daily.Drinking is also a problem at this location. Remove bin store from Belper car park afterroad traffic accident. Bentinck Road, continuous fly tipping at thesite of the large domestic bins. CP havebeen informed and have visited site.Ongoing clean three times per week. The new Billy goat has led to a markedimprovement in the standard of streetcleansing on Radford and GregoryBoulevard in particular. Fly tipping has reduced by 28%, with1LeadStreet ScenesNeighbourhoodServicesNottingham City Homes

561incidents YTD in 2017/18.Dog fouling has slightly increased by 1%,with 96 incidents, year to date (YTD)2017/18.The cleansing score remained the same.There were 87 incident reported in 2017/18Four of the streets above have been monthfor targeted for enforcement action byCPO’s, in order to reduce bins on street.(Stats are taken from the December Crime DrugPartnership NAT Report)Promote community cohesion Increase participation andVolunteering Deliver activities/events. NeighbourhoodJanuary – March, the Bridlington ParentsManagementgroup met 4 times during this period. Issuediscussed were recruiting more people tojoin the committee, look at issues affectingthe area like anti-social behaviour. Theyplanned their Easter Fun Event, which wasattended by 50 parents and children.The Arboretum Residents and Tenantsassociation met 4 times. To discuss,drug/alcohol abuse and the reduction ofprostitution in the area.Hyson Green Partnership delivered an Eventat Hyson Green Youth Club. 400 peopleattended the day. There were a variety ofinformation stalls on employment, drug andalcohol abuse, craft activities from a varietyof statuary and voluntary organisations, likeBelong were there on the day. The overallfeedback from partners that attended waspositive. They said it was a great opportunityto network with other organisations that workin the area. Local people who attended2

reiterated that sentiment, by saying it was abrilliant event and asked that it happen againthis year.Safer NottinghamPriority (NAT, Ward Pledges, Wardpriorities)Reduce Burglary(by 20% per annum noted in the City Plan)Plan through; Progress since last area committee Regular Police operationsHigh visible patrolsCrime prevention activitiesThe trend for Jan - March shows burglaryresidential trend shows a slight increased.There were 97 incidents in this quarter.Operation Graduate continues to be run inthe student areas.(Stats are taken from the December Crime DrugPartnership NAT Report)).3LeadPolice

Reduce violent crime in the ward(by 20% per annum noted in the City Plan) Raise awareness of DomesticViolenceReduce Anti- Social Behaviour relatingto Alcohol/Drug use on street. The trend for January - March showsPoliceviolence has increased during this period by25% YTD. There were 203 incidents,2017/18 this quarter.Community ProtectionThe trend for this period shows a slightincrease of reported domestic violence being84 incidents this quarter.The trend for January - March, showsalcohol offenses have decreased slightlyfrom 364 offences YTD in 2016/17,compared to 483 offenses in 2016/17, a 25%decrease.(Stats are taken from the December Crime DrugPartnership NAT Report)Families NottinghamPriority (NAT, Ward Pledges, Wardpriorities)Increase participation of families in localactivities in the ward LeadProgress since lastarea committee The last quarter’s stats January – March, are Children and Familiesteam.note available on time for this report, due tothe reorganisation of this service. The Play and youth team participated inproviding a variety of activities at the HysonDeliver 1 regular session per week atBridlington Park.Promote play and youth activitiesCreate opportunities for families tocome together at community eventsChildren and Families to deliver key themedpriorities across the ward;4

Green Partnership Event 21st of February.The team has continued to deliver 1xsession a week at Hyson Green Youth Club.A learning City.Resilience in children, families andcommunities.Healthy minds and relationships.Health NottinghamPriority (NAT, Ward Pledges, Wardpriorities)Raise awareness of specific health issues inthe local community to improve health &wellbeing Progress since last area committee Increase use of local drug/alcoholservicesHealthy lifestylesDomestic violence LeadFrameworkFramework provides a substance misuseservice for homeless individuals in the Ward.PoliceThey work alongside Last Orders andmanaging a detox bed for Nottingham Cityresidents. A purpose built property based on Community ProtectionOrtzen Street, which opened in August.- There are 13 residence using the facilityand a NHS short-term placement. The unit iscarrying only 4 void.Domestic Violence - An awareness raisingstall was present at the Hyson GreenPartnership event.In addition on the 14th February, the Fireand Rescue Services for their Home SafetyAwareness Campaign identified BirkinAvenue, Bridlington Street, Brown Street,Old Know Street, Holland Street andGregory Boulevard. Working in Partnershipwith the Neighbourhood Action Team, theydistributed domestic violence awarenessraising “Friends” booklet.5

Public Health will report annually at Area 4Committee.Working NottinghamPriority (NAT, Ward Pledges, Wardpriorities)Jobs and training initiatives identified byCastle Cavendish.Promote Work Clubs in the ward.(Nottingham Regeneration Strategy)Progress since last area committee The number of people claimingunemployment benefit in the ward duringJan – March, were 10260, which is a slightincrease of people out of work. (Stats fromCDP NAT Report )LeadCastle Cavendish.NCC – Employment andSkillsThe Employment and Skills Area 4 & 5Partnership met once this period, to developa delivery strategy to increasing training andlong term Job opportunities in the ward.List of key current issues (taken from latest NAT Review) Reduce street drinking and the paraphernalia left behind at the Forest Rec and other local parks. Reduce overall crime in the ward, targeting prostitution on Addison / Baker Street. Sustain youth activities at Bridlington Park and improve cohesion work. Promote Small Steps Big Changes.6

Increase recycling; encourage residents to remove bins from streets identified at the NAT as hotspot areas.Opportunities for citizens to engage - forthcoming dates of events and activities; Coffee Morning – Wednesdays, 10am at the Mary Potter Centre.St Pauls and Pleasant Row Residents - Meeting every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Mary Potter Centre.Ward Walks – 14th June at 1pm – 3pm (Hyson Green), 17th July at 10am -12 (Arboretum).Supporting Communities Event – Forest Rec, 12th July at 12 -3pm.Hyson Green Festival – Forest Rec, 28th July at 12 – 6pm.Bridlington Park Event – Bridlington Street, 5th August at 12- 4pm.Arboretum Fun Day – Forest Rec, 29th August 12 – 5pm.Bands in the Park - Performance on the Arboretum Rec10th September at 2pm by Nottingham Concert Band.Homework Club – Hyson Green Library, Term time at 3.30pm.Tots Time - Hyson Green Library, every Wednesday at 10.30am – 11.15 am.Conversation Class – Hyson Green Library, every Friday Term Time.Job Club – Hyson Green Library every Monday (2-4pm).Park Run – Forest Recreational Ground Saturday Morning (9am start).7