RETRAINEE - JOB CREATIONTraining Proposal for:On-Site Manager, Inc.Agreement Number: ET15-0375Panel Meeting of: January 22, 2015ETP Regional Office: San Francisco Bay AreaAnalyst: L. LaiPROJECT PROFILEContractRetraineeAttributes: Job Creation InitiativePriority RateIndustrySector(s):Technology/OtherPriority Industry:CountiesServed:RepeatContractor:Santa ClaraUnion(s):YesYesYesNoNoNoNumber of Employees in:CA: 145Turnover Rate:12%Managers/Supervisors:(% of total trainees)U.S.: 191Worldwide: 1920%FUNDING DETAILProgram Costs- 233,512In-Kind Contribution:ETP 130 - Single (10/02/14)(SubstantialContribution)(High EarnerReduction) 0 0100% of Total ETP Funding Required Total ETP Funding 233,512 346,6291 of 4

On-Site Manager, Inc.January 22, 2015ET15-0375TRAINING PLAN TABLEJobNo.12Job DescriptionType of TrainingRange ofEstimatedHoursNo. ofClass /TraineesCBTLabRetraineePriority RateBusiness SkillsComputer Skills138RetraineeJob CreationPriority RateBusiness SkillsComputer Skills528-2000-1AveragePostCost per RetentionTraineeWage 1,044 16.44 1,720 16.00Weighted Avg:588-2000-1Weighted Avg:86Minimum Wage by County: 16.44 per hour for Retrainee and 13.70 per hour for Job Creationfor Santa Clara County.Health Benefits:YesNoThis is employer share of cost for healthcare premiums –medical, dental, vision.Used to meet the Post-Retention Wage?:YesNoMaybe 0.44 per hour may be used to meet the Post-Retention Wage for Job Number 1.Wage Range by OccupationOccupation TitlesWage RangeEstimated # ofTraineesJob Number 1 – RetraineesAccounting4Customer Service69Website Interface Design Staff5Document Design14Engineer I4Engineer II15Engineer III8Legal*4Marketing3Sales12Job Number 2 – Job Creation RetraineesCustomer Service25Document Design6Engineer I15Marketing1Sales5*Refers to compliance employees. Does not include attorneys.ETP 130 - Single (10/02/14)2 of 4

On-Site Manager, Inc.January 22, 2015ET15-0375INTRODUCTIONFounded in 1999 and headquartered in Campbell, On-Site Manager, Inc. (On-Site) is a cloudbased software provider of solutions for the rental real estate business. The Company providesa full-featured leasing platform for property managers and their renters. Products includesoftware for building websites, processing rental applications and payments, and generatingand storing leasing documents. The Company’s products also provide lead generation (forproperty management companies), websites, advertisement syndication, online rentalapplication and document generation, and cloud based file storage and management.Need for TrainingOn-Site’s training need has been due to its exceptional growth. The Company is testing newproducts in which, over the next two years, new software will be released every two weeks. Thefast pace of product innovation requires employees to be current on all the latest features andenhancements. In addition, the Company recently purchased new communication, marketing,screen-sharing, and conferencing software.The software will help trainees improvecommunication, presentations, responsiveness, and collaboration. Lastly, customer service hassharply declined due to rapid growth last year given new products and lack of staff training.Retrainee - Job CreationThe On-Site sales team has secured sales commitments from several medium and large clientsto pilot different product suites. The Company will be rolling out new products over the next twoyears. Several of its existing clients have already committed to new services and productstotaling a potential 1 billion in new revenue for the next several years.Additionally, the Company grew by 39 employees last year and expects to hire 75 newemployees over the next two years. To accommodate the growth, the Company is currentlyexpanding and renovating 9,000 square feet of unused office space in its current location.The Company is committed to hiring 52 new employees (Job Number 2). The additional staff isneeded to expand the Company’s capacity to meet growth projections. Although subject to alower post-retention wage of 13.55, On-Site Manager will place trainees starting at 16.00 perhour.The date-of-hire for all trainees in the Job Creation program will be within the three-monthperiod before contract approval or within the term-of-contract. Trainees will be hired into “netnew jobs” as a condition of contract.PROJECT DETAILSBusiness Skills (50%): Training will be offered to all occupations in communication skills,customer service, sales, planning and organization, product knowledge, and projectmanagement. Class/Lab training is the preferred method; however, one course will be offeredas Computer-Based training. On-Site is initiating a company-wide “five star” customer serviceplatform to create a standardized curriculum with best practices in customer service. Training iscritical to support the Company as it improves customer retention, promotes business growth,and competes in the marketplace.Computer Skills (50%): Training will be offered to all occupations with topics specific totrainees’ job functions. Courses include various operating and software systems used forcoding development, marketing, quality assurance, and text editor expedition modification andETP 130 - Single (10/02/14)3 of 4

On-Site Manager, Inc.creation.effectively.January 22, 2015ET15-0375Training will allow employees to utilize and manage systems and resourcesCommitment to TrainingThe Company’s annual training expenditures is approximately 380,000. Past training includesnew-hire orientation, introductory basic skills training, function specific on-the-job training, andcompliance training.ETP funds will not displace the existing financial commitment to training. Safety training is, andwill continue to be, provided in accordance with all pertinent requirements under state andfederal law. Training InfrastructureThe Director of Training will oversee and coordinate the ETP Program along with a dedicatedteam of trainers to schedule training, monitor training status, and enter data into the ETPsystems.RECOMMENDATIONStaff recommends approval of this proposal.DEVELOPMENT SERVICESOn-Site retained Sierra Consulting Services in Cameron Park to assist with development of thisproposal for a flat fee of 15,000.ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICESOn-Site also retained Sierra Consulting Services to perform administrative services inconnection with this proposal for a fee not to exceed 13% of payment earned.TRAINING VENDORSTo Be DeterminedETP 130 - Single (10/02/14)4 of 4

On-Site Manager, Inc.ET15-0375Exhibit B: Menu CurriculumClass/Lab Hours8-200Trainees may receive any of the following:BUSINESS SKILLS Behavior Style Strategies Business Fundamentals Business Writing Conflict Resolution Cost Control Customer Relationship Management Customer Service Dealing with Difficult People Employee Coaching Essential Skills for New Supervisor Financial Analysis Leadership Marketing Skills Negotiation Techniques Operational Process and Workflow Personal Image Planning and Organization Product Knowledge Project Analysis and Specifications Project Management and Methodology Property and Resource Management Relationship Building Retaining Customers Sales Techniques Salesforce Strategic Planning Time Management Train-the-TrainerCOMPUTER SKILLS Advanced Microsoft Office GIT (Version Control Software Tracking System) Hipchat (Chat and Screen-Share Software) Hubspot (Marketing Software) Influtive (Customer Advocate Program Software) JIRA (Ticketing System) LINUX (Coding Development and Execution System) Oaisys (Call Recording Quality Assurance Software) Paycom (Cloud-Based HR Information System) Quickbooks (Accounting Sofware) Ready Talk (Screen-Share and Conference Call Software) Shortel (Voice Over Internet Protocol)ETP 100 Exhibit B Menu Curriculum (07/07/14)1 of 2

On-Site Manager, Inc.ET15-0375 Sublime (Advanced Text Editor for Expeditions Modification andCreation)TeamVisibility (Cloud-Based Call Recording/Quality AssuranceSoftware)CBT Hours0–1BUSINESS SKILLS Consumer Credit Reporting (1 hour)Note: Reimbursement for retraining is capped at 200 total hours per trainee, regardless ofmethod of delivery.ETP 100 Exhibit B Menu Curriculum (07/07/14)2 of 2