CABLE INDUSTRY LOW INCOME PROGRAM DETAILSAND COVID-19 RESPONSEOctober 7, 2020CompanyComcast 9.95/monthBeth HesterLorena HernandezWalter HughesAngela HiyamaName and FeaturesInternet Essentials: 25/3 Mbps In-home WiFi included No credit check No installation fee No term contract Program participants qualify for alow-cost laptop or desktop computerat 149.99 tax Digital literacy training (in person &on-line) Robust Learning Center with freeresources for remote learning andhome schooling 1,229 GB (1.2 TB) of data eachcalendar monthEligibilityCOVID-19 Response MEDICAID Public Housing NSLP/Head Start SupplementalNutrition AssistanceProgram (SNAP) TemporaryAssistance for NeedyFamilies (TANF) SupplementalSecurity Income (SSI) Low Income HomeEnergy AssistanceProgram (LIHEAP) Tribal Assistance WIC Veterans University OfferEligibility: Internet Essentials customers will receive two freemonths of internet service if they apply and are approved byDecember 31, 2020. After the promotional period, regularrates apply.Internet Essentials Program’s internet service speedincreased to 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream.Offering free Xfinity WiFi for everyone: Xfinity WiFi hotspotslocated in businesses and outdoor locations across thecountry are available to anyone who needs them at no cost –including non-Xfinity internet subscribers. This is 1.5 millionpublic Xfinity WiFi hotspots, open to everyone through theend of 2020.Xfinity Assistance Plan established to enable Comcastcustomers to continue using Comcast services during thepandemic shutdown while keeping their bills low andensuring they do not accrue large outstanding balances.Comcast want to keep them connected, so customers arebeing offered this program with a variety of flexible andextended payment options.Households with outstanding debt owed to Comcast may beeligible for Internet Essentials. Comcast is waiving thisqualification if you apply and are approved by 12/31/20.After 12/31/20, standard eligibility rules apply. The university offeris available to collegestudents who live inUniversity Offerhouseholds that are Comcast is offering eligible college students who live innot already XfinityComcasts’ service areas and in need of internet service, acustomers but areVisa prepaid card worth 150, about two months of internetlocated in the Xfinityservice. No upfront fees, no installation costs.service area.

CompanyName and FeaturesEligibilityCOVID-19 ResponseNew Data Plans: On July 1st, Comcast introduced new data plans with moredata - a 1.2 TB threshold. About 95% of customers do not use1.2 TB in a month, even with COVID-19-level usage. Comcast paused its data plans giving all customers unlimiteddata for no additional charge for four months through theend of the school year and proactively credited the accountsof customers who had already paid for unlimited data. Comcast introduced xFi Complete, which includes unlimiteddata, wall-to-wall WiFi, parental and WiFi controls and ouradvanced cybersecurity service – all for just an additional 11 per month for customers who have our gateway. For Comcast customers not leasing a Comcast gateway, butsubscribed to unlimited data, Comcast has proactivelyreduced their bill to 30 from 50 – a savings of 40%.CharterCommunications 17.99/monthKeri Askew-BaileyKara BushSpectrum Internet Assist: Available to qualified low incomehouseholds with:o A K-12 student participating in theNational School Lunch Program(NSLP);o A student attending a school in theCommunity Eligibility Provision(CEP) of the NSLPo A senior receiving SupplementalSecurity Income ( age 65 only) High-speed 30 Mbps Internet No data caps Add in-home WiFi for 5 more permonth Internet modem included No contract required The National School Lunch Program(NSLP); free orreduced cost lunch The Community Eligibility Provision(CEP) of the NSLP Supplemental Security Income ( age 65 only)Special Program for Low Income Families andSeniors: Charter continues to offer high speed broadband toeligible households through our industry-leading, low-costprogram, Spectrum Internet Assist.No Penalty for Disconnection: For those no longer needingat-home internet access, Spectrum has no annual contractsand customers may disconnect at the end of any month.Relaunch of Remote Education Offer providing freeSpectrum Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps in mostmarkets, and WiFi access for 60 days to households with K12th students, college students and/or educators. Onlyavailable for new customers. Beginning 9/21/2020.

CompanyName and FeaturesEligibilityCOVID-19 ectrum-internet-assistRemote Education Offer 2 months Free Internet and WiFiaccess for qualified households. Only available for new customers.Cox 9.95/monthCassandra WeinlandAdriana MendozaHouseholds with: K-12 Graders CollegeStudents EducatorsConnect2Compete (C2C):Must meet both of thefollowing: 25/3 Mbps on a single outlet Have at least one K One WiFi modem included with12 student living ininitial activationthe household No annual contract Participate in one of No installation chargethe following: No data capso NationalSchool, SNAP,Cox CARES Act Solutions for Education:TANF or Public C2C for qualified households.Housing CARES Act-specific Cox InternetoHead Startspeed are available in twooWIClevels: CARES Startero LIHEAPInternet offers speeds of 25o ReceiveMbps/3 Mbps at 30 per month,Tenant-Basedand CARES Essential InternetVouchers,offers speeds of 50oProject-BasedMbps/3Mbps at 40 per monthVouchers or Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) BulkoSection 8Wifi is ideal for schools andProject-Basedstudent housing.Rental Cox Business Managed Wifi foroAssistanceeducational systems typically(PBRA) 60/month, per access point. Cox has extended their Covid Response of 2 months freeConnect2Compete service for new customers who sign upbefore the end of the year. C2C is available for 9.95 permonth thereafter. Easy referral for discounted, refurbished equipment throughPCs for People and/or Computers2Kids, San Diego. Cox offers bulk billing to schools who wish to purchasebroadband service for low income students. Pre-approval and streamlined application for eligible C2Ccustomers. Creation of a Digital Divide Liaison position withinCox to coordinate with schools and provide a direct local CAcontact for assistance. Through June 30, 2021, Cox is suspending late fees andextending payment relief offerings for customers in thecompany's low-cost internet program Connect2Compete whoexpress an inability to pay due to pandemic hardships. Open access for all outdoor WiFi hotspots to any individual,you do not need to be a Cox customer to connect to WiFi. Bad debt of 500 or less will be overlooked, for the purposeof qualifying for C2C, and customers can still apply for C2C.Cox offers Roommate accounts for C2C for families that sharehomes. This allows for more than one C2C account at anindividual address if needed. No credits cards or deposits required. Multiple forms of ID accepted/SS# not required.

CompanyName and Features There are no term commitmentsor cancellation fees for any CoxCARES Act solution, and flexiblepayment options are Live in publichousingCOVID-19 Response Cox allows customers to downgrade to C2C if an existingcustomer becomes eligible, even if mid-term in an existingcontract.Cox CARES Act Solution for Education: Connect2Compete provides internet for low-income familieswith a K-12 child participating in a government-assistedprogram. Connect2Compete supports eligible students andtheir families by providing low-cost home internet with Wifiand access to the Cox Digital Academy, a free onlineresource hub that connects families with educational videos,tutorials, games and more. Eligible participants signing upbefore December 31, 2020, receive two months of freeservice and pay 9.95 monthly going forward. Families canqualify for Connect2Compete easily from anywhere whetheron their mobile device or desktop by visiting New CARES Act-specific Cox Internet speed are available intwo levels: CARES Starter Internet offers speeds of 25Mbps/3 Mbps at 30 per month, and CARES EssentialInternet offers speeds of 50 Mbps/3Mbps at 40 per month.Both come with free, easy-connect options and includeequipment. This program is designed for businesses thatwant to subsidize all or a part of an employees internet cost.The business would sign an MOU with Cox, allow theemployees to receive broadband service and the businesscan cover all or portions of the monthly bill. Schools areconsidering using this to subsidize part of teachers internetbills. Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) Bulk Wifi is ideal for schoolsand student housing. Provided by the property owner,speeds and pricing for this option vary based on the needs ofthe property.

CompanyName and FeaturesEligibilityCOVID-19 Response Cox Business Managed Wifi for educational systems givesparticipating students, teachers and staff a strong businessWifi internet connection to enrich their experience andenhance productivity. This fully managed technologysupports private and guest Wifi networks and includes allspeed tiers. Pricing varies but typically costs 60 a month peraccess point.There are no term commitments or cancellation fees for any CoxCARES Act solution, and flexible payment options areavailable. To learn more about the Cox CARES Act Solutions forEducation, visit 9.95Shawn SwatoshNo. CAMarla BowenSo CAPhyllis PetersTheresa SundeMediacom Connect2Compete25/3 MBPSNo Contract/No Deposit/No Installationor Equipment Rental Fees.Wi-Fi modem provided with no costlease.250 GB month data cap**not currently being enforced Mediacom offersinternet service incustomercommunity or area. At least one studentin grades K-12 livingat home. At least one childqualifies for free orreduced-priceschool lunchthrough theNational SchoolLunch Program(NSLP). Not a currentMediacom internetcustomer and haveNOT subscribed toour internet servicein the past 90 days. Mediacom, beginning with the September billing cycle andcontinuing through the end of 2020, will provide up to 100gigabytes of additional data to any broadband customer thatexceeds their monthly data allowance for freeUsage Allowances: 60 GB/ 400 GB / 1,000 GB / 2,000 GB.

CompanyName and FeaturesEligibilityCOVID-19 Response No outstandingMediacom bill orunreturnedequipmentAltice /Suddenlink 14.99Brad AyersKristen ThurberAltice Advantage Internet30/3 MBPSFree equipmentNo contractsUnlimited dataInstallation Fee of New Internetcustomerhouseholds with K12 students eligiblefor the NationalSchool LunchProgram. Senior citizenseligible forSupplementalSecurity Income. Veteran’s receivingstate or federalassistance. School districts can act as centralized purchasers of AlticeAdvantage Internet for households they identify as eligible Altice Advantage Internet customers can purchase adiscounted Internet-ready recertified Chromebook laptopfrom Acer for 149.99, plus tax and shipping

CompanyWaveBroadband/RCNJared SonneName and FeaturesInternet FirstInternet First is available in all Wavelocations and delivers a 25MB internetdownload speed for 9.95 per month.No contract required, no credit check,no install fees, and no equipment fees.There are no data overage feeshttp://www.internetfirst.comEligibility National SchoolLunch Program. MEDICAID: card ormost recent eligibilityletter for an adult inyour household. Public housingassistancedocumentation suchas your lease,housing assistancepayment (HAP)contract, or eligibilitydocumentation fromHUD. SNAP NutritionAssistance Programbenefits TANF TemporaryAssistance for NeedyFamilies. SSI: SupplementalSecurity Income. LIHEAP: Low IncomeHome EnergyAssistance Program. WIC: Women,Infants, and Childrenprogram. VA PENSION:Tribal assistanceeligibility letter,including TTANF,FDPIR, etc.COVID-19 ResponseInternet First. Launched April 1st to help those impacted by coronavirus.Available in all Wave service areas. First 60 days of complimentary Internet First service,followed by 9.95/month for 10 months. No data overage fees with the Internet First programExtended thru December -first/ Wave Broadband will not terminate service to any residentialor business customer because of their inability to pay theirbills due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. For thoseexperiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19,payments may be deferred and late fees will be waived.All internet data overage fees incurred during March, April,May, and June are being waived.Keeping employees and customers safe with Covid-19protocols including PPE for Technicians and all customerfacing employeesNo Contact Support including phone and chat customerservice and online bill pay,