EXPERIENCEThe varioPRINT iX-series revolutionizes the commercial printing businessexperience. It combines stunning image quality and a wide media range withthe high productivity and attractive cost-efficiency of inkjet. So, printers cansay “Yes” to virtually any job, based on the agreed turnaround time and price,resulting in more profit and more business.PROVEN CANON EXPERIENCEAs the global market leader in sheetfed inkjet, no vendor offersmore experience in this segment than Canon. Our teams are readyto work with you to grow your pages and protect your investmentgiving you confidence in your business’s future. Experience iX!

PROFIT FROM A NEW EXPERIENCEIN SHEETFED INKJET PRINTINGEXPERIENCE HIGHESTPRODUCTIVITY, THROUGHPUT,AND UPTIMEEXPERIENCE HIGHAPPLICATIONVERSATILITY More than 18,500 letter images per hour at 312 Letter ipm Wide media range 9,360 letter sheets 4/4 per hour Up to 350 gsm on offsetcoated and uncoated paper 4,740 11x17 sheets 4/4 per hour 4,500 12 x 18 sheets 4/4 per hour Over 94% average uptimeEXPERIENCE OUTSTANDINGIMAGE QUALITYAND CONSISTENCY Innovative printheads and image processing; 1200 dpi High-end nozzle technologiesEXPERIENCE PROMISINGCOST EFFICIENCY Savings in labor and processing costs Attractive running costs

EXPERIENCEPRODUCTIVITY More than 18,500 letter imagesper hour and 312 letter imagesper minute* First-time-rightdocument deliveryDO MORE IN LESS TIMEBased on proven iQuariusiX technology, the varioPRINTiX-series offers high uptime, reliability, and productivityto produce more in less time. It is ideal for printerswho need predictive and fast production with minimalcalibration and time-intensive set ups. It deliversmaximum output and more business.SEAMLESS WORKFLOW INTEGRATIONPowered by the PRISMAsync controller, the varioPRINTiX-series can be seamlessly integrated into a variety ofworkflows for maximum productivity.*varioPRINT iX3200 prints 312 letter ipm, varioPRINT iX2100 prints 205 letter ipm High-end PRISMAsynccontroller with eight hoursplan-ahead production Over 94% uptime All-in-one print platformwith end-to-endautomated workflow Minimum job set-up timewithout daily calibration Up to three hours withoutpaper loading thanks tomaximum 23,400 letter or13,500 sheets any format paperinput capacity

EXPERIENCECOST EFFICIENCYGET EXCELLENT RETURNON INVESTMENTThe varioPRINT iX-series excels in cost efficient operation. Howdo attractive running costs sound? How do savings in labor andoperations sound? Experience the varioPRINT iX-series and enjoymore profit.RUNNING COSTSThe varioPRINT iX-series was designed to keep running costs low.Its hardware has pinpoint accuracy, reducing misprints and waste.Additionally, it can print on commodity coated and uncoatedstocks, so printers can make the cost-efficient media choice.LABOR COSTSLet operators do more with a production press that needsthem less. The varioPRINT iX-series is robust, reliable, andhighly automated, requiring no daily calibration ormaintenance to keep producing tremendous numbersof prints with consistent quality. Attractive running costs More than 2x more productive than B3 toner presses High automation with minimal operator intervention Extremely robust and reliable, with uptime exceeding 94%

EXPERIENCEPROVEN TECHNOLOGYWith the varioPRINT iX-series, Canon launches iQuariusiX, the next generationof this proven technology.iQuariusiX technology takes the guesswork out of the science that enablesink and paper to work together. It makes it possible to handle a wide rangeof media and to print at incredibly high speeds while retaining razor-sharpdetails, outstanding color, and a perfectly flat finish.iQuariusiX is based on four technology innovations:iQuariusiXQuality controlFor consistent qualityon all applicationsiQuariusiXDrying technologyFor a robustend result, readyfor post-processingiQuariusiXInk innovationFor superior quality ona wide range of mediaiQuariusiXMedia transportFor reliable and accurate,non-stop operations andhandling of all mediaStack and finishStraight stack deliveryready for processing.Online connection tofinishers for end-to-endautomated workflows.

iQuariusiX Quality controliQuariusiX Quality controliQuariusiX Quality controliQuariusiX Ink innovationNozzle activity controlNozzle uniformitycontrolTrue 1200 dpiprint processiX performance inkControls individual nozzlesto ensure consistentlyhigh, smooth print qualityCo-developed 1200 dpiprintheads optimized foruse in iX-series and true1200 dpi image processingAutomatically detects andcorrects nozzle failure ormisfiring in near real-timeWater-based inks with aproprietary formulationfor excellent image qualityand robustness on manydifferent media typesiQuariusiX Ink innovationNext generationColorGripSpecial formulationpromotes productionperformance of thewater-based iX inks ona wide media range.Paper input modulesClimate-controlled andvacuum-fed paper inputmodules supporting allmedia from all traysiQuariusiX Drying technologyiQuariusiX Drying technologyDrying system drumFirst drying step. Hot airimpingement evaporates waterfrom the ink on the print.Post-fixation unit withInkFusion technologySecond drying step. Heatwith humidification forrobust ink layer so prints canbe cut, stitched, perforated,and folded without issue.iQuariusiX Media transportPrecision sheet controlSeamless stainless steel beltwith small perforated holes and airsuction accurately positions andtransports sheets at high speed.Enables a combination of paperswith outstanding registration.iQuariusiX Media transportSheet entry controlSheets with deformationsautomatically detected anddiscarded before enteringthe print process

QUALITYACROSS RUNS,MACHINES,AND TIME Innovative printheadsand image processingtechnologyMAKE STUNNING APPLICATIONSThanks to the iQuariusiX innovations, the varioPRINT iX-series printquality rivals any other established print technology. It prints coated anduncoated media up to 350 gsm, with consistently high quality. With thevarioPRINT iX-series, you experience: Vibrant colors Razor-sharp fine text and line detail Superb skin tones Smooth gradientsEXPERIENCEQUALITYEXCELLENCE Intelligent nozzle activityand uniformity control Print environmentoptimization and inkconditioning for optimalprinting performance Proprietary polymerpigment water-basedperformance iX inkand ColorGrip High registrationaccuracy Advanced colormanagement

EXPERIENCEAPPLICATIONVERSATILITYA WIDE RANGE OF MEDIAIn all printing, it’s about delivering the right application with the right quality.That demands a wide range of media supported by the right finishing. That’swhat you get with the varioPRINT iX-series, for a mix of printing stock ofvarious weight and color all in one run.Thanks to the innovative iQuariusiX media transport and drying system withInkFusion technology, prints are delivered ready for your finishing devicesfor the change to print on demand application of your choice.Catalogs Offset coated media from 90 to 350 gsm Uncoated media from 60 to 350 gsm Variety of media with matte, silk, and gloss surfacesCollaterals Consolidated mono and color printing Mixed media during a runBooksMagazinesManualsPremiumdirect mailPostcardsTransactionaldocuments Wide choice of online connected finishingwith open DFD interface

EXPERIENCESERVICE INNOVATIONFOR THE HIGHEST UPTIMEAND MACHINE AVAILABILITYBreakdownKey Performance measuresField population, monitoring, rootcause analysis, improvementPerformanceIssuesThe printer indicates how many prints have been made sincethe last service moment, and data analysis algorithms detectwhether one of the device’s subsystems are showing signs ofwear. So Canon Service can schedule the next appointment atthe most convenient time for the user, in advance, thus keepingthe engine running when you need it the most.BETTER CORRECTIVEMAINTENANCEIf a part should ever break, Remote Diagnostic Systemsincrease the efficiency of service visits. The machine data helpsCanon technicians prepare before they visit, so they have all theright parts and cleaning agents at hand. Canon recognizes timeis money and we strive to keep you running so you can provideyour customers with the SLA they need.CORRECTIVETSENEMEANCENNTAIMUSAGE AND CONDITIONBASED MAINTENANCEIMPROVProactive service of the varioPRINT iX-series is a data-drivenservice concept, using sophisticated data analysis to increase theuptime of each press. It significantly reduces service visits andallows proactively scheduled visits at the most convenient time.PROACTIVEMAINTENANCECONCEPTPREVENTIV E M AIN T E NPredictive MaintenanceCondition-based maintenanceANCEPeriodic MaintenanceUsage-based maintenance

EXPERIENCESUSTAINABILITYCARE FOR OUR PLANETFrom hardware to inks to media, the varioPRINT iX-series isdeveloped with the environment and the future in mind.ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY INKSNo warning labels will be found on our ink bottles. The water-based iXinks deliver odorless prints and no hazardous disposables for minimalenvironmental impact – indoors and outdoors.PAPER RECYCLINGBecause the water-based iX inks have an excellent de-inkability score,the varioPRINT iX-series printer contributes to better paper recycling.REDUCED INVENTORYWith on-demand printing of books, personalized letters, postcards,leaflets, and other collateral, waste through obsolescence is eliminated.NO OZONE EMISSIONSWith its sheetfed inkjet technology, the varioPRINT iX-series does notemit ozone, no matter how many millions of prints roll out the machine.

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