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ADDISONTMSpecializing In 100% Outside Air AndGeothermal ApplicationsKNOWN FOR COMFORT AND RELIABILITYAddison is a leading supplier of cooling, heating anddehumidification products for new and replacementcommercial and industrial applications. Through theyears, the company has maintained its leadership position by designing specialized products that provideincreased indoor air quality, comfort and energyefficiency. Today, Addison has an extensive productoffering that can meet a variety of design requirementsand applications.EXTENSIVE PRODUCT RANGEAddison strives to produce products with an emphasison energy efficiency, innovative design, reliability andease of service. The company’s products are designedto balance many important factors, including heatingand cooling needs, energy efficiency, humidity control,as well as adherence to codes and standards.In today’s health-conscious environment, fresh air andproper ventilation are key factors helping to maintainoverall building air quality. Addison specializes in100% outside air units to help meet these needs. Thecompany also specializes in ground source/geothermalapplications.Addison’s diverse product range includes rooftop andindoor units, heat pumps and split systems; availablein custom or packaged configurations. Also availableare direct-fired and indirect-fired air handling units,indirect-fired air turnover units, unit heaters, ductfurnaces and gas-fired, low-intensity infrared heaters.ADDISONTMArmed with a variety of products and years of expertise,Addison can provide custom solutions to meet numerous air management requirements.AIR MANAGEMENT EXPERTISEAddison has an experienced team of professionals anda modern manufacturing facility. With this combinationof assets, the company can provide custom systemswith a multitude of air management solutions built tounique specifications.IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONSOver the years, Addison has provided comfort andeconomy for a variety of markets such as schools,hotels, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, warehouses, industrial buildings andmore! The knowledge the company has gained fromits years of experience and breadth of building typesmakes Addison well equipped to handle a variety oftoday’s air management applications.AIR MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSAddison provides an array of solutions that furtherenhance the high quality and reliability of theADDISON brand. Several products within the lineprovide features and options to handle 100% outsideair treatment, dehumidification, energy savings, filtration and harsh environment protection. In addition,Addison offers a variety of control options.


Packaged Rooftop Unitswith 100% Outside Air OptionDC/DW-Series – 3 to 35 Tons Semi-Custom Heating, Cooling and/or Dehumidification SystemsThe DC/DW-Series is available in air source heat pump (DC) or water sourceheat pump (DW) for cooling tower/boiler and geothermal applications, aswell as 100% outdoor air handling unit configurations. These packagedsystems are designed to accept a variety of factory-installed options forheating, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, corrosion protection,electrical and refrigeration control.The modular cabinet design provides space for specialty filtration, humidifiers, air blenders, return fans and heating options. These units can be roofmounted on a factory supplied roof curb or platform-mounted. DC/DW-Seriesunits are for commercial, institutional and industrial applications rangingfrom office buildings to medical facilities to manufacturing facilities.TRS-Series – 3 to 35 Tons Heating, Cooling and/or Dehumidification SystemsAvailable in air-cooled and water-cooled models, the TRS-Series is a rooftopheating and air conditioning system configurable to a variety of HVAC needs.The air–cooled models include an air conditioning unit (TRSA) and a heatpump unit (TRSH). Water-cooled models include a water source heat pump(TRSW) and a geothermal water/ground source heat pump (TRSG).Utilizing R410A refrigerant, the TRS-Series is available in a 100% outside airversion. With easy access to supply blower/motor assemblies, condensercoils and fan, the TRS-Series is easy to maintain. These units also offer a hostof configurable options for heating, cooling and dehumidification.Typical applications for the TRS-Series include institutional, industrial andcommercial such as restaurants, shopping malls, schools and manufacturingareas,- just to name a few.ADDISONTM

Geothermal Water Source Heat PumpsVWY/VGY-Series – 8 to 30 Tons High Efficiency, Water-to-Air Indoor Heat PumpsAvailable with a closed loop system utilizing a cooling tower and a boiler, theVWY-Series operate with entering water temperature between 55 F (13 C)and 95 F (35 C). Available for ground or geothermal loop heat exchangerapplications, the VGY-Series are rated with entering fluid temperaturebetween 30 F (-1 C) and 100 F (38 C).Each packaged unit contains a compressor, reversing valve, metering deviceand water to refrigerant heat exchanger. Safety controls include overloadprotection for motors, high and low refrigerant pressure switches and alockout control circuit.These vertical units are ideal for a wide range of building applications suchas offices, schools, health care facilities, retirement homes, hotels, motels,multi-family housing, as well as manufacturing facitilies.Water Heating UnitsWW-Series - 3 to 35 Tons High Efficiency, Water-to-Water Indoor Heat PumpsWith R410A refrigerant, the WW-Series is available in heating only (WWHmodel line), cooling only (WWC model line) or both (WWR model lines). TheWW-Series units provide warm or cool water. The load side can be composedof fan coil units, radiant coils, baseboard radiation or process application.The source side can be composed of a cooling tower, geothermal loop,well, lake, etc.The WW-Series is well suited for commercial and industrial process cooling and/or heating applications. Chiller applications include: commercialair conditioning, spot cooling, computer room cooling, industrial processcooling or injection molding cooling. Heating applications include hydronic,snow and ice melting, swimming pool heating and domestic water

Split Systemswith 100% Outside Air and Recirculating OptionsHigh Efficiency, Outdoor Condensing UnitsRC-Series – 3 ½ to 40 Tons The RC-Series, featuring R410A refrigerant, is a collection of split systemmodel lines: the RCC air cooled condensing unit with recirculation, theRCA air cooled 100% outside air model and the RCH heat pump.Available in both single and multiple circuit configurations, the RCC modelline offers high efficiency and component flexibility, which allows for a widerange of capacities and options. The RCA models are designed to cool anddehumidify 100% outside air for applications requiring makeup-air cooling.These units can be installed on a slab or on post and rails. The RCH modelhelps provide year-round heating and cooling. Outdoor air is drawn inthrough the sides of the unit and discharged out the top to help ensure quietand efficient performance.RC-Series units are typically installed in commercial and industrialapplications such as hotels, sports arenas, office buildings, as well as manufacturing facilities.High Efficiency, Air Handling UnitsVC/HC-Series – 4 to 35 Tons Featuring R410A refrigerant, the VC/HC-Series, split system air handler is amatching model line to the RC-Series condensing unit. The VC/HC-Seriesconsists of the VCC/HCC air cooled air handler, VCH/HCH heat pump modelline and the VCA/HCA 100% outside air handler model line.Designed to operate with the RCC/RCH models, the VCC/HCC models helpprovide high energy efficiency ratios and a wide range of airflows. Flexiblehorizontal or vertical configurations are available with either single circuitedevaporator coils for single compressor unit or dual circuited face split evaporator coils for dual compressor units.The VCA/HCA air handlers help provide high latent capacities necessaryfor today’s indoor air quality standards. Built to operate with the RCASeries, these flexible units are field ducted to circulate 100% outside air.VC/HC-Series units are ideal for a variety of commercial, institutional andindustrial applications.ADDISONTM

Split System Air HandlerMulti-Function Rooftop Air Handling UnitsRAH-Series – 500 to 14,000 CFM Available in R410A refrigerant, the RAH-Series is a semi-custom, modularrooftop air handler. The modular cabinet design provides space for specialtyfiltration, humidifiers, air blenders, return fans and heating options.Roof-mounted on a factory supplied roof curb or platform-mounted, theseunits can be used in a wide range of commercial, institutional and industrialapplications from office buildings to hospitals to shopping centers.ControlsAutomated Logic ControlsADDISONTM ALC Controls The ALC Automated Logic Controller consists of a stand alone controller,handheld keypad/display panel and room sensor. The controller can be easilycustomized to meet various sequence of operation needs and can connect tothe four leading protocols.The handheld keypad/display panel allows local access to the controllers andtheir operational properties, as well as management of a small facility. Thesensor provides precision measurement and communication capabilities inan attractive, low profile

ADDISONtm Standard CSERIESVC/HCSERIESRAHSERIESHeavy-gauge, galvanized steelcabinet and formed channelgalvanized steel base railsxxxxxxxHigh-efficiency open-drip proof(ODP) blower motorsxxxxxDouble wall cabinet constructionwith internal galvanized steelliners and closed cellfoam insulationxxSeamless copper refrigerationtubing in condenserand evaporator coilsxxxTwo-coat, primer-paint finishon both interior and exterior ofcabinet panels.xxxStainless steel or coatedexterior fastenersxxInsulated stainless steeldrain pansxxxHigh efficiency scroll compressorsxxxInsulated G-90 galvanizedsteel base panxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ADDISONtm Specialty options100% Outside Air Treatment Fresh air adds to a comfortable indoor environment by improving indoor air quality andventilation. Several ADDISON products offer100% outside air capability. Energy recovery wheels are also availableto transfer heat and moisture between theincoming fresh air and the outgoing exhaustair, thereby using less energy to provide moreoptimal temperature and humidity levels.Dehumidification 6 row DX evaporator coils for increased coolingand dehumidification capability.Controls Automated Logic Controls (ALC) Hot gas reheat (staged or modulating), locateddownstream of the evaporator, for precise supplyair dry bulb temperature. Head pressure control system with a variablespeed motor-driven fan is controlled from refrigerant pressure rather than ambient temperatureto reflect the operating conditions in the unit. Liquid sub-cooling for increased capacity/efficiency and lower dew point. Addison has a specialized combination of hot gasreheat and liquid subcooling. This option helpsincrease equipment capacity, while helping toreduce electrical usage, which can result in significant savings and increased efficiency. A one-rowsubcooling coil may be factory-installed; addingup to 35 F (1.7 C) of subcooling. Compressorcapacity increases approximately 1% for every2 F (-17 C) of subcooling.Digital Scroll Compressor The digital scroll compressor will help togreatly improve unit performance at part loadconditions, thus allowing the unit to match therequired load. Additionally, by reducing the onand off cycling of the compressor, it will help togreatly reduce the wear and tear and increasethe compressor life.Energy Savings Packaged units have high efficiency scrollcompressors, job specific fan sizing and largesurface heat transfer components to helpmaximize energy efficiencies. Remote bulb entering and leaving air thermostats and pressure switches. Wall thermostat control. Addison will also mount and wire controlssupplied by others.Filtration A multitude of filtration options arealso available.Coil Coatings for Harsh EnvironmentProtection Corrosion-resistance and microbial coating isapproved up to 10,000 hours salt spray test(per ASTM B117 97). To help facilitate an evencoverage on coils, they are coated prior toassembly, providing a high level of protection. Cabinet and components’ coatings for harshenvironment protection Interior and exterior of the cabinet are coatedto protect units when exposed to moderate toaggressive corrosive atmospheres. Coating mayalso be applied to tubing, compressors, blowersand other internal components for up to 10,000hours salt spray test protection.Copper Fins Evaporators and air-cooled condensers can befurnished with copper fins.

Air Handling UnitsADF-Series – 110,000 to 6,480,000 Btu/h Direct-Fired Air Handling UnitsAvailable in horizontal or upright configurations for indoor or outdoor applications, ADF-Series help improve indoor air quality and provide comfort.These units can be designed to help efficiently establish and maintain aslightly pressurized condition in facilities by tempering outdoor air and, asrequired, mixing it with existing indoor air.The ADF-Series is available in 100% outdoor air, fixed outdoor air/ returnair and variable outdoor air/return air arrangements. The ADF-Series heating systems deliver 100% of the heat generated into the building, resulting in energy savings. In addition, the heating systems require little tono ductwork.Ideal applications for ADF-Series units include providing make-up air incommercial kitchens, as well as pressurization in manufacturing settings.AIDF-Series – 240,000 to 4,500,000 Btu/h Indirect-Fired Air Handling UnitsAvailable in horizontal or upright configurations, for indoor or outdoor applications, AIDF-Series offer flexibility with three fuel options, nine dischargechoices and a variety of accessories. The modular design of these units,combined with its heavy-duty construction, provides customization anddurability.The AIDF-Series utilize a three or four pass heat exchanger, resulting in highefficiency. In addition, the units provide discharge air that is free of combustion by-products. The AIDF-Series is available in 100% outdoor air, fixedreturn air/outdoor air and variable return air/outdoor air arrangements.Enclosed public spaces with occupants, such as schools, gymnasiums andlibraries, as well as manufacturing spaces are typical installations.AAT-Series – 240,000 to 4,500,000 Btu/h Indirect-Fired Air Turnover UnitsAvailable in an upright configuration for indoor applications only, AAT-Serieshelp minimize heat stratification problems by drawing in cooler air from thefloor, warming it and re-circulating it throughout the area. Utilizing heavy-duty,belt driven propeller blade fans, these units help move vast quantities of airquietly and efficiently. As a result, AAT-Series help produce a more comfortable,evenly heated space.The AAT-Series’ systems offer flexibility with three fuel options, two controloptions and a variety of accessories. These units can achieve temperaturedifferences as low as 3 F - 5 F (16.11 C - 15 C) throughout the space. Optionalfeatures include the ability to ventilate, cool and provide make-up air.Industrial applications such as warehouses and distribution centersare typical installations.ADDISONTM

Standard FeaturesCentrifugal FanFan TypeAIDFSERIESxxInlet AirxDirect-Fired Line BurnerxxxxIndirect-Fired Burner with Drum andTube Heat Exchangerxxxxxx100% Return AirReturn Air/Outdoor Air MixHeating TypeAATSERIESxPropeller Fan(s)100% Outside AirFuel TypeADFSERIESNatural Gas/LPGxxOilxxUPGRADES AND ACCESSORIES(ADF-Series and AIDF-Series Only)Discharge Heads Discharge heads can be attached to the dischargeopening of horizontal air handlers, upright airhandlers, the wall or the end of ductwork tocontrol the direction of discharge air. A varietyof different discharge head configurations areavailable, including one-way, three-way orfour-way heads.Inlet Hoods Used to minimize water entrainment on horizontal units, an inlet hood may be attached to theinlet end of an outdoor horizontal air handler orthe wall penetration for an indoor horizontal airhandler. The inlet hood is available with severaldifferent inlet opening options, includingaluminum mesh filters, bird screen or moisturelimiter media.Filter Sections(ADF-Series, AIDF-Series andAAT-Series) In order to filter the outside air entering an airhandler, a filter section can be used. V-bankstyle filter sections are used on the ADF-Seriesand AIDF-Series, while flat-panel style filtersections are used on the AAT-Series. Filtersections include 30% polyester, 30% pleated oraluminum mesh filters.Legs/Stands Addison offers legs and/or stands to assist in theinstallation of indoor or outdoor air handlersto a concrete pad. Depending on the model,legs and/or stands are available in a number ofdifferent heights.Motorized Dampers In order to prevent the exfiltration of warm orcontaminated room air through the air handlercabinet when not running, Addison offersmotorized, two-position dampers for boththe inlet and discharge penetrations of an airhandler.Roof Curbs Roof curbs can be used to simplify roofmounting of horizontal outdoor units. Fieldassembled, roof curbs are available in severaldifferent

Air Handling Unit ControlsControls for Direct -Fired Air Handling UnitsADF-Series Basic RemoteRemote includes blower on/off switch and operation light, burner on/offswitch and operation light and a discharge temperature selector. When inthe heating mode, the air handler is discharging air into the space at thetemperature set on the discharge temperature selector.Standard Discharge Control Remote (SDC)Remote includes blower on/off/auto switch and operation light, burnersummer/winter switch and operation light, clogged filter light, burner lockout light, discharge temperature selector and room thermostat. When in theheating mode, the air handler cycles on and off to meet the temperature seton the room thermostat. When on, the air handler is discharging air into thespace at the temperature set on the discharge temperature selector.Deluxe Temperature Control Remote (DTC)Remote includes blower on/off/auto switch and operation light, burnersummer/winter switch and operation light, clogged filter light, burner lockout light, space temperature selector and digital thermostat. When in theheating mode, the air handler is discharging air into the space at a modulating discharge temperature to meet the space temperature set on the spacetemperature selector. Digital thermostat provides additional night setbackcapabilities.Controls for Indirect-Fired Air Handling and Air Turnover UnitsAIDF-Series and AAT-Series 8.1 Discharge Temperature ControlRemote includes summer/off/winter switch, blower operation light, burneroperation light and burner lockout light. A discharge temperature selector/sensor is also shipped loose for field installation. When in the hea