Grand Canyon UniversityNURSING CONCURRENTGrand Canyon University offers an ADN to BSN and ADN to MSN Bridge NursingConcurrent Enrollment Program. Building on the academic foundation of the ADNprogram, courses are taken 100% online concurrently during ADN coursework.Why Choose This Path?JUMPSTART YOUR NURSING CAREER:By concurrently enrolling in the ADN to BSN or ADN to MSNBridge (the core courses from the BSN), you’ll learn hands-onnursing skills, as well as gain the core competencies of the highlysought-after bachelor’s-prepared nurse.TAKE A STEP FORWARD, NOT SIDEWAYS:The ADN to BSN and ADN to MSN concurrent enrollmentpathway provides you with the ability to get ahead of yourcontinuing education goals and assist with employment at magnetdesignated hospitals and hospital facilities on the Magnet journey.SET YOURSELF APART FROM THE COMPETITION:NCEP courses will help you develop advanced clinical reasoning,critical thinking and problem-solving skills—all highly valued skillsin the marketplace. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is calling for80% of registered nurses to have a BSN by 2020.* This produces aworkforce well-positioned for career progression through higher levelsof education at the master’s and doctoral levels. Your commitment toearning your BSN or MSN degree can give you an advantage especiallywith hospitals that have or are seeking Magnet status.SPECIALIZE IN AN AREA OFINTEREST IN THE ADN TO MSN BRIDGE:The MSN is the new standard for positions of leadership in avariety of health care environments (MSN with an Emphasis inLeadership in Health Care Settings) and is the required degreefor higher education and many roles in clinical and communitysettings (MSN with an Emphasis in Education). You can alsodevelop your expertise for pursuing a career in a key nursing areawith an emphasis in public health or informatics. You may alsochoose to use this NCEP to move into the dual degree MSN/MBA.SAVE MONEY:You’ll receive a significant tuition reduction on your concurrentenrollment courses while enrolled in the NCEP. GCU tuition forthe concurrent enrollment program courses are reduced to 250per .html/2017/02/19/iom 80 of register-0Z2N.htmlThings You Should Know1. You will need to apply for acceptance into the NCEP and alsoprovide documentation showing that you have met eligibilityrequirements. Participation in the NCEP is limited to a selectnumber of applicants who have demonstrated completion ofprerequisite coursework and have met eligibility requirementsspecific to the NCEP.2. If accepted into the NCEP, you will be enrolled in both the ADNprogram and GCU at the same time. You will be responsiblefor financial obligations to both schools. GCU can assist with acreating a financial plan.3. GCU concurrent enrollment courses are five weeks and delivered in aconvenient online modality.4. Concurrent enrollment graduates will be prepared with theexpected professional knowledge and skills of a new graduate andBSN-prepared or a MSN-prepared nurse.5. Students accepted into the MSN Bridge pathway must have aprevious bachelor’s degree and will not receive a Bachelor ofScience in Nursing (BSN) as part of this program. When you enteryour master’s program, you can choose an emphasis in eithernursing education, nursing leadership in health care systems,public health or health informatics.EligibilityTo be considered for participation in the concurrent enrollmentprogram, the following is required:Acceptance into an ADN programCompletion of all ADN and GCU prerequisite requirementsPrevious bachelor’s degree(if applying to the ADN to MSN Bridge route)Minimum GPA of 2.5 for BSN and 3.0 for MSN BridgeRegister for and attend an Application Session after attendinga CEP Information Session2Contact your GCU representative for information onupcoming sessions

Enrollment ProgramKey InformationTo be considered for participation in the concurrent enrollmentprogram, the following is required:Must be a first semester ADN student; midpoint entry optionsmay be availableMust complete all prerequisites and corequisites for the ADNprogram and GCUMust have a previous bachelor’s degree (if applying to the ADNto MSN Bridge concurrent enrollment program)Ensure prerequisites meet program requirements; you areencouraged to meet with ADN program and GCU counselorsAttend a NCEP Information Session and a NCEP ApplicationSession; these are mandatory before application to theconcurrent enrollment programAdditional InformationAll ADN program courses are taught by the ADN programAll concurrent enrollment courses are taught by GCU facultymembers onlineFinal determinations of transfer credits will be made by GCU(NCEP)HEALTHAND SAFETYREQUIREMENTSGrand Canyon University andADN programs have healthand safety requirementsthat must be met prior toenrolling and participating inany clinical experience. Healthcare agencies throughout thestate require vaccinations,titers and other requirementssuch as background checks,CPR, drug and nicotine testing,etc. These requirements aresubject to change per healthcare agency contracts withthe educational institution.You must be compliant (withno exception) with agencyrequirements prior to andthroughout the program.GCU counselors will provide an estimated credit transfersummary prior to enrollmentApplication deadlines will be set by GCU3

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWHO CAN APPLY TO THE NURSING CONCURRENTENROLLMENT PROGRAM (NCEP)?All students who are enrolled in an ADN program are encouraged toapply to the concurrent enrollment program. A previous bachelor’sdegree is required for the ADN to MSN Bridge route. Midpoint entryoptions may be available.HOW MUCH DOES THE NCEP COST?Tuition costs for the required credits of GCU concurrentenrollment courses are significantly reduced to 250 per credithour. Textbooks, supplies and course fees are additional. A GCUcounselor can help you determine your total cost of tuition andfees with our Degree Program Net Price Calculator.WILL I RECEIVE A BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING(BSN) DEGREE ALONG THIS PATHWAY?IF I AM RECEIVING FINANCIAL AID, HOW WILL IT BEDISBURSED BETWEEN THE TWO SCHOOLS?Students enrolling in the ADN to BSN concurrent enrollmentpathway will earn a BSN. Students who are enrolling in the ADNto MSN Bridge route will not earn a BSN, but will be eligible foradmission to the MSN degree after completing the concurrentenrollment program.WHERE DOES THE PROGRAM TAKE PLACE?All GCU courses will be taught online.IS THERE A WAITING LIST FOR THE NURSINGCONCURRENT ENROLLMENT PROGRAM?There is no waiting list for the concurrent enrollment program. Ifyou are not accepted into the program for the semester to whichyou applied, you must reapply to be considered for enrollment infuture semesters.DO I HAVE TO ATTEND A NCEP INFORMATION SESSION?Yes. All students who wish to apply to the nursing concurrentenrollment program must attend an Information Session. GCUadvising staff will assist students with the enrollment processduring and after the session. You must be in attendance for theentire session in order to have your name placed on the list forprogram consideration, so plan to arrive on time and remain forthe entire session.DO I HAVE TO ATTEND A NCEP APPLICATION SESSION?Yes. Counselors will be on site for these evaluation sessions todetermine if your courses meet all eligibility requirements, so it isessential that you attend one.WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO THE APPLICATION SESSION?Bring your laptop and your unofficial transcripts.WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A POTENTIAL CANDIDATEAPPLYING FOR THE NCEP?We look for applicants who have demonstrated strong academicachievement and the ability to balance personal, academic andprofessional commitments. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 forBSN and 3.0 for MSN Bridge is required.IF I AM NOT SELECTED FOR THE NCEP, CAN I REAPPLY?Please work with a GCU counselor to determine next steps.DO I NEED TO BE ADMITTED TOTHE ADN PROGRAM AND TO GCU?To be eligible to apply for the NCEP, you must be an ADN student.4Federal regulations require that financial aid can only be disbursedthrough one college at a time. Therefore, you will need to apply forfinancial aid through your ADN program. You will be responsiblefor arranging payment for the concurrent GCU courses. At thecompletion of the ADN program, you will have the ability to applyfor financial aid through GCU for the completion of the BSN orMSN coursework. Financial aid is dependent on many factors thatvary from student to student such as previous degree(s), number ofcourses previously taken, etc. Aid or loans for this program are notguaranteed. You will need to be prepared to pay your GCU programtuition out of pocket.HOW ARE CLASSES SCHEDULED?You will be registered for ADN program courses through your ADNprogram. A GCU counselor will help you register for the concurrentenrollment program courses. You will conduct your GCU nursingcourses online. Your counselor will help you get started and makesure that you are comfortable with this interactive online classroom.WHEN DO I CHOOSE MY MSN EMPHASIS?If you are enrolling in the ADN to MSN Bridge route, you willenroll for the graduate portion of your program upon completingthe concurrent enrollment program. Emphasis areas are:Health Informatics - Learn to apply patient and health data toachieve better patient outcomes, reduce costs and optimizeoperational efficiency.Nursing Education - Prepare for a variety of roles in nursingeducation including patient education, as well as a nurse educatorin clinical and academic settings.Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems - Develop skills to leador manage teams of health care providers and organizations intoday’s rapidly changing health care environment.Public Health Nursing - Prepare for a career coordinating,planning, developing, implementing and evaluating healthprograms and services in the public sector.WHERE DO I GO FOR ACADEMICADVISEMENT FOR THIS PROGRAM?There are local GCU counselors assigned to each ADN program sitewho are available to meet with students while at the ADN programor at a location convenient to you. Once accepted into the program,you will be assigned a GCU student services counselor to assist youwith any scheduling or financial questions.Cheryl GalliganNursing Program Site [email protected]

10 STEPSto Successful Completion1. Decide to pursue application to the nursingconcurrent enrollment program.2. Meet with ADN program advisors and GCUadvisors to determine your eligibility for thenursing concurrent enrollment program.3. Attend a nursing concurrent enrollmentprogram Information Session.4. Attend a nursing concurrent enrollmentprogram Application Session. Bringunofficial transcripts and your laptop.5. Once you have attended an ApplicationSession, submit a GCU application, unofficialtranscripts and a FERPA release form.6. GCU and the ADN program will reviewand select applications for the nursingconcurrent enrollment program.7. GCU will register students in theappropriate concurrent enrollmentcourses and complete a walk-to-classorientation of the online counselorsclassroom system.8. Study and maintain minimum GPArequirements for satisfactory academicprogress as found in GCU’s universitypolicy handbook.9. Graduate from the ADN program and takeNCLEX-RN licensure exam within 60 days.Notify GCU of successful completion ofNCLEX-RN.10. Finish remaining BSN or MSN courses at GCU.5

CONTACT US TODAYto Get Started!For more information, contact:Cheryl GalliganNursing Program Site rand Canyon University3300 W. Camelback RoadPhoenix, AZ 85017The baccalaureate degree in nursing, master’s degree in nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice at GCU are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( GCU’s College of Nursing and Health Care Professions is also approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing.For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please visit our website at Please note, notall GCU programs are available in all states and in all learning modalities. Program availability is contingent on student enrollment. Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited by the Higher LearningCommission (800-621-7440; Important policy information is available in the University Policy Handbook at p. GCU, whilereserving its lawful rights in light of its Christian mission, is committed to maintaining an academic environment that is free from unlawful discrimination. Further detail on GCU’s Non-Discrimination policiescan be found at The information printed in this material is accurate as of OCTOBER 2018. For the most up-to-date information about admission requirements, tuition, scholarships and more,visit 2018 Grand Canyon University 18CONE0231