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Hello, and welcometo ADP TotalSource We’re thrilled to start this journey with you! Your employer partnered with us to offeryou the most competitive selection of benefits options. Together, we’re able to providethe kind of coverage typically found only at larger corporations — without losing theadvantages of working at a smaller company. We’ve also made it easier for you to understand your options, so you can make confident enrollment decisions, and take advantageof the benefits your employer has made available to you.While benefits are great, there’sactually more to us than thatWe’re here to help you feel more productive and inspired at work and at home, and alwaysfeel valued for all that you do. How? By providing you access to a range of resources,tools, and more.This directory introduces you to these offerings. There’s quite a bit of helpful informationin here, but if you have any questions, or you just want to speak with someone who cangive you the answers, call a MyLife Advisor at 844-448-0325. The MyLife Advisor will letyou know the ways in which ADP TotalSource can work its hardest for you, and leave youfeeling confident in your next steps.About UsBenefitsUsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact Us

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ADP TotalSource Healthand Welfare PlanGenerally, plan options include:*We know the importance of your health and welfare benefits. That’s whyproviding you with access to a wide range of affordable benefits is a priorityfor us. From major medical plans to group life insurance, the ADP TotalSourceMedical coverageInc. Health and Welfare Plan has you covered.Dental coverageAvailable benefits throughADP TotalSourceVision coverageFlexible spending account (FSA)and dependent care FSAThe specifics of your plan vary according to the benefits options your employermakes available to you. When you enroll online via ADP TotalSource, you’ll seeyour customized options.Health savings account (applicable with a highdeductible health plan)Commuter benefitsEmployee assistance program (confidentialadvice for personal concerns)ADP TotalSource 401(k) retirement savings plan*Varies by employer.About UsBenefitsUsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact Us

Enrolling in your benefitsfor the first timeNeed to chat?Once you are registered, you’ll start the journey of reviewing and enrolling in the benefitspackage offered by your employer. The first enrollment period is typically referred to asthe “New Hire Enrollment Period,” since you are new to ADP TotalSource. And because lifechanges, and so do benefits options, every year you’re able to review your benefits again andupdate them as needed. This is called the “Open Enrollment” period, which takes place everyspring. We’ll be in touch during this time.We’re always a phone call away.If you have any questions aboutyour available benefits and whatADP TotalSource can do for you, calla MyLife Advisor at 844-448-0325or email [email protected] don’t worry about figuring this out on your own. You’ll receive emails, videos, and accessto online resources throughout the enrollment period. We’ll help you understand your optionsand tell you what you need to do and by when.We’re available Monday throughFriday, 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. ET.Registration is quick and easySupport is available in Englishand Spanish. Language linesupport is also available.Visit to sign up. Follow the prompts to create a username andpassword. If you ever forget your password, we’ll help you retrieve it right on the website.About UsBenefitsUsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact Us

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ADP TotalSourceWe know you have a lot going on, and it’s important to us to keep your benefits accessibility simple.With ADP TotalSource, you can access and manage job-related information online, whenever youneed to. We’ve developed a convenient, easy-to-use site that keeps your information completelyprivate. You’ll also have year-round access to your benefits, so you can update your coverage andreview your choices at any time.Through ADP TotalSource, you can:* Request time offSet up direct depositView your pay statementsTake online training and development coursesStay up to date with company policiesEnroll in and manage your benefitsAccess the many resources and tools available to you, including our discount program andemployee assistance program*Varies by employer.About UsBenefitsUsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact Us

Lookingfor moreinformationabout yourbenefits?We have a helpful booklet that can walkyou through the nitty-gritty details. Itwill lay out what’s encompassed in eachbenefits offering and how to take fulladvantage of your options with ADPTotalSource.About UsBenefitsDownload themobile appAccess information on thego with the free ADP MobileSolutions app. Just like theonline site, the app letsyou check pay statements,view your selected benefitscoverage, and more. It’s easy touse, available on all devices, andcan be downloaded from yourapp store at any time.UsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact Us

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MyLife websiteMyLife is a year-round website that provides educational articles, videos, and tools that help youget more out of the ADP TotalSource services and the many benefits that can support your health,wealth, and work life.What you can find at MyLifeHealth: Wondering about your biggest health risks? Or hoping to discover a new fitness routineto combat stress? MyLife offers health and well-being tips to help you feel better and maximizeyour benefits.Wealth: Whether you are planning out your retirement goals or learning how to manage youreveryday expenses, MyLife has tools and information that can help you achieve financial stability.Work life: Our goal is to help you feel your best, which is why MyLife has resources andinformation on how to motivate you in life, and at work, so you can achieve your idea of success.In addition to the resources we’ve explained above, there is also the MyLife newsletter. You’llreceive this soon after you’ve completed enrolling in your benefits. The newsletter is yourmonthly guide to everything from health tips and financial best practices to productivitypointers and skill-building activities. Even more, it highlights key benefits and directs you to moreinformation about each one. It’s our way of keeping you informed and educated. Keep an eye onyour inbox and visit MyLife today.About UsBenefitsUsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact Us

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MyLife AdvisorsNo conversations withcomputers, no elevatormusic, and no limit tothe number of timesyou can call.MyLife Advisors are available to help you make important life decisions, tackle day-to-daychallenges, and prepare for a brighter tomorrow. Whatever the need, we’re always here toassist you, put you at ease, and let you know how ADP TotalSource will work its hardest foryou. Here are some ways we love to support you: Achieving key milestones: If you’re ready to tackle the enrollment process, great! If not,that’s OK, too. We can talk you through your available benefits and resources until you’reconfident in your selections. Managing uncharted life moments: Whether you are evaluating childcare options ortrying to better understand your health and wellness plan, we can help you feel prepared,even for the uncertain. Planning for the future: No matter what’s to come — setting up elderly care or planningfor retirement — let’s talk through what’s next in your life, including your Medicareeligibility, retirement savings options, and other resources that will become available. Navigating complex processes: From paycheck questions to technical troubleshooting,there’s no need to feel overwhelmed with ADP by your side.We know it can be complicated, but you aren’t alone in this. So please don’t hesitate to ask usfor help. Give us a call at 844-448-0325 or email [email protected] We’re availableMonday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. ET. Support is available in English and Spanish,and we also offer language line support.About UsBenefitsUsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact Us

We’re here for youWe know we’ve given you a lot of information on your available benefits andresources through ADP TotalSource. We hope this was helpful for you. Pleasekeep it, refer back to it, and know if you have questions, we’re always herewith answers. All you need to do is call your MyLife Advisor. Alongside youremployer, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Visit the website to start your journey: Explore MyLife: Call a MyLife Advisor at 844-448-0325 or email [email protected] UsBenefitsUsingADP TotalSource MyLife websiteMyLife AdvisorsContact UsThe ADP logo, ADP, and ADP - Always Designing for People are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. Copyright 2020 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.